WIAW: Influence of friends.

There is an age old traditional way of looking at going out to eat with friends and that is scientifically you are supposed to eat more…my friends must rock.


I say that solely because this weekend I got to partake in a conference and travel with four other women, we had a absolute blast and never once did I feel pressured to make a food decision I wasn’t hungry for as well.

Plus we were surrounded by so great a hosts…of restaurants as well. We stayed in Downtown Lincoln in a place called Haymarket It’s historic and beautiful lots of cute shops and eateries.

We rolled into town literally an hour before the first session was to begin on Friday night and we were all pretty hungry…after walking into a restaurant and seeing a forty minute wait we headed over to this cute little Mexican restaurant called El Protrero…

MMMMMMMMMM chips and salsa!

MMMMMMMMMM chips and salsa!

chips and salsa hit the spot and I was so ready for a big salad….however after my salad was delivered to in front of me I was dismayed at how it simply was a handful of lettuce and chicken chicken chicken. While I love me some chicken, I did however ask for a salad….that is when one of my friends stepped in…”all you have to do is ask” and there I was staring a whole bowl full of lettuce and a waitress apologetically giving me a sorry for not having enough the first time. Now lettuce eat…



The conference itself was wonderful and we were satisfactory full through the entire friday night. After walking back to the hotel some of the ladies enjoyed home made Pumpkin muffins and grapes, however my chicken SALAD was still keeping me full.

I shared my photo of breakfast the next day yesterday…but let me explain…We got our little tired butts out of bed on Saturday morning and headed to this wonderful little bistro for breakfast, nothing sounded better than something savory and sweet so I ordered an egg white omelette with chicken, tomatoes, and asparagus (savory), and a side of fruit (sweet). It definitely hit. the. spot. However while the chicken was just right and savory the egg whites were a little to bland and buttery for my taste…but the fruit was very fresh and delicious. Yum.

Bistro Egg White Omelette.

Bistro Egg White Omelette.

So that filled me up all morning which was great because lunch time was an absolute mess, we walked around down town to see line after line after line at every stop. Eventually we ended up getting sandwiches from inside the arena where the conference was being held…when in doubt ladies you can make a good concession stand choice..I did not get a photo but I had a Grilled Chicken sandwich with fries, however I proceeded to then dump out the fries and bun of my meal (that was all included in the price and they wouldn’t let me just get the chicken sandwich :() and watched as two women gasped in horror at what I had done…guess I should have offered them some before I dumped? I then headed to the condiments and stacked that grilled chicken atop a bed of lettuce and tomatoes and added some mustard. Lunch was served and delicious.

Also never travel without a Quest bar because I had one that did just the trick for dessert. Oh and I also had a pumpkin muffin home made by my friend WOAH so good!

We headed out of town right after the second session came to a close but first snacks for the trip home…

Road Snacks?

Road Snacks?

Just kidding, do ya’ll even know me?

My real snack was a propel kiwi strawberry water and mints. (yeah that’s more like it huh?)

So friends help friends make good choice, or rather you can make good choice when with friends….stay strong sisters!

More to come on the home front guys because I finally have an OVEN! Be on the look out for some sweet recipe try’s in the near future, oh and me cooking more in general yeah that’d be good.

About two weeks ago I was baking cookies and they sat in my oven turned onto bake at med-high for one hour and twenty minutes ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES! And the cookies still came out super soft and gooey, not baked.

So my fiance made some calls and look at what we got…..



My man provides! =)

Hope everyone has a beautiful Wednesday!

Check out Jenn’s blog for more lovely WIAW er’s



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6 Responses to WIAW: Influence of friends.

  1. mangoabouttown says:

    Yay! Congrats on the new oven! One cannot live without a functioning oven. It’s amazing you have friends that encourage good eating decisions, it makes you feel so much better about eating well.

  2. awesome post! nice oven!

  3. How dare you throw out the fries 😉

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