WIHBUT—What I have Been Up To Thursday…. =)

Don’t worry everyone I didn’t quite fall off the face of the Earth yet……while I’m sure I have so many hanging on the edge of your chairs as to where I’ve been, kidding. I do want to update you on some things that ARE happening in my life so that you may understand why I haven’t posted in a while.

As a girl, this day was amazzing!

As a girl, this day was amazzing!

So sorry for poor photo quality, trying to get my hair in there! More to come details wise on this, but Parker and I were given the opportunity to be in a themed Wedding photoshoot for a photographer, so I got my hair and makeup done and got to dress up in a sweet old fashioned dress for the shoot. YES! 

Date Day....

Date Day….

We had yet another few great date days, since we both have Friday’s off, we spend those on dates, the whole day long, so much fun. AND so many great eats, of which I will be telling you about so soon!

Dutch Days in Prairie View Kansas.

Dutch Days in Prairie View Kansas.

We got the opportunity to see my grandma (my dad’s mom) last weekend AND partake in Dutch Days, infamous I suppose. Did ya’ll know there was a completely dutch founded town in Kansas that celebrates it with a tractor parade down mainstreet, blow up bounce houses, one hamburger stand (that continually has to run to their homes and get stuff to stock up), and home made cookies (that I would eat) thrown out during said parade with hand written notes I might add. Dedication. 

Turn Key to our new place!

Turn Key to our new place!

New home people! I’m moving in now and my fiance will move in after the wedding, moving moving moving. Wish it was easy as it is to say. 

Go Big.

Go Big.

While I was at work yesterday my fiance and his cohorts moved us in, bus style. 

Bodypump tough.

Bodypump tough.

Couldn’t leave you wondering if I did bodypump or not this week…..the patches make you tougher, and lift harder I swear!


Love love love, 


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