WIAW: Baked Chicken and HEALTHY Pecan Bars for dessert…

Peas and Crayons

Whooo Jenn, thanks for the WIAW link up….

Yes I said that correctly, of course baked chicken always remains a staple in my ever expanding dinner menu. But this week my fiance and I got brave…..really brave.

Let’s start WIAW RECAP! with breakfast….it was of course Starbucks…do you know us?

Americano and Grilled spinach and feta wraps for us!

Americano and Grilled spinach and feta wraps for us!

We so very enjoy our Friday’s together, breakfast and quiet times, which we’re fast becoming HUGE fans of! This is BOTH of ours favorite breakfast. ever. (well from a restaurant that is) Yum Yum Yum, if you haven’t ordered a spinach and feta wrap do it, you won’t regret it.

Lunch is un photoed due to our incapability of decisive attitudes, whew say that five times fast. Yeah so lunch….protein balls (recipe soon to come), greek yogurt plain, and some cookies. Delicious and just enough to fuel our walk to get groceries for dinner.

Fast forward now….

Upon deciding our date night dinner, we both I wanted to be lazy. So of course that would entail baking things seeing as the oven does most of the work for you…baked Chicken a la coconut oil style and roasted veggies: cucumbers, cauliflower, and green peppers. Along with some sauteed spinach with half of a string cheese in the mix,(yes it was good thank you.) Delicious meal in the making, and we were off to create the dessert of all desserts….hope you’re sitting down for this.

I patiently awaited this week the fast return of crazy amazing Megan (yeah I hyperlinked that whole thing) blog posts, so thankful for her blog. As I was reading the most recent WIAW post I found myself longing after the pecan bars she made off of Arman’s recipe. I just knew these were the items that would be easier and  fuel my ‘lazy friday’ date dinner, and not be too much work….because clearly someone was exhausted…

Exhaustion in the form of Hunger...and he has it down pat.

Exhaustion in the form of Hunger…and he has it down pat.

I set my fiance to work, and was fast to help as the recipe was a little trickier than I had planned….turns out peanut butter and maple syrup create a sauce quicker than one might have planned.

He mixed up the ingredients and photographed the process, what a doll. (looks like he overcame that hunger quick)

Step one dry ingredients mixed....

Step one dry ingredients mixed….

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset As we both had to help with the sauce making (almost burned the PB!). Soon and very soon we were pressing all ingredients into the pan and delighting in our victory over the no bake bars. Into the fridge they went while we enjoyed this magic….




In the mix: My baked Coconut Chicken from a few weeks ago (the recipe not the food), creamed spinach, greek yogurt, fresh cucumbers baked with seasonings, fresh tomatoes, and fresh avocado.

We enjoyed our food while watching the movie Divergent, actually a gripping film. The only preview I had happened to catch of this movie was quite awhile back and featured a risque scene between the two main boy/girl characters of the movie, I was less than impressed and kind of wary as to if I wanted to see the movie. But upon deciding on which film we would rent we watched a trailer for said movie and this one was much more action packed. I was intrigued as well as was my fiance. Good decision made, good action packed and a little romance slipped in there. (Disclaimer: I’ve never read the book though so I may not be quite a good judge as to if the movie lives up to book status)

After the movie was over and as a storm was rolling in, we turned to HGTV our favorite station on the tube, and we busted out the Pecan Bars.


Caramel Bars, I didn't have a 9x9 pan!

Caramel Bars, I didn’t have a 9×9 pan!

Here is the original recipe from Arman’s blog, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! NOW ENJOY THESE BABIES>>Healthy No Bake Caramel Bars.<<

And now I’m off to go enjoy the rest of my WIAW…enjoy the food, but enjoy the ones you’re with more. (okay maybe enjoy them both equally???)

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3 Responses to WIAW: Baked Chicken and HEALTHY Pecan Bars for dessert…

  1. They are delicious aren’t they??!! I put mine in the freezer to get a little harder (interpret that any which way you want) and promptly devoured them in 1.5 days. I had to practice restraint. Crazy right?

    Oh and thanks for missing me, my dear. I appreciate that.

  2. Even if you didn’t make those bars, I’d have intense respect for the way you speared those wraps…the best way to dunk a fork in it. How did they turn out? I just whipped up a batch of them and hoping to experiment with the flavour contrast abit more!

    Fresh tomato and fresh avocado…..now that’s a strange craving to have now. Thanks for that 😉

    • jejansonius says:

      Sorry for my slow reply they turned out AMAZING!!! Loved them and I’m pretty sure we ate half the batch in one sitting that night, so so good. Spearing them was definitely my fiance’s doing but I do believe that is the best way to start a breakfast. =)

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