Sanative Saturday….It’s worth the Healing.

Have you ever heard a noise that transports you back in time…

I hear on a daily basis, well mostly daily anyways, the soft swish of a well insulated door, the sound itself is one that lends to a summer day of my childhood sitting at my friends bar in her parents home’s kitchen, delighting ourselves after some hard core play time in the many numerous junk food snacks I consumed oh so frequently as a child. Her mom, dad, or brother, would come in through their back door, their well-insulated back door and join in on our snack time fun after coming in from the heat. It’s simple, soft, dull, but a memory that continues none the less every time I hear that simple swoosh of what now is our dark room in our office’s door opening and closing upon someone needing to develop an radiographic film. A little different from the memory involved, that however does not affect the memories I hold towards the noise and the simple satisfaction that I myself have received. A gift each and every time I hear that noise.

Which brings me to my Saturday believe it or not. I slept in…I repeat I slept in…if you don’t know me this in itself is a huge feat, I don’t sleep in rarely ever. Nor am I able to nap, mostly due to the fact my room is like a stage during the day starting at 7am, the term BRIGHT and EARLY is definitely felt everyday for me, I digress. I slept in.

Sleeping In

Sleeping In

Saturday’s for me lately have meant a plethora of so many activities and plans. I”m planning a wedding people, working mostly full time right now, trying to figure out some health issues, volunteering for Barista at the coffee bar Sunday mornings, being a Big Sister through BBBS. It’s a busy life out there and I’m really enjoying every moment.

But this Sunday I was able to slow down for a few moments, take a morning to myself, and be transported back in time once again, although this time not by a sound but rather transportation to a place where I used to be on Saturdays, with no plans of any sort. I tend to plan and plan and plan…way to much for anyone’s good sometimes. But today this morning, I planned nothing and it WORKED! I slept, I ate breakfast, I prayed, I meditated, I read Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind, and I read a few magazines, and I SLEPT AGAIN! A morning siesta if you will. And after my coffee….wow.

Just to reiterate my laziness I thought about staying inside all day and doing nothing else for the rest of the day then I realized in true Jayne fashion I just couldn’t be completely not myself….so up I went out in the open and fresh air to track a short couple mile run on my new fitbit tracker gps system. (With a quick call first to my support line fiance who helped me get it up and running 😉 )

When you run in the afternoon at a feverish pace, your glasses may have dirt and bug guts by the time you're done. You've been warned.

When you run in the afternoon at a feverish pace, your glasses may have dirt and bug guts by the time you’re done. You’ve been warned.

Since I was up and running sooooooooooo fast…i wish. I headed to Hyvee, my favorite place to shop, where I picked up groceries for the week under $43.00 hopefully I don’t have to go back…I’m trying to budget better. I packed it all away, oh and almost forgot to eat lunch then I realized I made some protein balls last night, couldn’t resist and had a few followed by a little turkey….yum!

Which catches us up to now where I’m siting in a coffee shop by myself listening to some pretty great music, they’re doing a good job with the station so far ;). Speaking of music….as of this week and doing Bodypump three times, I’m now so obssessed with this song, that I actually bought it on ITUNES that’s when you know it’s good. Listen enjoy repeat….and maybe just maybe that song, just might transport you somewhere….feel free to share with me or someone else. Sounds are a funny thing, sometimes they help us remember things we didn’t even know we had stored away, memories are a funny thing, sometimes they help us remember just what has made us who we are today. Take some time today to listen to what is going on around you, who knows you might find a memory…..

Here we are....

Here we are….


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