Another New Years Goal!

What do yawl think about when you think of a fitness instructor?


Up until August of 2012 I thought this mad fit woman who was going to kick my butt and scream at me in class till I drown in my own sweat or left the room crying, but for real folks that was what I experienced until I moved and actually took a real life class and found out that the women who teach are beautiful inside and out. They are all on a journey just like me and no matter what class you went to at my gym I have found here in Nebraska each instructor is willing and ready to help make you the best you.

I suppose that’s where the bug bit me…. (and where the new year’s goal comes in)

This weekend I got the wonderful opportunity to share in a journey of bring PiYo to our city through my gym, and I embarked on a personal journey through that as well to becoming a fitness instructor.

Wait a second before you place me in that first category…for this is me folks…

Trying to flex...haha

Trying to flex…haha

Plain Jayne ready for a day of PiYo instructing.

Now I won’t lie and say that fitness instructing is for everyone, in fact I have a few friends that enjoy their ‘me’ time at the gym and would have it no other way then to simply come to classes. But I myself for a long time have felt the urge to do more, to take it a step up and with PiYo I definitely am and it is so exciting.

Disclaimer here: I have never been nor do I think I will ever be a ‘yogi’ or ‘pilate junkie’ I simply have to get my heart rate up….PiYo my friends does that. I encourage everyone to open their minds to a new way of exercising that lengthens and strengthens your muscles. As a woman this is a challenging exercise class because it gets that heart rate up and at the same time helps build and tone muscles with guess what? Your OWN body weight! Yup that’s real and it’s awesome. I feel the burn today in my shoulders and arms! So for right now I leave you with a brief glimpse of our class and the excitement of PiYo and what it could help you develop, if anything maybe the bravery to go to a class and try it out for yourself.

As for my goal of becoming an instructor I haven’t taught any classes yet…so I’m still working on it! 😉

Getting ready for instruction!

Getting ready for instruction!

Before the butt kickin' day...

Before the butt kickin’ day…

Us fitness instructors really aren’t that bad. 😉




Still Smiling....per usual.

Still Smiling….per usual.

Have a happy happy Monday!


Is there anyone who has taken PiYo? What are your thoughts?


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7 Responses to Another New Years Goal!

  1. Jodi says:

    I’m pretty sure you will be an awesome instructor. I’ve never learned PiYo, but I like the idea. 🙂

  2. Good for you Jayne. I think you would make a fantastic fitness instructor with your positive attitude and always optimistic outlook.

  3. haira says:

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  4. Brittany says:

    I love it!! I’ve often thought about becoming a spin instructor or something, but not sure if I’ll ever bite that bullet!

  5. yay,congrats! that’s so exciting!!

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