I would recommend reading this post as much as I recommend flossing 1x daily.


My name is Jayne with a Y. Ever since I graduated high school I have been on a journey to become healthier mind, body, and spirit. I started my search with the first and most important thing in my life, Jesus Christ. I am a believer and lover of Him.

As I grew in Christ I faced difficult challenges in life events, going through an eating disorder and over exercising I found myself at my lowest weight ever and worn out with life, friends, school, family, and everything in general. I was overdrawn and tired.

Don't mind the blurriness...GRADUATION I'm a hygienist!

Don’t mind the blurriness…GRADUATION I’m a hygienist!

I pressed on and grew more and more in my faith life and began to see that if I weigh my standards for myself by this world I can easily never be satisfied, so I changed, from the inside out. I began a regimen of healthy eating and exercising. Found myself pressing on through schooling and succeeding coming out darn near the top of my dental hygiene school class.

God is so good.

God is so good.

My recent endeavor has begun as I am newly engaged to a man who I couldn’t have even dreamt up as my perfect match. Bring on the wedding planning.


All of this while learning more and more about healthy habits, food, recipes, creating, living, wondering, loving, running, body pumping, baking, laughing, smiling,  journaling, and priding myself in finding the unique and happy moments of every single individual day. Oh and eating A LOT of Peanut Butter.

I love my creator, I am a believer. I love my career, I am a dental hygienist. I love art, I am an artist. I love a man, and am getting married. I love food, I am an inventor. I love fitness, I live to move every day.  I love laughing, I am good at it.

This blog is to meet others who share my loves and to delight in each other’s lives as relationships help us express and share what we ourselves love with others. I also hope to share a little part of my world in hopes that you yourself can learn and/or be inspired.

Protein Pancakes..anyone!?

Protein Pancakes..anyone!?

This is me. Welcome.

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9 Responses to I would recommend reading this post as much as I recommend flossing 1x daily.

  1. Good luck in starting your blog! So much fun and such cool opportunities will come your way! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you soon!!

  2. shelbsjenae says:

    Already inspired and loving this! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Hey girl! Was so great to meet you this weekend 😀 Welcome to the blog world! ❤

  4. Tori says:

    I’m excited to be a regular reader of Busy Barista! 🙂 Loved getting to hang out this weekend at Blend!

  5. Hi Sunshine! It was so lovely to meet you this weekend and get to know a little (or a lot) more about you. I also can’t wait to see all the wedding details!! Good luck with the blogging and if you ever have any questions, shoot me an email. I’m happy to offer my very limited advice.

    • jejansonius says:

      Hey lady!!!! It was so great to meet you!!! You know wedding details are so in the works. Can’t wait to share!!! Don’t worry I’ll be in touch so many questions I’ll continue to have I’m sure. Thanks for all the help!

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