Four cups of coffee kind of day and a recipe!

I’m just going to warn you all, I’ve had about four cups of coffee this morning…


Usually for me that means I’m rarin’ to go, but my body knows it’s Friday and what do we do on Fridays?!?!?! Relax, at least the hubs and I get to because of our work schedules which I am forever thankful for.

So usually we take it to Starbucks and this happens,

IMG_3152Americano’s and Spinach Feta Wraps for the win!

But today we are in our element, or shall I say our home relaxing and taking in these…

Blog and Quiet time necessities, computer and Bible please!

Blog and Quiet time necessities, computer and Bible please!

So we’re definitely not at the coffee shop but resting in our home, we are making sure this Sabbath day doesn’t pass us by and soaking up every moment, just like we soaked up our breakfast time this morning…

Per usual the waffles did not disappoint…this is a super simple recipe one of which we both delight in on a sometimes more than once daily basis and that I want to share with you.

Protein Packed Waffles!

Protein Packed Waffles!

For them you need the necessities, eggs, water, and protein powder. Of which I quite enjoy THIS ONE!!!

Other things you might enjoy along with your waffles may consist of butter and or spray butter, coconut oil to spread on top of a warm pile, cinnamon and any other spices  you enjoy (pumpkin pie spice might be nice!), oh and copious amounts of peanut butter; um duh.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Oh and I also forgot, this will be REALLY hard if you don’t have a waffle maker…

So please enjoy the recipe but what’s more is enjoy life and your friday everyone, because life is too short to fret over spilt milk….or in this case a dropped Ice cream Cone…




Yields: 1 Waffle maker sheet of 4 squares


One rounded scoop of protein powder, I used cake batter flavor of this kind.

2 whole eggs / or / 3 egg whites

2 tablespoons of water

(sometimes I add in a tablespoon of dry store bought whole wheat pancake mix)

Um that’s all folks….other ingredients I’m sure could be added in such as more egg will make it more eggy consistency more pancake mix will make it more fluffy and add ins will definitely make it more fun.

We do what we call ‘snow’ waffles where I break an egg after the waffle is done and place it on top of the waffle runny and everything then slowly lower the waffle maker down till it touches and cooks the egg through but not the center yolk. SO GOOD!


Mix ingredients well and very well if using just egg whites then place in waffle maker and viola, you have a protein packed breakfast, we enjoy ours with coffee, maple syrup, and a lot of almond butter. Delicious!

That’s my breakfast secret for you all, no kidding this fills me up till lunch every time. So good.

Does anyone else have a good protein recipe they enjoy for breakfast?



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4 Responses to Four cups of coffee kind of day and a recipe!

  1. Your waffles look so delicious! I need to get myself a waffle maker. When I had one before I always sucked at making them though. It would either stick or bubble over all over the counter.

  2. Brittany says:

    Waffles and coffee…perfect match!

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