How do words describe that? Blend Retreat 2014

“So how often do you brush and floss on an average day…”

Yikes! Back to the real world. How can I come back from such an AMAZING weekend and be expected to simply resume my regular practices?? I want to shout BLEND IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!!!! Never, never, never before in my life have I felt that I have found people who are so like me! I felt so at home surrounded by so many women whom have desires to make protein pancakes, and spend their vacation time not doing just one but SEVERAL workouts. It’s pure brilliance and I feel blessed to have called the Hyatt in Park City Utah my ‘home’ for a weekend, not because of the buildings awe factors, (while it did contain so many of them, hello bedroom suites that are nicer than my HOME! am I right) but because of the many faces and beautiful women I met!


I want to recap the experience from a first time BLENDER’s point of view…so here goes EVERYTHING….

So long Nebraska! Here I come Park City!

So long Nebraska! Here I come Park City!


First things First, after staking myself out in the airport in a small corner of Popeyes, (upon which I only found due to a sweet lady at the coffee shop telling me it’s where she goes) I got A LOT done on my to do list that was to be done before going to Blend. That made me a VERY happy camper when I met my new found Blend friend, Kate at the airport after she arrived from her flight in. We are both new bloggers and hit it off right away.

We met, we introduced ourselves, and we were off to find our rental car. Kate I must say has wicked navigational skills when in the car and out so it’s probably for the best that she drove as we were soon arriving in Park City at the Hyatt Escala, our place of rest. Woah baby click the link and get those photos and information this place was out. of. this. world. What a beautiful place of rest it is. We took one step in the lobby and I knew if this was any reflection of the beauty of the weekend to come I was in for a great one. I smiled so very big and snapped this photo…

Ta da! The Beautiful lobby!

Ta da! The Beautiful lobby!

We stole up our room keys and headed upstairs to 308. Where we first met Megan!!! In a short time we were being schooled on several good insider tips and ideas for blogging.  Not to mention her wittiness is comparable to my sister, public banana anyone?

The beautiful banana loving, Megan.

The beautiful banana loving, Megan.

Speaking of other bloggers, I have read Amanda’s blog for quite awhile and read through quite a few of Sam’s as well. So when they showed up I felt a little like celebrities had entered this beautiful suite in the mountains and I was getting to hang out with them all. It’s the truth, I know kind of silly. But you gals ROCK!

After a brief expo to Whole Foods, they don’t have them in Canada eh? We met up with Heather, Megan, and Melissa to have dinner at Red Rock delighting in a delicious chicken salad, totally hit the spot considering I had lived on Quest Bars and apples the whole day…(only two to be exact don’t think I can handle anymore than that. ha) Mmmmmm we got back to the Hyatt and I quickly got a shower in and headed for bed. Thus ended Thursday day one of BLEND Retreat.

My grilled chicken salad at Red Rock, oh yes!

My grilled chicken salad at Red Rock, oh yes!

Day one ROCKED…day two is up next. Due to the copious amounts of fun that was had every single day I will recap Friday on a different post. ENJOY your first recap post for Blend Retreat and go make good choices everyone….it’s only Tuesday. =)


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6 Responses to How do words describe that? Blend Retreat 2014

  1. Now I wish I’d come in on Thursday so I could have an extra day! Let’s go back!

  2. Lindsay says:

    So, so, so, so glad that I got to meet you, pretty lady!!! ❤ Can't wait to continue reading your recaps! 🙂

  3. I had such a good time meeting you Jayne with a Y. I’m pretty glad it was just the three of us that first day because I got to spend so much time with you and Kate. Chilling the next morning in the suite was also one of my favorite memories of the trip, where we really got a chance to get to know one another. You are fabulous woman; beautiful through and through.

    • jejansonius says:

      Yes and Yes! That first day was so great and you are so fun! Loved that morning and getting to know you! Like I said you definitely remind me of my sister…which is a very good thing! 😉

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