2015, the numbers themselves mean nothing until we decide that in fact they mean quite everything…


This time of year is so fleeting to me, it seems that the year goes by a lot like life in essence, you have the slow cold start of January that teems into a playful time of spring heating up to bring about a slow summer followed by the enchantment delivered in fall and ending in a dead state with no real whereabouts to the world. Or so it seems every year to happen that way in Nebraska….

It always makes me reminiscent of the year and what has happened, this year for me was a big one with many surprises, bursts of energetic dreams happening, laughter in copious amounts, tears of joy, happiness, and sadness. The constant to my year was brought about in the amount of love I felt, pure love.

I’m happy to announce this year I dove in head first to marriage and am succeeding quite well, the hubs and I are off to a flying start making our ‘nest’ a home. Decorating our new antique dresser turned tv stand for christmas was a delight to say the least, upon that stand sits our TV which we have paid for.



It sits ever so slightly to the left of a wall upon which we decorated with a awesome collage of photos and momentos of the infamous Africa I speak of and my artist background as well as new inspiration of our lives together.

So there is that wall I was speaking of, oh and my adorable husband playing guitar.

So there is that wall I was speaking of, oh and my adorable husband playing guitar.

Our home exhibits to newlyweds in its full rapture and above our bed we have placed our unity painting, these things I’m sure will move many times before settling in truly. We have yet to build the desk of our dreams but trust me it’s headed in the right direction.

More importantly than our humble abode, yes there are more important things than the roof over your head (although very important that is indeed) There is the one whom I have so graciously been able to wake up next to every morning. These past few months have brought our first true sleep overs at family’s homes and during holidays. I am cherishing every moment as well as every hard earned bowl of deer chili, (shameless plug for myself more to come on this later πŸ˜‰ ) I digress, first Thanksgiving brought us venturing to the beautiful countryside of Wyoming and staying for a weekend with OUR family on the hub’s side.

Morning workout in this scenery, of course!

Morning workout in this scenery, of course!

Getting ready for the cold weather...

Getting ready for the cold weather…

We then traveled to my home land of Kansas to visit family for Christmas and delighted in the time we had surrounded by my side and my two cute and rambunctious nephews.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We have started our journey of molding and melding into one another’s lives so intricately we are becoming more and more of one strand every single day. It’s amazing.

The first of many Christmas Eve Services!

The first of many Christmas Eve Services!

Movie Date Night....one big bowl of popcorn the movie interstellar and a lot of fun!

Movie Date Night….one big bowl of popcorn the movie interstellar and a lot of fun!

The end of the year has brought about movement in my life as I joined my gym’s challenge for the end of the year. An eight week challenge that finished today upon which I ran, jumped, rocked, push-upped, laughed, joked, and just about everything else every single week. It was all set to the tune of weekly weigh ins as well as challenges every week. One which I believe I will stick with or try to anyways is setting a no food after eight pm rule. So far the hub’s and I have been pretty consistently keeping control of this rule. I have made some new friend though the challenge as well, women who are helping me attain goals I never thought possible and reaching out to them has helped me open my eyes to possibilities that only God can know if are in my future; I’m optimistic and excited though.

So here comes these new numbers and I have been wondering how I feel about them and trying to decided what they are going to mean to me?

I’ve decided that setting a list of ‘goals’ or ‘resolutions’ is just silly for me and I would rather make lifestyle ‘goals’ and resolutions’ that last far extended beyond these four numbers way into my future. Then I thought it would be much more diligent and intentional if I simply decided that I would think of a set of few things that would impact my life as well as others more greatly and focus on those things…so here I go I’m jumping into focus zone. I’ll let you know what I come up soon and very soon but for today I simply want to encourage you all to take your goals and resolutions to heart and really try to work and think on the new year this new set of numbers. What are they going to mean for you?

Ta ta for now yawl!

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7 Responses to Holidazeeee

  1. Brittany says:

    That first sentence is so wonderfully deep!! YOU TWO ARE THE CUTEST EVER, seriously. I’m with you on not making resolutions, definitely not my style.

  2. lovehealcook says:

    Where in Kansas did you visit? That’s awesome you made friends through your gym, I find it so hard to do so!

  3. mangoabouttown says:

    Oh I love the idea of turning an old dresser into a TV stand. So much extra storage!

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