WIAW: Are you ready for a Real Day of eats yet?

Happy HUMP DAY Ya’ll!! Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday and check out WIAW over at Jenn’s site too!

Peas and Crayons


I’ve been dancing this WIAW waltz for quite awhile now and haven’t really shared a good day of eats for myself yet. Is that just rude to the concept or what?

I myself haven’t been trying to do this rather I get through half a day and realize I hadn’t taken any pictures yet then I get disappointed in myself and end up not taking photos for the rest of the day as well. So on MONDAY of this week I was a disciplined mess and made it a point to not eat anything until I snapped a photo….well except for breakfast, shoot.

First and foremost, Monday’s I have available to sleep in, and I LOVE it! But what’s more is it also gives me a great opportunity to try out new workout classes, so Monday’s try was Turbokick. Whoa baby was it fun! Not to mention the teacher was awesome (that always makes a difference right?). So before hand I had to awake for my morning quiet time with some coffee, quest, and yogurt.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee!!! YES! Greek yogurt, plain because honestly it's so good that way! Quest bar Cinnamon Roll, thus the reason I usually need not for flavored yogurt can't botch that quest flavor!

Pumpkin Spice Coffee!!! YES! Greek yogurt, plain because honestly it’s so good that way! Quest bar Cinnamon Roll, thus the reason I usually need not for flavored yogurt can’t botch that quest flavor!

TURBOKICK, was next after a quick call from work, turns out today is my day off….woooohooooo. After kickin’ it for an hour, that class worked I was hungry, buttttt the fiance and I were going to lunch at noon, it was ten thirty. So to quench my desire for protein and all those other details of meal; I made a smoothie…..



Before I go any further, I am NOT usually a smoothie girl, I much love the dear fun of eating my food and think smoothie’s just don’t measure up to the actual act of chewing, weird as it may seem it makes me happy happy happy, thus my usual avoidance of all things smoothie.

There is a time and place though for said ‘smoothie‘ liquid food, Monday was the time and place, in the mix I threw frozen unsweetened strawberries, a little bit of a spark pkg I had been given (flavor strawberry and banana), one rounded scoop of protein, ice cubes, and a small bit (1 tsp) of green match powder.  Hunger quenched.

Lunch then was a delight to get to go out with my fiance on a week day. So much fun. We had to hit up our usual and have HyVee Salad bar. I’d say we’re getting to be pretty good at this…

This is what he says to me when we sit down.  "Fruit just sounded good." Now guess which is his. ;)

This is what he says to me when we sit down.
“Fruit just sounded good.”
Now guess which is his. 😉

I spent the afternoon on Monday doing all things house work and getting our unity item ready for the wedding, more details on that to come later but it’s pretty awesome! I will show you something delightful we got to hang up in our kitchen, it feels good to get things on the walls.

Coffee and food from our trips and date days all sepia toneified. Oh and us.

Coffee and food from our trips and date days all sepia toneified. Oh and us.

Right smack dab above the sink, looks so great!

While in the kitchen I decided something sweet sounded magnificent and whipped up some chocolate chip protein balls. They never disappoint and after two sweet tooth over.

Chocolate Chip Protein Balls.

Chocolate Chip Protein Balls.

These are soooooo easy to make, easy that I don’t even really keep a recipe, trust me it’s not hard. You take about four scoops of protein powder, one tblspn crunchy peanut butter, one tablespoon coconut flour, and dark chocolate chips. (While making recipe you HAVE to eat some dark chocolate chips) Mix that with Almond milk until it is a good consistency to roll into balls. I don’t ever really measure the milk I just keep going till it seems like play dough consistency. TA DA! Protein balls that are delicious, nutritious, and quench that sweet tooth.


Are you ready for this guys…….I didn’t get any photos of my dear dinner…wa wa wa…maybe next week, heck I need something improve upon right?!?!?! I dot have some fill in photos though,

Dinner was a chicken breast to hold me over whilst working away on this post….then some of these bad boys…

My love Carrots!

My love Carrots!

Okay so not ANY of those bad boys, but I did have baby carrots and a lot of trail mix over at my friends house….you gotta have snacks during girls night right?

So my friends and I have been getting together on Monday evenings and having just a community night, next week we’re watching Mean Girls, IM EXCITED! But this Monday we simply talked and watched all of five minutes of dancing with the stars, so before hand I was craving that sweet and salty taste and headed over to Hyvee grocery and picked up some natural non salted trail mix and mixed in some dark chocolate covered raisins, I was craving that dark chocolate today guys! IT WAS PHENOMENAL, and I added the baby carrots as a cover up of healthy to top off my fat splurge. Yum Yum.

That concludes my day of real eats, next time it might include pictures of everything, guess you’ll just have to check back to see???

  • I don’t know about ya’ll but I feel like I truly could never get tired of trail mix, anyone with me? What’s your favorite kind?


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11 Responses to WIAW: Are you ready for a Real Day of eats yet?

  1. slimsanity says:

    Yes! Love trail mix too! 🙂

  2. Chelsea says:

    I struggle with remembering to take pictures all in one day, too. I start out with great intentions at breakfast, but then – by lunch – everything fall apart.
    I’m super jealous of your salads up there. They look delicious!

  3. Trader Joe’s has awesome trail mixes. They remind me of road trips because they’re the perfect car snack.

    Also, cinnamon quest bars are totally my fav!

    • jejansonius says:

      Mmmmm oh how I wish I was in the vicinity of a Trader Joes!! That would be marvelous! We have a grocery store that sells nuts and dried fruit. So I usually make my own. I agree. Perfect road food. Have some in my car right now!

  4. yes to the best mornings start with coffee ❤ 🙂

  5. mslibbyliu says:

    Yum! I need to make some cookie dough protein bites! I keep seeing them online, but haven’t bitten the bullet and made any yet

  6. Kate says:

    I make an apple pie spiced trail mix…it is so yummy! But, I am with you, I have the hardest time remember to take pictures of one consistent day! ha!

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