WIAW: I’m getting married!!

Don’t ever underestimate the power one day can make, that’s what I thought stood out to me most about this week’s edition of WIAW….

For today’s post we will be recapping back to this weekend, to a very special day/half day indeed, it was a day spent with my mom! Mom and me sleepover!

You see I’m getting married in five short days, and as it lingers ever so near my mom and I haven’t gotten a chance to simply be us, which is hanging out just the two of us. So we scheduled in a sleepover away from her town and mine and we had FUN!

We decided that a neutral locale would be best so as not to get to caught up in anything but each other and having fun, so after a three hour drive I was ready to see her beautiful face!

We met up and shopped for a short bit and then meandered into Red Lobster around one thrity ish. I was hungry and lunch was so good! I got the Bar Harbour salad with grilled chicken, now before you go and judge me for not getting seafood at red lobster hold on. I’m smarter than you think. I ordered the salad mentioned prior and raised it some levels because my mom ordered endless shrimp, ta da, that means because she’s a woman who believes in sharing I got shrimp on my salad TOO! Boom!

Of course the biscuits!

Of course the biscuits!

I also enjoyed a biscuit with my meal, man these are so good! How do they do it?!?!

My mother's beautiful beautiful hands.

My mother’s beautiful beautiful hands.

Gosh I just love her and her hands.

Onward we traveled after stuffing ourselves with all kinds of shrimp. We headed to the mall and continued our shopping spree, and I got some sweet shirts for my honeymoon which is in like oh yeah a week!

After shopping awhile we decided to load up and head out to our hotel which was on the outskirts of town, on the way we picked up some snacks at dillons seeing as we knew once at the hotel we wouldn’t be wanting to go anywhere else….anyone else have a infatuation with hotels like this girl? I love em!

We picked a good ole’ healthy veggie tray, apples, plain greek nonfat yogurt, and simply popped popcorn in a bag. I forget how much I love popcorn until a few weeks back Parker and I went to a movie and had the real deal popcorn, popcorn craving back in full swing now.

The rest of the evening was SO MUCH FUN! Get this: WE DIDNT DO ANYTHING! It was absolutely marvelous, we watched tv and talked and talked and talked and talked, oh and did I mention talked? Love my mom and absolutely loved our time together. We snacked and talked and watched amazing race, oh and talked. 😉

9:30 PM lights out. No joke.

Look who got a full nights sleep...

Look who got a full nights sleep…

This is us bright eyed and bushy tailed, or as my dad calls it ‘a little squirrley’ in the morning ready to go to breakfast!

Cute historic house downtown.

Cute historic house downtown.

Who knew Salina, KS had so many cute houses, found this one while traveling to our breakfast hot spot….do ya’ll know what’s comin next????

SPINACH AND FETA WRAP! with an americano side please.

SPINACH AND FETA WRAP! with an americano side please.

Momma's Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich and Hot Chocolate.

Momma’s Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich and Hot Chocolate.

Yes that’s right spinach and feta wrap whoooooooo! While at Starbucks we chatted a good couple hours, and enjoyed our breakfast together and did some oblivious obvious people watching, no shame.

Such a cute Starbucks.

Such a cute Starbucks.

Also did some shameless photo taking, took the above photo about five times before I got it.

So happy Together!

So happy Together!

After a slow goodbye and a quick gas stop I was on the road again, just my water and I. Cue song Just the Two of us by Will Smith…..oh yeah

Don't worry I was at a stopping point on the highway due to construction.

Don’t worry I was at a stopping point on the highway due to construction.

WATER! Made in the USA? Awesome!

WATER! Made in the USA? Awesome!

Got home and upon arrival found this gem awaiting me in my bedroom.

I love him.

I love him.

My fiance had been moving stuff into our home this weekend and decided he would clean for me as well, so thoughtful and adorable….’sigh’. I love him.

Psssssssssssssssst, so everyone this week sunday is my WEDDING DAY!!!!!! It’s official we got a paper that says so…

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!

And I have the hats to prove it too…..

Cute little ring bearer hats.....

Cute little ring bearer hats…..

So you’ll have to excuse me while I take a week off and totally check out from this world to check into married life! I cannot explain how excited I am! Look for one more post later in the week before I check out completely though! Happy Hump day everyone, or shall I say Happy Pump day, at my gym wednesday mornings are now Bodypump mornings, um yes please.

As always give Jenn some love and check out the other ladies WIAW TOO!


Who’s gotten a great breakfast at a coffee shop lately and what was it?

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15 Responses to WIAW: I’m getting married!!

  1. AHHHH i hear wedding bells… SO SOON!!! 🙂

  2. Good luck with the final prep! Hope your have a fabulous wedding! Congrats 🙂

  3. Ashley @MilesonOats says:

    I haven’t had breakfast from a coffee shop in sooo long. You’ve inspired me because that feta wrap looks delish. So simple, and I love the business in coffee shops. For some reason it’s extra calming when I try to study or blog there. You are stunning and you and your mate are a gorgeous pair. ❤

    • jejansonius says:

      Haha you need yourself an awesome COFFEE SHOP BREAKFAST!!! Yes and yes it is delicious, I believe so delcious I am going to try and re create it for us in our married life quite frequently for breakfast! Yes I agree, coffee shops are super relaxing!

  4. Anne says:

    Oh, I remember spending a day just talking to my mom right before my wedding… Nothing like it.

    Congratulations, and have a wonderful time!

  5. Have an absolute blast buddy- enjoy it and mum’s are amazing. Glad you got to spend quality time.

    Hotel rooms are perhaps one of the perks of any trip.

  6. Julie says:

    You two are so cute and your wedding is guaranteed to be stylish!

  7. Congratulations again! Very exciting!

  8. congrats! God bless you both! 🙂

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