I may have burnt the granola, but I’m still rocking my 2015 goal…

I may have burnt the granola a bit today but I didn’t waiver when it came to one of my new years resolutions, excuse me life goals. đŸ˜‰

Home Made Chocolate Coconut Granola...

Home Made Chocolate Coconut Granola…

I talked briefly last post about 2015 and making lasting changes and one of which so far is continuing on quite well. I am somewhat of a homebody, recluse, independent woman, home lover, lone ranger, well you get the picture; I hope. I digress I like to have some alone time who doesn’t? But as marriage has set in upon us I have started to see just how beautiful life is when shared with another, and how much as a woman I need support from other women too. Very much needed support!

That is where my first goal for 2015 comes into play:

To be more active socially

Boom. Way easier said than done for me, but so far after much prayer I find myself setting up coffee/lunch dates, giving others rides to events, staying longer after church to chat, and it is really rewarding. Already I am feeling more inept to call up someone with whom I hadn’t thought that close before and schedule a coffee date. I feel my soul longing to be around others and I rejoice in that.

Being by myself I used to look at being along as a coping method of the drained feeling I got from partaking in too many conversations crowded with too many words I never really knew if I meant or not, track with me here, I mean how many conversations go on throughout our days as women where we have a full fifteen minute conversation remembering a lot of the details involved in it but feeling less than relationally satisfied.

I am often left with the feeling of wanting a conversation that matters.

2015, and this goal brought to my attention an opportunity to embark on that journey, to make lasting friendships and set up coffee dates, and I am embracing it to the fullest….

Before I head out to these occasions; I start with questions, and decided what I am going to ask those people when I’m with them, is there questions that would help me to become closer to them and build our relationship? Are there things I want to know about that person? Even stupid compliments I’m no quite sure I’ve ever told that person I’ll think of them; that prepares me.

Now before you think I’ve lost my mind I want to share with you what it’s been like thus far in my journey…

I’ve been elated to report that I’ve already had one woman cry in my car, I’ve laughed hysterically at Starbucks, I’ve rejoiced in answered prayers around a mug of hot coffee, I’ve held a brand new baby boy, I’ve eaten great snacks while hearing of how God is working in women’s lives, I’ve gone to a new restaurant in town and delighted in a (new experience to me) cup of warm citrus tea, I’ve gotten to partake in an amazing workout with people who love working out too, I’ve learned more about my faith, I’ve drank a lot of coffee, and I have made some pretty AMAZING memories in just these past two weeks.

Here it is Monday, I’m spending the day mostly alone,( I did have a lunch date with a friend tho) and I baked, cleaned, and watched Gilmore girls all afternoon. But most of all I reflected on how beautiful of a goal this is turning out to be and how much richer my life already has become because of it.

Now excuse me while I get ready for my husband to come home, and also prepare for my ‘girls’ night at a friends house….I know right?!?!

What have you done with a friend this week>?

Do you have any life goals set for 2015 yet?

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4 Responses to I may have burnt the granola, but I’m still rocking my 2015 goal…

  1. Kelsey says:

    I absolutely love this post. I am somewhat of an ambivert, so it’s important for me to properly allocate my time with social events and alone time. I am also somewhat of a homebody and tend to have introverted thoughts, so it’s crucial that I get out and discover what people are doing and thinking! Usually I then am more inspired when I write :). I will join this goal with you! You should come over sometime and hang with Lisa, Shel and I. Happy New Year!

  2. mangoabouttown says:

    For 2015 I want to learn Italian! I haven’t told many people because I’m scared I won’t catch on to a new language very quickly, but it’s been fun so far!

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