How to floss your bridge.

I am a Hygienist and as such I encounter a lot of things on a daily basis that I believe people would perceive as difficult. First of all I wouldn’t err on the side of caution to say that putting my hand in as few as eight mouths a day is a hard thing for most people to imagine. But let’s step further into my daily view and talk about bridges, yes I’m talking fake teeth attached to regular teeth creating the optical illusion of a tooth between two teeth. This my friends is a tricky little specimen when it comes to the flossing of said bridge. Which I might note must and most certainly should be done daily…(if you have one). Those little guys trap copious amounts of food particles that slowly overtime combine with the bacteria in your mouth to create a food infused mucous blob underneath of them (just for emphasis is why I’m adding that unnecessary kind of gross detail). I digress, these things are hard to clean under and on a daily basis I seem to fight them quite frequently. I’m strong I always rise above, however there is always the inevitable bridge to cross, underneath of course.

All of that to say that these past few weeks I have encountered in my life many more than bridges in mouths. I have been encountering the numerous ‘bridges’ of my life. Let’s make a short list shall we…

1. Moving, I’m moving into the apartment that will soon become the home of my fiance and I only a couple months away until that happens and I got completely moved in this weekend with the help of so many fabulous volunteers….oh and a bus.

Move Dat BUS! Only after you're done unloading though!

Move Dat BUS! Only after you’re done unloading though!

2. Working/Volunteering, my new job is amazing and I’m loving it so much! I also have had opportunity already through my job to volunteer of which I ALSO love very much….we helped out at NE state fair, and that’s when I met so many llamas, this one was the cutest.

Llama Love.

Llama Love.

3. Wedding, and all things that entails, from the dress to decor to rehearsal dinner to cake, I’m drowning in details and I’m loving it, overwhelming when you feel as if you’re running around forgetting things all the time, but I rejoice that this is in my life right now.

I love that face.

I love that face.

4. Photoshoots…refer to Julie’s Photography Blog. But WE WERE IN A PHOTOSHOOT. and a stinkin’ good one at that.

I'm pretty pumped about this photoshoot!

I’m pretty pumped about this photoshoot!

5. Air Conditioning, once moved I became abruptly aware the first night that I was without air conditioning, I finally broke down and had two night time nyquil to put me to sleep, it wasn’t restful but hey at least I got something for the night. My fiance came to the rescue and the NEXT NIGHT I was sleeping in a beautifully comfortable 62 degree home, ahhhhh heaven.

I'm one happy sleeper!

I’m one happy sleeper!

6. Curtain rods and so many probs, I have a hard time hanging curtains the last time I tried actually I got a chopstick stuck in my wall, true story. So my fiance gladly helped out. THANK THE LORD.



7. Snacks, lately I have been working out quite a bit and that entails being hungry hungry hungry, can’t get enough of the protein and I’m trying to be super healthy and get toned before the wedding day (gotta look good in my dress) so I’ve been banking on quest bars as my go to snacks. While that’s my go to my fiance prefers the banana peanut butter approach, to each his own.

A potassium infused, protein efficient, good fat full treat for the eyes. Oh and he's eating a pretty good for you snack too.. ;)

A potassium infused, protein efficient, good fat full treat for the eyes. Oh and he’s eating a pretty good for you snack too.. 😉

Oh then there is also the Blendicano which I finally got a chance to try, I suggest not sipping on this drink as it separates and becomes just a americano iced pretty quickly….but good for a bit none the less!



Oh and there is always the way that Nebraska Wal-Mart views vegetables, obviously something is wrong here.


Vegetables really?

Vegetables really?

So we have bridged the gap of what I’ve been up to lately. As much as I find all of these things taking up my time I can’t help but to be completely thankful for the spot where I am right now and all the events that are taking and soon to be taking place. So ever so slowly I try to capture each day each moment in my mind cherishing them all and hopefully taking you guys along for the ride too. No matter what things are coming under my bridge on a daily basis, I try to remain grounded in cleaning them out each night and starting each day new and fresh. Trust me there is a lot less infection involved when done properly.

What seems to be your bridge lately?


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