Happy Mothers Day.

I want you to take a look at yourself right now, look down at your hands holding whatever media device it is you are using to look at this post right now, see every wrinkle, vein, line, and crevice and know that was created….

The closer I come to becoming a mother myself the closer I begin to think in a way which is different about mothers. I see women whom are pregnant come to life with a rosy glow, knowing that their bodies are creating a life a life that is an image of them. It is marvelous and breathtaking. What’s more is when that life comes to be in motion,  a living breathing, and quite often crying child. Last weekend I held a girls night in my home and was surrounded by women of different ages three of them new mothers. It was awesome to behold their little ones and the bond they have already formed.

We watched this commercial together and I couldn’t help but to think of a small book that I held so often in my hands that told me even as a child a concept that is so true. A bond between a mother and child is like no other and is expressed in one small sentence, “Are you my mother?”

Behold the wonder of children's books...

Behold the wonder of children’s books…

So you all know it and have probably read it as a child or as an adult, c’mob don’t lie it would be fun you know!

I got to thinking about this book and the idea of it and concept in terms of my life, how often do I search for that ‘mother’ figure. Yes I have a mom and yes I love her so very much, but there comes a time in your life…or rather should come a time in your life when you leave the nest and you journey through life on your own…I don’t however believe that we ever truly go without a mother…

mothers day

Sometimes I have felt in my life like the little bird. I jumped too quickly to fast and got carried away going along on my own. I always had my mother to go back to and call if times got tough but not being physically in the same spot we tend to still need that motherly love and advice from someone who is ‘right there.’


Silly bird…looking in the wrong places.

During my time at college I looked in a lot of bad places for my mother and made a lot of wrong and poor decisions in my life. It was almost as if I was looking for a mother in friends and along with their choices I followed suit. I followed a little hard for a little too long. But even in the ‘dog days’ of my life (ha I try) I was still searching…I didn’t give up on something more that I believed a ‘mother’ had to offer…

mothers day2

So the bird continues on dismayed and abandoned feeling she is saddened at simply not fingering her mother, but she looks never to the similar looking animals as herself, instead she wonders about whomever comes in her path not necessarily searching with purpose…

I thought about this for my life…there was a time when I searched for who I was and who I loved in my life and didn’t look to people whom were similar to me in a different context, instead I placed myself around people and even role models that I perceived as something attain or become like….but if I’m a bird…I can’t be a cow.

mothers day3

The journey continues through several moves and not being able to be in the same spot or able to talk for very long with my mom, the woman who raised me who I undoubtedly have a inseparable bond with. She is my mama bird, but to my blessed life I have also added others that actually have become my mother’s as well. I am forever blessed by their returning and movement through my life with me. I can’t help but to think that I am very very well taken care of in that sense. God has blessed me.

First and foremost I have to give credit where credit is due, taking care of my little self probably wasn’t always so charming, but this lady did it and did it quite well. I am always proud to have people know and spend time with my mother. In fact during high school and college I quite often would have people over and encourage my mom to hang out with us. I love her laughter and happiness for life, she has a zest that is impenetrable by any downer day or lack of sun. I can’t imagine how someone is always so happy and energetic about life. I’m honored to call her mother and if I was that bird and lost her I’d search high and low too….


While my actual mother is my first Happy Mother’s Day recipient, I also have other ‘Mothers’ that have mothered me and to this day I can’t imagine life without them…

I usually call her my friend, but she has mothered me through some pretty important parts of my life, including dental hygiene school. I believe and know I would not have made it through school without her support, love, and willingness to spend life with me.

mothers day 5

So much so we still keep in touch and I wanted her there (and she could come!) on my wedding day, I’ve learned so much from this beautiful woman and so much to come as we still talk today! This photo above was from a vacation we took one summer, it was a time of talking and laughing and enjoying each others company while being away in ‘God’s country’ Colorado of course.

And the time we got my wedding dress with both of them together! BEST DAY EVER…

mothers day 4

Lastly I have to bring to light one other woman whom is fast becoming someone I admire so incredibly much, for one she created the human being whom is my ‘other better half’ the man in whom I get to spend an incredibly blessed life with….

My husbands mom is someone whom I cherish very near and dear…not photos of her…just yet anyways. (Ha I’ll get ya yet Carolyn!) The more I get to know her the more I see qualities I myself hope to instill in my children. I see how much she loves her children and how much she has accepted and loved me and I am happy and feel so loved.

So I conclude with a message for everyone to have the happiest of mothers day! Eat, drink, celebrate, and be merry because these women every single one of them is the answer to someones question of, “Are you my mother?”



What are you doing for Mothers day?

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