I’ve been Overindulgent…

I’ve been overindulgent….

.....buffet lines....

…..buffet lines….


I want you to picture if you will a large buffet line of the freshest tastiest foods, like a sweet organic buffet with only the finest ingredients. If you’re anything like me imagine you’re not even worried that when it says organic egg white omelette you KNOW there is only a delicate amount of extra virgin olive oil to be had, like I’m talking complete trust there (maybe more than I had for this egg white omelet I got this weekend but it was good)…I digress.

Bistro Egg White Omelette.

Bistro Egg White Omelette.

What I mean to say is imagine this buffet, and you get to go along with all your favorite things, and some unkown things too, and choose ever so carefully from each one. The excitement builds inside you as you see all these beautiful things and you say to yourself I must put as much as I can on my plate!

You place thing after thing situating ever so delicately onto your plate and making sure you have room for everything, pretty soon the buffet seems longer than you imagined and your plate smaller than possible. So you start to stack. Stacking won’t necessarily spoil the flavors you say to yourself it may just make them evolve into something better… not wanting to admit it could really mess things up.

You stare at the plate you have placed in front of you and become overwhelmed with how much food you have taken, as you look around it seems everyone else has taken less things and looks way happier about it than you feel staring at the seemingly impossible stack sitting in front of you. You pick up your fork and feel as if something that could have been so great and amazing has now burdened you far more than possible, and you simply want to just leave the room, or grow a bigger stomach.


That’s how I’ve felt, for the past months it seems, not because of busyness in my life, because I picked up my plate and filled and filled and filled until there I sat fork in hand looking at day after day of every detailed minute being filled with things that slowly began to burden my mind, heart, time, and soul. The funny thing is that until I sat and stared at that plate awhile and was taken out of my regular context and daily routines I had NO IDEA what I was even eating! I simply was sitting at my hypothetical table inhaling a bunch of food and never getting to taste and see what I was supposedly enjoying, these were my favorite things and such a special time (I mean meal times are pretty stinkin’ special right?) yet here I sat burdened.

My eyes became aware of what my mind and spirit had been doing to my body these past few months in just a few small hours on last Friday night, I was able to attend this years Women of Faith Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska and I felt finally able to not only see that plate I had been filling but to take it over to the trash dump it out and situate myself back to the beginning of the receiving line; looking at a new bright beautiful soap smelling plate and lines of fresh, organic, beautiful food with tastes that would blow me away. Only this time as I listened intently to every woman’s story, every piece of advice, every teaching, I was able to perfectly place things back in line on my plate, proportioning it out not by the size of my stomach but the size of my heart.

Click here for more information about the Conference and Women of faith itself.

Women of Faith opening worship band.

Women of Faith opening worship band.

The amazing women I rode down with and got to have great conversations with, we all have such great stories.

The amazing women I rode down with and got to have great conversations with, we all have such great stories.

If you have never had the opportunity to go to Women of Faith I challenge you as a woman to seriously consider looking into going and taking that time to really be discerning in what God is speaking to you. If you have never had the opportunity to talk to somebody about your faith and or about a relationship with Christ I challenge you as a human being to seriously consider looking into that and going and taking the time to seek someone out and learn more. You see we all have plates, big ones, small ones, round ones, square ones, and we are responsible for what we place on those plates, now your grand buffet line may look way different than mine but don’t we all admit we are guilty of stacking? Then when we sit down we look around only to feel alone and kind of like a fattie because EVERYONE ELSE’s plate looks so small and perfectly proportioned. I want to remind you that staring at someone else’s so called perfections won’t make our life any different.

How I felt about the whole weekend....

How I felt about the whole weekend….

You can make a difference, you do have a story, and I bet it’s a pretty amazing one. So please take time, look at your plate, clean it off, you’ll be better for it.

The best part….you’ll have room for dessert.


Have any of you been to a Women of Faith Conference?

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