Busy Being a Barista

Life. Ain’t it a busy one? No matter who you are, where you’re from, what you do, etc etc. Life doesn’t seem to be any less busy for anyone else.

So I’m seriously not trying to avoid the blogging world, but let’s just say life has gotten me winding down a busy road right now, and from the statement above you will see I’m in the know that life probably has us all on one of those roads, maybe a four lane highway the Autobon actually? Yeah well I digress, I’M BUSY! There I said it.

But I do dearly love all the things I am currently busy with:

Starting a new job, BEING ENGAGED (and the mass amount of planning for a wedding that entails), visiting family,  taking my little sister out on ‘dates’, trying new recipes, learning about my body nutrition and health, researching articles about healthy lifestyle choices and living, taking a course entailing future family choices for my fiance and I, traveling for some oh so fun and momentous family events, writing and journaling, dipping into my artistic roots and developing ideas for my next projects, annnnnnnnnnnnd budgeting (that’s rough, I list it last because I don’t like it as much….). WHEW But I’m sure that is not all even if it is a huge list….

So far so good right…keeping up with me? Good because I gotta go soon…. just kidding.

Where was I coffee busy barista…oh yes. I first came into the realm of the hott drink about 2009 when I first got a job at a Starbucks venue in my home town. I woke up at 5:30 AM opened the store and got to know my regulars. I LOVED IT. Before working I hadn’t had a drink of coffee.. like ever. I actually loved the smell but despised the taste. Good thing for me I got quite an opportunity to make up for lost time and soon began consuming quite a few drinks taste testing new recipes and enjoying old ones. I was happy to keep this job not only during the summer but during school breaks as well when I was home I was on the clock. Not just for a job but because I loved the life of a Barista.

Just another drink...

Just another drink…

My Favorite Starbucks Mug...Been with me for quite awhile.

My Favorite Starbucks Mug…Been with me for quite awhile.

To me the barista life was busy yes, you always had someone waiting for a drink or asking a recipe or something to do. That first job exposed to me how something so small can bring so many different walks of life together. Day after day, customer after customer I embraced the challenge of learning the people I provided drinks for. From learning their drinks to their occupations and hopes, dreams, fears. Whatever they were ready to tell I was ready to listen. It’s amazing how much we miss sometimes by talking.

My Bestie Kierston put out all the coffee stops when I came to visit, so many keurig cups to choose from!

My Bestie Kierston put out all the coffee stops when I came to visit, so many keurig cups to choose from!


Africa silenced me quite a bit, new experiences and sharing God’s word can do that to a person. I was in awe of what God was doing…this was the summer I packed my things to join a team as we headed for mission work in Africa. My love of coffee continued on with me but was joined by another friend. His name was Chai. My love for all things Chai grew like wildfire during my time there. Every morning we would awake with a big heaping plastic cup full of Chai tea, sometimes I would indulge with some Africafe coffee as well. With real cream folks because in Africa you get the real stuff…. =)

Mmmmmmm Chai...

Mmmmmmm Chai…

That first coffee experience brings me to my first encounter with my now best friend, over coffee….It’s quite the story really, but it all amounts to she offered me a free cup of coffee in exchange for some time to hear my testimony. One day I had the time, and she had the coffee. From that day we continued to meet up for coffee, go on walks, go to movies, clean her house, I felt so loved and happy to share in a friendship that all started with one little drip.

That's my bestie the one on the far right in the photo.

That’s my friend Jacque the one on the far right in the photo.

Coffee then brought me another surprise shortly after moving to a new town I was embraced by a local church and given an opportunity to volunteer as a Barista in the coffee bar. Not only that I was able to find a passion for people, a love for the world, a new culture, a best friend, but now a family which loved my love and passion for coffee as well. Every week goes by and the times when I am unable to work in the coffee shop I get down because of how much fun I have serving and learning what people love.

Coffee Time! Melissa and I serving up some good drinks!

Coffee Time! Melissa and I serving up some good drinks!

So even though it’s not my occupation by any means, it is far more than that, being a Barista has benefited me since day one. Busy is a constant it always occurs we just have to decide what we’re going to do with that. I am busy, but I am also a Barista, both by choice. Like I said it’s amazing how much we miss when we talk sometimes, but sometimes it’s amazing how much we miss by simply not stopping to appreciate exactly where it has brought us…

Happy Hour drink.

Happy Hour drink.

Yeah it was my birthday but I''m also happy to have my coffee!

Yeah it was my birthday but I”m also happy to have my coffee!

So if you’re in town especially on a Sunday let me make you a drink. Or just stop in to enjoy one with me, I’m never too busy to stop and appreciate the power of listening.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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3 Responses to Busy Being a Barista

  1. torikom20 says:

    Starbucks happy hour is the best! And I love that picture of you with your dress, so exciting!!

  2. I love Chai too – such a good companion to my daily coffee!

  3. mysweetnhealthylife says:

    I love this post! I’ve never seen the work of a barista this way. I’ve never realized of many great things it can brings 🙂

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