Coffee Date…

Guys I’m really excited about so many things coming up in my life right now, and mostly I believe it’s because I have gotten appropriate amounts of sleep to truly enjoy them….let’s just say this weekend and it’s copious amounts of events and ‘to dos’ left me feeling less than energetic last night. (Key the sad music and emotionless my husband had to encounter with last evening….)

I digress, life is great, it’s raining outside, you are reading this blog, and I worked out today. Need I say more? Didn’t think so….

Let me just speak with you as if you really are joining me on this coffee rainy day date here at my local Starbucks. (But you have to get a good drink, rainy day’s call for good choices) For me it’s an iced coffee, let’s get started…

1. Mother’s day is coming up so quickly and I LOVE this day to celebrate my lovely MOTHER! She;s nothing short of amazing and you guys will love the post all about it stay tuned for next week! For now heres a teaser….


2. My husband and I while breathtaking busy these days have a date day this coming weekend, so much fun to spend time together and with so much going on in our lives right now I cherish every moment we can take to spend that time and be together. He’s so fun and amazing and I am so thankful God brought him into my life, so if you were here at coffee you’d hear about him probably for the first hour at least…you got off easy today.

We like to Party.

We like to Party.

(not to mention he’s so good looking…) =)

3. I’ll say it again only because it’s totally worth it, but it’s raining and i’m so happy about that.

4. 2015_attend_01 That’s all I need to post right? This completely changed my life last year, I cannot tell you how much it is needed to get in community with others that truly love and appreciate what you do as well. As iron sharpens iron right? I have become a fitness instructor this year and am currently involved in a clean eating group at my gym, this definitely has a part to play in that.

5. Right now I have Monday’s off from work which I am totally basking in while I can, it is a marvelous thing to have a day off during the week especially with a husband who almost always has a full schedule on the weekends. I love having a day to check things off my to do list but most of all to rest, which I am horrible at…but give me a whole day and I can get there…haha my husband only had to text me once today to tell me to do so…


So drink some coffee today, chat with a friend, and don’t forget to smile who knows it may change your life…

What coffee drink are you drinking today?

How much do you love the rain?

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1 Response to Coffee Date…

  1. I get to see your gorgeous face in just a few days. I’ll cheers, with coffee, to that.

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