WIAW: What does one eat at a Bridal Shower?

Isaiah 40: 30,31  “Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Can I PLEASE get an AMEN!

I never in a million years believed I would be sitting here in a place that in only thirty nine more days I will be sharing with my husband, now I DID however believe the other half of what I’m doing and that’s eating peanut butter and carrots yep that’s a given.

MY WIAW today is going to be SHORT AND SWEET. Literally that’s no joke! I have to shout out to Jenn though for hosting and her sweet link up.

Peas and Crayons


I this weekend was completely blessed by my friends from church who gave up their time to plan and make a pretty stinkin’ awesome Bridal Shower for me.

My friends! From left to right: Renee, Jackie, Rachel, and Jamie.

My friends! From left to right: Renee, Jackie, Rachel, and Jamie

I did NOT have to worry about a thing it was so fun and effortless for me and I truly truly felt so loved.

My dad drove my mom and our cute little chihuahua three hours to come!

My dad drove my mom and our cute little chihuahua three hours to come!\

My best friend and bridesmaid Jenn came four hours to visit!

My best friend and bridesmaid Jenn came four hours to visit!

For as of late I have been feeling much like the bible verse says, weary. Now I understand I am no youth and that EVEN they grow weary but man planning weddings is a tough job. Shout out to wedding planners, I don’t envy you.

So. Many. Details. Go into weddings but also went into my shower. So what does a Health Nut have at her shower you ask? Well these ladies definitely delivered on the food aspect and I benefited extremely from it!

Table looking pretty tasty!

Table looking pretty tasty!

yum Yum Yum! Just look at those delicious veggies!

yum Yum Yum! Just look at those delicious veggies!

We had a vegetable platter, ranch dip, little bread rounds with beautiful fresh bruschetta, and angel food cake cut up into pieces with a fresh berry mix and home made whipped topping. Oh and coffee of course. YUM!

Question Game.

Question Game.

One of my favorite parts about Bridal Showers is the question game where they ask the groom questions and the bride has to answer, there’s nothing I love more than a good love story so as a woman this is by far my favorite part! Also bonus, I got to eat angel food pieces if I missed a question…

My fiance's beautiful sister's and I.

My fiance’s beautiful sister’s and I.

There we are!

There we are!

SO the last photo here is obviously not from the bridal shower, but I did also get to go to a good friend’s (my fiance’s best friend) wedding on Saturday and delighted in some puppy chow which I had not had in quite awhile. Oh. My. Stars. SO GOOD!

Back to the gas station pumpkin spice and protein pancakes with a side of apple slices grind.

Back to the gas station pumpkin spice and protein pancakes with a side of apple slices grind. (I say it like it’s a bad thing, it’s not)

So alas the work week has begun and I’m excited to get back into a routine and not have one thing after the other like this weekend has been. However I must say all of these things happening right now are quite the adventure. It seems time is flying by but I’m not mad the only thing I hope is that I’m catching every moment and really savoring this busy and joyful time of life. For now I’ll finish eating my breakfast and head to work shortly, protein pancakes and pumpkin spice remind me of the fall that is ever pressing in on us. Fall reminds me of October and October well, I believe their’s a wedding happening then. 😉



So I’ll leave you with my Monday treat I had waiting at my computer when I logged in on Monday, my eyes literally got huge when I saw this! I had joked with my scheduling coordinator when asked what she could do to make my day, I stated Dark Chocolate, BOOM. Ask and you shall receive, well today anyways. So great!

Like I said guys I’m under the forty day mark until the wedding, so I have a question for ya’ll…

Did anyone go on a diet before their wedding? (I feel like I’m indulging and going to so many weddings lately I’m wondering if maybe I should cut back more!)

Hope you all have a most marvelous Wednesday!


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8 Responses to WIAW: What does one eat at a Bridal Shower?

  1. I have never been to your blog before but found it via WIAW and LOVE IT SO MUCH! First, I love your profle photo and intro. And I just knew I’d like what I read here in your space. Now for wedding: congrats on the upcoming nuptials. I am in wedding planning mode… mostly. Luckily it is not until next summer so I have a bit of time. Your bridal shower was just lovely and so much love on the photos.

    • jejansonius says:

      Thank you thank you thank you thank you so much Maria!!! You were planning a wedding to? Aren’t they just so much fun!?! thank you I felt extremely blessed to have such a beautiful shower not of my doing at all!!!

  2. Wedding planning seems busy .. but so exciting! Congratulations! Loved this WIAW:)

    • jejansonius says:

      Thank you Thank you Thank you!

      Wedding planning is sooooooo super busy, I always thought my roommate in college was just master planner…not so you actually have to plan alot for this stuff. HA. But so great at the same time! I’m so very happy you enjoyed it!

  3. You guys are so cute!! LOVE that you included those verses! 🙂 God is so good!! Congrats to you!! 🙂 So exciting!

    • jejansonius says:

      Wow thanks first and foremost for stopping by Cailee! So great to share God’s word, love to whenever I can, He is first and foremost in my life and for the most excellent reason!
      Thank you for the congrats i am excited!

  4. Loved this post! I’m also in wedding planning mode and have my first bridal shower coming up. This got me super excited for the food!

    • jejansonius says:

      Thanks for checking out my blog Christa! Yes Wedding planning mode is oh so fun, but at times overwhelming! =) Yes you should be excited especially because your bridal shower, whomever is throwing it for you probably knows your likes and dislikes well!

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