WIAW: Newlywed Cooking Class…

First and foremost I’m back on the WIAW train and thank you Jenn for the link up!

wiaw-fall-into-good-habits-buttonLet me introduce you all to what a good meal provides,

Let’s take it back first and foremost to my childhood, as a young girl I became quite acquainted with sitting around a table in the evening to a warm home cooked meal and my mother and father’s laughter and jokes. It was a turn the TV off let’s sit face to face and enjoy this meal and conversation together, if I would have had a cell phone then (I didn’t get mine until college, in fact I shared one with my mom till I hit a freshman in college: needless to say I didn’t give my phone number out often 😉 ) I would have had to leave it somewhere turned off I’m sure, it was always such a pain when the phone would ring and my parents wouldn’t let me answer, it was dinner time.

As controversial as I felt sometimes this was to me and my time as a teenager, sometimes hating it, sometimes loving it, and quite frankly being on the fence a lot as most teens are…

I now see the true importance especially in our society today that we bring back this culture and change today’s society of tuning into the virtual world and out of what is happening directly in front of our faces. Let’s tune out the world and tune into each other.

As I write this i’m well aware I’m using a blog right now to connect to people, and there is an extreme amount of tuning out of the world in front of me to tune into people on the internet I’ve never met, I’m aware of that yes, but I’m also more than aware of the ability to connect with real people who share great joy in the same things I do, have values that project those similar of my own, and enjoy learning about each other’s lives.

For that reason I’m tuning you into what goes on in our house and what we have already implemented in to each other’s lives…I’m talking about my husband and I here.

Yep That's US!

Yep That’s US!

We enjoy meals, we enjoy being together and talking during those meals, maybe we just really enjoy talking to much….or enjoy each other too much a lot. The cooking process is so much fun when you take the time to get involved in it with someone else, don’t get me wrong there is always the fun destress baking session that should be done alone, but on the other hand creating something of such substance with your loved one is so much fun. Even if one or the other needs some a lot of direction.

Soooooooo on Sunday two weeks ago the husband and I actually had to do our grocery shopping on Sunday we usually opt for Saturdays because hello Sam’s Club sample day….but not that week I was sick on Saturday and thus Sunday was our shopping day and in being so I got a wild idea while at the store we should make a fun and fancy dinner…

Commence the cooking!!!! (well after buying all items and bringing them home of course)

So first things first, I LOVE home made sweet potatoe fries, and rarely do i make them because they are so hard to cut those darn things, in comes a wedding gift we received it cuts slices and makes the process so. much. easier….tada!

The slicer deluxe!

The slicer deluxe!

This was my husband’s job, he loved it, and was really great at it as well…we mixed the fries after cut with skim milk and a ranch seasoning packet…

Sweet Potatoes, Skim Milk, and Ranch Seasoning Packet.

Sweet Potatoes, Skim Milk, and Ranch Seasoning Packet.

I set the fries in the oven at 425 degrees on a cookie drying rack, I always put a pan underneath the drying rack to catch spills. I bake them for about twenty minutes then rotate the fries and cook again for twenty minutes.





All dat Fries!

All dat Fries!

While he was making the fries, which did still take quite awhile. I put a mix of stir fried veggies in a bread pan (it was a frozen package) sprinkled some Mrs. Dash garlic pepper seasoning on them and fresh parmesan cheese and baked those veggies for the whole 45 minutes, straight from the freezer! WHOOOO…so easy.

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

After mixing that up I mixed up our chicken which was easy as well, I took nonfat plain greek yogurt and mixed it with basil and parmesan cheese and rubbed it on the chicken breasts placed them all in a pan with a mixed bell pepper (FROZEN) bag of peppers and onions and sprinkled it all with some ranch seasoning again just slightly. ( Disclaimer I let the frozen bag thaw until the veggies were soft)

BOOM…Baked those for about 40 minutes as well at 425 on the bottom rack and we devoured this delicious meal here in no time at all around a lighted candle of course….romance.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Lastly we had to have our Zevia drink we tried this one, and it was delicious, I love these because they give me that carbonation without the crazy amounts of sugar or sugar substitute…

We sat, we ate, and we talked….enjoying each others company and the meal we had just created. It truly was so much fun and something any couple could do….we’re thinking about having ‘chopped’ like challenges in the future where we have to get some crazy ingredients and combine them to create a meal…maybe we’ll have cereal on back up for those days…

Until then enjoy your Wednesday everyone!

What were meals like growing up?

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7 Responses to WIAW: Newlywed Cooking Class…

  1. Those fires look really delicious. What a great idea about cooking them on a rack. I find they get so mushy and hard to crisp up usually. Will need to give it a whirl 🙂

  2. Kay Bueno says:

    Oh man, you and the husband are so so cute together.

    Love the food you guys made, the amount of color in it is amazing!

  3. It’s funny how we have that perception growing up (I remember even back a couple of years, I’d even be playing qith my phone at the dinner table) and now- I’d kill for a full hour without it.

    Glad you guys enjoyed a meal made together from the heart!

  4. mangoabouttown says:

    There’s nothing better than a long CONNECTED meal – aka no phones or tv just real conversation. That’s one of the reasons I love holiday meals so much! Hope you’re having a great week!

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