WIAW: It’s hard to be Healthy.

Let me tell ya’ll it’s hard to be healthy, not something that’s new to anyone I’m sure, but it’s exceptionally hard when you almost get into 5 car accidents…I mean I know I live on the edge but….

My fiance and I were simply BEING PEDESTRIANS, taking a fun jog together one evening, a walk another, and Sunday was filled with a good 2.6 mile walk to Starbucks and 2.6 miles back to the little apartment here. I say it like it’s no small feat but I’m telling you people get torn up in these parts if a pedestrian dare cross the appropriately designated pedestrian crossings. We follow the rules too never jay walking and always pushing the button to make sure the little man lights up before we make our journey through traffic. Each step though is seemingly close to playing frogger (and I’m not talking beginner level here). Thus I say it is hard to be healthy here in Nebraska.

While walking, jogging, and biking are all perfectly good forms of transportation and endorsed time over by Coloradian roads, here in good ole Corn Husker state lives in a world where when you walk people gawk. My friend even told me one time after she walked to work that two people pulled over to ask her if her car broke down and she needed a ride. Yep the struggle is real. So when my fiance and I took a long leisurely walk on my day of eats, we were accompanied by the usual annoyance we are when encumbering vehicles with our presence. #sorryimnotsorry

While this may appear one sided I’m not trying to bag Nebraska, at all. I am simply trying to say, I’m feeling a little isolated as a healthy law abiding citizen in a town of 40,000 and rapidly growing.

Now how about those eats right?


Click the above pick for the lady who’s credit is due…Jenn.

Today’s eats are the effortlessly healthy eats of my Sunday, yum. So sit back and get ready these are sure to liven up those taste buds and who knows maybe those legs too. Just be careful out there.

Breakfast: My best friends wedding was this weekend thus I decided since we got back late on Saturday into town and I had literally been running around the past two days I’d make it a point to slow down Sunday morning before heading to church. So Protein Pancakes it was! YUM With an apple of course!

Protein Pancakes!

Protein Pancakes!

This meal single handedly holds me over all day if need be. So filling and so delightful!

Headed to church shortly after and then my love and I decided to go on our daring adventure across town to Starbucks. Because who wouldn’t enjoy an afternoon coffee pick me up from the Bucks. Also guys this is exciting news THEY HAD THE SPINACH AND FETA WRAP! It was ever so stinkin’ delicious and we shared one, because we love each other.

Two iced Coffees and a Spinach Feta Wrap, shared. Why? Because we're in love (the ring get it?)

Two iced Coffees and a Spinach Feta Wrap, shared. Why? Because we’re in love (the ring get it?)

Diggin' In....that's a good lookin'...wrap.

Diggin’ In….that’s a good lookin’…wrap.

Slowly we dodged traffic back to our apartment and Parker had to leave for a work retreat, I then made my way with laundry and chores and the like all while watching Royal Pains, such a good show. Oh and also eating chicken with tomatoes and a quest bar with plain greek yogurt which is a new favorite of mine!


Wow that is some small looking chicken, quest and yogurt, sorry guys, I’ll do better next time I promise.

Well now I’m off to celebrate the beginning of the month because October brings about so many things….like oh something pretty important to me…MY WEDDING DAY! It’s only less than a month away now and this weekend going to my friends wedding made it so much more real to me. What a super exciting time, thus the importance of enjoying every day,  every walk, every jog, every near car accident, every meal, and most of all every single moment.


Have a beautiful WIAW everyone!


Who’s tried the spinach and feta wrap and what did you think of it?

Any Sunday traditions you have?


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14 Responses to WIAW: It’s hard to be Healthy.

  1. mangoabouttown says:

    Our Sunday traditions include waking up and watching the Formula 1 Race (if there was one that week) and grocery shopping (because it’s my favourite hobby)! As if it’s so terrifying to walk in your town – stay safe out there!!

    • jejansonius says:

      Thank you thank you for sharing about your Sunday traditions, Formula 1 Race?? I’m new to that sport for sure. I totally relate on grocery shopping, I just told someone today that I love to do it and she said I was crazy.

  2. Kate says:

    I live in The Netherlands and crossing at a “zebra crossing” is like taking your life into your hands…you are better off jay-walking ha! Your eats look pretty good…we don’t have the spinach feta wrap here but they do carry a lot of healthy sandwiches and salads here.

    • jejansonius says:

      The Netherlands! That is absolutely amazing! I can totally relate the taking your life in your own hands bit, seems Nebraska and Netherlands are more alike than one would think. No spinach and feta wrap……well if you ever want to visit, I would LOVE to buy you one! ha

  3. I will often enjoy a spinach wrap for lunch at Starbucks. So good but I find it is often soggy in the bag. I have never seen plates and forks at my Starbucks….will have to ask next time. Those pancakes look amazing. So filling and tasty. Your Quest bar reminded me that I am completely out of my Blend stash….need to look into ordering some. Happy Wednesday and good luck with the final wedding planning Jayne!

    • jejansonius says:

      Thank you for the well wishes. So close now till wedding day. Starbucks wraps go well any day anytime. Yum! Yeah ex may the bag next time. Yum. Oh my stars what a dilemma get some quest bars girl!

  4. those protein pancakes look scrumptious!

    • jejansonius says:

      And they are every single morning. I actually found a great protein powder that makes thick pancakes. Which are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfect!

    • jejansonius says:

      Mmmmmm oh are you correct. Every day every single day. Haha. Most people bust out pancakes on weekends and I’m just over here like. Hey I want something different.

  5. jessielovestorun says:

    How exciting that your wedding is this month. What a wonderful day to look forward too 🙂

  6. That’s the worst — just tryin to get your health on, and people make it dangerous! haha. It looks like you had a lovely afternoon nonetheless!

  7. I can’t believe your wedding is coming up already. How exciting!

    Keep on walking and naysayers be damned, not literally because that’s not very nice.

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