Jessica Alba makes great Meatballs.

Oh Jessica Alba how you have simply amazed me today….

I was simply browsing Pinterest the other day just as a usual evening goes you know, browsing and pinning away all the things I may never try but delight in pinning.

That was I never used until today…

I decided today was the day I was going to use a Pinterest Recipe!

It was a Monday just like any other, a wonderful breakfast and quiet time with my husband…speaking of which we’re doing a reading plan on the Bible app on our phones called Essential 100, so fun to read together to start out our days…moving on to

Turbo kick class which ROCKED! The instructor Jenn is always to energetic and I love it; I followed up class doing machine work, perfect combination to cool down after all those roundhouse kicks….afterwards I fueled my weekly grocery shopping trip with a Quest bar and that’s where it gets pretty cool…..

I opened up Pinterest and there it was my pin from last night, hello there Jessica Alba’s recipe for Turkey Meatballs. Oh yes. I quickly gathered all the ingredients, while talking to my mom, while eating a quest bar, that’s talent ladies and gentlemen.

I’m slowly learning more and more about photographing the whole process but ladies and gentlemen with no further ado after mixing and baking, I have made MEATBALLS!

Turkey Meatballs

Turkey Meatballs

Don’t worry that’s a small sample, it made a pretty huge batch!

Let me tell ya’ll these are soo great!  MMMM MMMM MMMM! Can’t wait for my husband to try these out I know he’s going to love them and I know ya’ll will love them too!

Here’s the original recipe:

Jessica Alba’s Turkey Meatball Recipe

So replacements I made:

Instead of panko bread crumbs I used These and just added them to a food processor and processed them up about to 1/4 cup full.

Then I didn’t do step 2. or 3. I simply added coconut oil to a pan and baked them up for 20 minutes and then rolled them over and baked again for 15 minutes all on 325 degrees.

If you really want it Jessica Alba style go ahead and make them per directions!

Oh and you can even watch a video, Of Jessica making them not I… 😉

Better yet these won’t take you all day folks, they barely took much time at all, turkey especially 97% fat free cooks mighty fast, so cook bake enjoy!

Which is especially good considering I spent a good majority of my day running errands, which include getting my new Driver’s License with my new name, I daresay I took a pretty good License photo! YAY!

All ready for my License Photo!

All ready for my License Photo!

The lady at the DMV kept telling me to wipe my bangs to the side more…I wanted to say I worked hard on these bangs lady!!! Haha, kudos to all women out there that do their hair every single day, I’m tired after just doing mine for four days in a row now. #lazygirl

Well I hope that everyone is having a Marvelous Monday I myself am just baking some more chicken with coconut oil my recipe for that is here. I also am making a delicious treat I hope to blog about so soon!

Hope everyone has just a great Monday as Jessica Alba and I are.

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