I’m so happy to announce that this week a.k.a. today launches my fitness instructor career. I cannot believe it that this morning I taught my first class. For me this has been a dream for quite awhile!

I posted on it awhile back and how much I desired and have wanted to instruct. Not to mention my journey with fitness really turned a different direction when I was able to be around instructors and in a class atmosphere.

Within the year 2015 I have been given such a blessing to begin this journey that has long evolved throughout the past few years. I went to a training for instructing PiYo, which is a combination of pilates and yoga moves…but wait. It is a GREAT workout not only to get you strengthened and lengthened but let me tell you it gets the heart rate up as well. I was a little bit leery upon first encountering PiYo seeing as it did appear to be a slower workout, however that all changed after completing my first thirty minute dvd and having sweat dripping from my forehead. For a girl who doesn’t sweat the small stuff….aka quick workouts that was huge! So I decided right away that this would be a great fit for me!

I headed to training with three other instructors from the gym I go to and we were certified about a month ago.

Then today came and after hours and many practicing sessions we were all ready to go! We each taught a brief part of the class to conclude one class altogether and we had an AWESOME turnout so many women were there and really loved it! I had a blast teaching and am excited to start this new journey!

Check out my Instagram account for a photo from the class today! (click that baby you want to see that photo!)

We had so much fun! I still can’t believe it, I came home and my husband and I celebrated for truly a dream come true!

Oh yeah then he drink a ton of coffee through a tiniest straw….

Hott stuff...

Hott stuff…

In all seriousness he has been so supportive throughout this journey  and I’m super pumped to say….I am a fitness instructor!

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8 Responses to Launching…

  1. Brittany says:

    Your IG photo made me so happy!! I am so jazzed for you, congratulations!

  2. Congrats pretty lady. I’m super happy for you. It’s wonderful to make a dream a reality.

  3. mangoabouttown says:


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