The Absence of Lauren in the Presence of God.

I want you all to picture for a moment a woman who is absolutely stunning, not only in beauty but in pure splendor of spirit. She’s laughing and with a wide toothy smile her almond shaped eyes of deepest brown portray utter joy that exudes from her red soft lips with a loud boisterous laugh. She’s wearing a slouchy comfortable looking sweater with dark skinny jeans and rain-boots, shes accommodating to the weather of course which in her east-coast neck of the woods is always unpredictable. Her hair, its long and luminescent it is softer than a fine silk and flows all around her. She finds no need to blow dry or use chemicals of any sort from her hair to her face, natural beauty is what she wears daily. That type of beauty that is filtered like a fine wine allowed to age and come into it’s own in due time.

Do you have her pictured in your mind now?

That is my best friend you’re looking at, her spirit is far more beautiful if you can imagine than the image I just portrayed for you. She is my Maid of Honor in my wedding and what’s more a magnificent human being whom I get to call friend; or better yet by her name, Lauren.

Lauren (on the left) and I.

Lauren (on the left) and I.

She’s happy, wild, caring, fierce, she loves better than most people I have in my life. I’m amazed by God’s grace in bringing us together. But wait…heres the craziest part, you ready?

I haven’t seen her in TWO YEARS! TWO YEARS, well almost she was married two years ago Thanksgiving so we’re not quite to the two year mark yet but I digress we’re close enough.

We joke a lot that no matter where we are or what we’re up to God puts into our lives the same situations and scenarios that relate and bind us together. Just like that song, God has bound us together. For that reason we have remained so very close and I am so happy that when I became engaged she was able to (over live streaming on the internet thanks to my awesome fiance) see our entire engagement. I then called to formally ask her to be my maid of honor with which she she happily agreed and began preparations for the day including getting in touch with my bridesmaids and formulating plans for days preceding the wedding as well as bought her dress and had it altered. She’s good, real good, and really excited.

My best friend right by my side after I broke my wrist my freshman year of college.

My best friend right by my side after I broke my wrist my freshman year of college.

I hadn’t talked to her in a few weeks, not unusual for us when I got a call last Sunday evening, the seventh to be exact. The one thing about Lauren is her heart is at all times on her sleeve, you know what she’s feeling. With that being said one minute into the conversation I knew something was wrong. After much explanation and crying the news was brought down hard on me like a hammer,

She wouldn’t be able to come to the wedding.

Explosions, flashes, my mind went crazy my Maid of Honor wouldn’t be there.

Now if you aren’t getting married and/or not crazy interested in your future wedding day like I was this may seem like not a huge deal to you, as I thought to myself at one time that I didn’t know if I really wanted a wedding at all. NOT TRUE, when I initially thought of Lauren not being there I was hurt and sad, not angry just disappointed and really really sad. Did I mention I was sad?

Having fun with her on her day of wedded bliss in Florida!

Having fun with her on her day of wedded bliss in Florida!

I soon came to the realization: God is good my friends, in no way was this a downfall to my wedding day. God granted me complete peace in the fact that yes my best friend who knows me inside and out would not be standing next to me the day I say I do.

But you know what truth there was hiding behind a fury of emotions I could have felt?

She was still my best friend, she still loved me and I her, we believe still that God unites us in time and place no matter where we are. There’s is a definite distinction between God being there on my wedding day and my best friend being there.

The fact of the matter is; that a fantastic opportunity has come her way in terms of her new job and her life is at a turning up point where just a month ago we sat on the phone and cried individually for our situations that were bringing both of us down and getting us depressed. The absence physically of Lauren does not constitute the absence of her spiritually, she’s going to be there. (Thank Heavens for Skype as we are hoping to broadcast her and her beautiful dress in on the special day. )

I decided a long time ago that when something happened that constituted a ‘wordly’ emergency I’d first stop and take a look at what exactly that looked like in God’s eyes. It’s different to him you see, he knows what will happen long before it does.

I feel in essence he has been preparing Lauren and I just for an occasion such as this, for she hasn’t been right here in person by my side and yet he’s sewn us together ever so distinctly stitch by stitch allowing our lives to intercede from afar.

I’m thankful for my maid of honor and I love her….a lot.

Lauren's Wedding Day.

Lauren’s Wedding Day.

What are you dealing with in terms of upcoming events, is there a different way you can look at things, events, or people? I know it’s not always easy but I have found it to be  a very necessary thing to do.

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2 Responses to The Absence of Lauren in the Presence of God.

  1. lovehealcook says:

    A ‘wordly emergency’ can make me anxious quickly, I need to remember to see it from God’s perspective as well! Beautifully written!

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