I had to make my Bed for this. Blend Retreat FINALE!

I had to make my bed to write this….life of a organized lady I suppose…or I just have organization issues, I’ll go with the first thought.

Onto the LAST DAY OF BLEND!!! Saddddd saddddd day. It was like that time in Parent Trap, the good one of course with Lindsay Lohan before she got all cray, when the two twins didn’t want to leave and they reminisced over their peanut butter and oreo addiction together. Us blends definitely don’t have the same sugar hankerings…or maybe we do when peanut butter is involved?? Regardless feelings were the same, sad to say goodbye I felt like I finally met other parts of my soul that lived and thrived just the way I do. So in a way goodbye was just what I needed to know that I wasn’t alone here in the “Good Life” of Nebraska.

Enough of the saga, let’s recap…

SUNDAY FUNDAY! It was a delight to have ANOTHER workout at 7am. I’m usually a 5:15 am workout class girl, so this was sleeping in! WOOHOOO!

I got up and swigged down some Vega Sugar-Free Energizer from my roomie Nicole…I am now definitely encouraged to take a pre-workout something (I say something because I don’t quite know what is best and or best for me, any comments would be helpful please!). I felt GREAT and was ready to move! I can’t say enough how much I love being active and especially first thing in the morning, we got out and started our run down the loop by our lodge and did some warm up squats (yeah I said WARM UP squats) and other warm up techniques ran back to the hotel and then it was time for the workout. I had been told GPP Fitness workouts were awesome and couldn’t wait to get this one started. We were put into teams and the workout was simple, which is key when talking about making changes to the body. As teams one person would sprint around the circle drive of the retreat while the others did whatever exercise out of the squats, burpees, push ups, sit ups, and dips. The group continued the exercise they were on until all members of the team of five had sprinted around the circle then they started over with the first person going for a sprint while the others started the next exercise. Our team: Spartan Warriors. Our time: Somewhere around 15 minutes. Our Muscles : HUGE! ha but for real it was a great workout!

GPP Fitness

I stole this quote and such from Nicole’s site but I thought it was so great and straight from GPP themselves:

Before the Madness

Before the Madness

GPP is about being healthy. Period. We believe the only worthy reason to exercise and eat right is so that we can lead richer, fuller lives. Lives not limited by capacity and/or self-induced disease.

At GPP we realize that health isn’t about who the fittest person in the world is. It isn’t about who can lift the most weight, run the fastest, or obtain the highest work capacity imaginable…
Instead, get your workout in and go home. Go be human…
At GPP we do NOT serve our workouts. For we realize it is our workout’s job to serve us.  We would much rather put energy into activities which are less based on self and more focused on what is truly important.

Thank you so much GPP for kicking my butt and making the rest of my flights home interesting to get out of 😉

DoTERRA Smoothies post-workout!

DoTERRA Smoothies post-workout!


We then headed straight to BREAKFAST! Yum it was sponsored by Yoplait Greek and Nature’s Valley. They did NOT dissapoint this girl…

Soooooo good!

Soooooo good!


After breakfast my roommates and I headed up to our room to pack what little left we needed to….(packing party did this girl good!) Then we got ready for closing ceremony and all. that. travel.

Goodbye Lovely Megan! May have to make a trip to see you girl! It would be a blast!

Goodbye Lovely Megan! May have to make a trip to see you girl! It would be a blast!

Roomie Love....exception of Tori...but Love her too!

Roomie Love….exception of Tori…but Love her too!

Stole this from Laura, loved the collage!

Stole this from Laura, loved the collage!

Stole the last photo from Laura, if you haven’t read her blog and/or met this girl, please do you won’t be disappointed! Also check out her blog and see how well that cartoon really depicts her…crazy huh?

At the end of the retreat closing ceremony was a raffle and THIS girl won a tub of kidzshake protein, remember Dr. Rach from Thursday’s post?? I literally ate those balls from the kidzshake snack break and thought to myself, I don’t have kids, but heck I’d make and eat a whole lot of these babies….ta da answer to my prayers. I won a strawberry tub and had to have Tori take it home and mail it to me due to no room possible in my stacked luggage. (yeah there was two links up there because I’m just SO EXCITED!) I’ll definitely post when I get the tub and start creating!

Goodbyes were quick (like a bandaid right?) Then Brooke and I headed to the airport with a delightful driver….we quickly said goodbye headed our seperate ways, mine was to check my swag bag……and it totaled to a whopping 30 pounds! Wow!

As I was ushered through security I couldn’t barely take my eyes off my phone checking updates from all the bloggers to see what was still going on. I was so sad to leave….however I did get quickly motioned to join the express security check through. What a BLESSING! I didn’t even think about all the items I would have had to maneuver to get to my baggie of liquids. ugh.

Rain kept us in a line of airplanes for awhile at the Salt Lake City UT airport...

Rain kept us in a line of airplanes for awhile at the Salt Lake City UT airport…

Home!!!! Nebraska Welcomed me wide...Thank the Lord for safe travel!

Home!!!! Nebraska Welcomed me wide…Thank the Lord for safe travel!

The flights were uneventful, the best kind and soon enough I was HOME to the “Good Life” Nebraska…..and to this man…well the first photo is our delicious dinner, second it that man.

Dinner! We went mexican  in Lincoln Nebraska

Dinner! We went mexican in Lincoln Nebraska

the Fiance and I...=)

the Fiance and I…=)


Now I want you all to applaud, yes right now whereever you are….these ladies: LindsayJanetha, and Lauren. They are the founders so to speak of The Blend Retreat 2014. For more information on the Blend Retreat…well click the name! This retreat has changed my life I have found a community of women who desire life to be lived in a full healthy spectrum, we’re all different yes but that is such a wonderful beauty of all of our relationships. These women are fearfully and wonderfully made and now I absolutely know why they do what they do and why people like me desire it as well. It truly is something to behold. So what do you think? Want to come next year? Boulder Colorado is calling OUR names…..

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2 Responses to I had to make my Bed for this. Blend Retreat FINALE!

  1. Lindsay says:

    CANNOT WAIT for Colorado next year!! So glad you had an uneventful trip home – I need to fly whatever airline you were on next time! 😉

  2. Your finance does look like a good man, and I’m totally judging a book by its cover there, but hey, it happens. You told me he was nice so that helps too.

    You are welcome to come to Cleveland anytime you want. It’s probably best if you’re not allergic to cats though because I love my crazy little buggers. I guess I could stash you away in the attic, all Cinderella like, but with curtains and a bed. 🙂

    I wish I had done that last workout, but alas apparently I needed sleep more since I hit snooze on my alarm twice before just shutting the damn thing off. Oops.

    I’m thrilled to see you’re on BlogLovin now. You just need to add a button to follow you via BlogLovin to your side bar, and you’ll be all set.

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