Blend Retreat 2015

I’m going to teach you a Swahili phrase, say it with me now “Safari Enjema.” Safari is pronounced yes just as you all pronounced it right now in your heads and Njema… (IN-JAME-AHHH) Or rather in the English diction, “Have a Good Journey!”

See now wasn’t that fun, to learn something new get out of the usual beat of life? Journey’s are good for that too, the whole getting out of your usual beat of life stuff…and that’s exactly what I did for last weekend.

Blend Retreat is something that is special to me and over forty other women who came to the retreat as well. Boulder Colorado set our backdrop for a weekend of renewing friendships, making new friends, learning more about blogging fitness and nutrition, networking with companies, working out, hiking, shopping, and almost most importantly eating…

Last year was my first year to be a participant and it was all thanks to this lovely lady Lauren who introduced me to a point in her life where I felt very relatable to for the current state of my life. I was reading her blog one day and decided to dive deeper into her story, because I’m all about the person behind the blog rather than just noticing photos or WIAW posts, I want to KNOW people…I read on and was introduced to Blend Retreat, my heartbeat quickened and I knew this was something that would change my life.

I went for a walk the next evening with my then boyfriend and told him all about the post, the lady (that’s you Lauren), and the retreat. He said “Do it.” So I was off signed up got my airplane tickets and headed out….last year.

My life definitely changed, and continues too even this year, but I knew I must return back to Blend again because of what it is for me and my life.

Fast forward to Boulder. Why hello lovely scenery!

Whilst I will slowly unveil in later posts all the swag we got as well as share more stories I am most certain, today I just want to entertain you with some photos from the weekend…


Leaving Good ole Nebraska at 6:30 AM, leads me to beautiful sunrises in Wal Mart Parking lots….I had to gear up with snacks from here seeing as gas station snacks are super expensive these days…and I also love my Turkey Jerky…which is expensive anyways..

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Beautiful Skys Raining down on me my whole way through Nebraska, I didn’t mind though because I LOVE me some rainy days…It gave me those Honeymoon Vibes.

IMG_4612 IMG_4614 IMG_4617 IMG_4618

We were welcomed with so much love, including internet passwords, trail mix bars, Arctic Zero Ice cream, and Marley Coffee coffee bar. You know how I love my coffee…


A trail hike was on the menu agenda next. These are my friends Nicole and Julie, check out their blogs for recaps and more fun. I had a blast on all the hikes we went on this weekend and with these ladies. So many fun stories to share!

IMG_4628 IMG_4638

Um hellllllo Swag bag, my dear friends Blend Retreat which stands for Bloggers and Friends retreat, truly truly truly time and time again out does themselves with TREATS too….I like to call it the Blend Retreat for Bloggers and Friends whom enjoy TREATS! (too cheesy?) Check out those goods, and I’m talking about the photo to the left ;). Although my hair was rocking the photo on the right pretty good, that’s what I get when I decided to ‘throw it up’ ha. But my roomies look b-e-a-utiful! Erika is a blogger who was new last year too, check her blog out too! I loved reuniting with these beauties, and sharing all the stories about the mischief my hubs and I get into as well as hearing about their lives!

We like to Party...cocktail party that is...and mocktail for Erika! ;)

We like to Party…cocktail party that is…and mocktail for Erika! 😉

Found some seats and shared some stories...

Found some seats and shared some stories…

IMG_4667 IMG_4668

This cocktail party was absolutely chill, get it cause we’re in Colorado (it was chill-y). Wow was that ever so Cheesy. Okay I’m done promise…haha. 35 degrees crackers was part sponsor with WANU water for our cocktail party and they did it right, these crackers are absolutely light and wonderful! I got many a sample because I want to share them ALL with you! More to come on that front…



Delicious dinner was served and we were all pretty hungry, however shortly after dinner I looked over at Nicole and we both agreed we should probably head back to the cabin for bed so we wouldn’t be tired on Saturday.

Bright and Early workout Complete bring on breakfast!

Bright and Early workout Complete bring on breakfast!

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Coffee at Breakfast, this was a unique way of drinking it out of a glass cup.

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About Time Protein and Protein Bar, alright!

IMG_4680 IMG_4683

Glimpses of breakfast…


Wow what a delicious breakfast! Fueled for the day…

Next up Hike Numero Dos...

Next up Hike Numero Dos…

Floating Quest anyone?

Floating Quest anyone?

Next we WALKED into downtown for the Farmers Market that was happening, it made my heart so stinking happy to be in a Farmers Market… Sometimes its the little things.



A beautiful bin of fresh beans and various rare corn varieties caught my eye had to snap a quick photo.


I also found SOMEONE who was hungry before the farmers market….and convinced her to get the infamous Spinach and Feta Egg wrap…..she loved it.


This was my one and only splurge purchase on the trip, on food of course. This Walnut Butter is to die for good, like ‘I would skip frosting on anything if I could have a TEASPOON of this instead’ good. I’m so not kidding. This is their website, trust me it’s worth the money.

Life of Riley.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

All Dressed up to go Downtown.

We had all Saturday afternoon to head downtown Boulder Colorado and be mischievous, so naturally we suited up with our pink mustaches…thanks Ericka! and Headed out!

IMG_4799 IMG_4802

Some sweet finds for sure, this table was all hand made in a shop we went into, thought it was breathtaking, the table but the price too…over $4,000 dollars. Pales in comparison to these baby spatulas, I’m semi-obsessed with small items. They were too pricy for me as well though at $7 bucks a pop.

IMG_4806 IMG_4808

We ate at a great restaurant downtown, the company was amazing so I didn’t mind the two hours it took to get our food, plus the home made guac and tortilla chips held me over. I got the Casa salad with grilled chicken and red onions with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

IMG_4810 IMG_4838 IMG_4813 IMG_4825

Remember last year when Nicole and I took a awesome jumping photo? Sunday morning we decided not to do the yoga class and head up into the mountains instead. Because let’s face it I love doing down dogs, but those mountain views…can’t beat em’. I had a small tiny apple (that is my wrist band for size reference) to fuel up for the hike. We did a thirty thirty, thirty minutes as far as we could go and thirty back down! Loved getting to reconnect with Megan on this journey and meeting Sara was a treat!

Group shot that really portrays just how beautiful we look in nature too....ha.

Group shot that really portrays just how beautiful we look in nature too….ha.

IMG_4834 IMG_4839 IMG_4832 IMG_4835

I don’t know why but I can’t look at that last photo without smiling, Good belly products helped sponsor our breakfast and I must admit they have pretty catching packaging.

IMG_4846 IMG_4852 IMG_4854 IMG_4856

Time to say good bye, it seems as if I had just gotten there….ugh so sad.

Also I FINALLY got a photo with Lindsay, after so many years of reading her blog.

And Mollie of whom I love to read her blog as well, and got to know last year at blend.

Everyone at the Morning workout!

Everyone at the Morning workout!

The weekend flew by and pretty soon I was seeing a whole lot of this….


So for now I said goodbye to the mountains and hellllllllllo to this handsome man…my husband.


Who I must add spoiled me rotten with cute texts, and photos, and this wonderful stow away curled up in my workout leggings…


Talk about melting my heart. He did. He does. He will.

So I will leave you tired after this post I’m sure but also i will leave you with the finished production of my fun this morning…oh yes and our new phrase…


Safari Njema!

How’s everyones Monday going?

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8 Responses to Blend Retreat 2015

  1. Julie says:

    I loved seeing you again and talking to you much more this year! You 3 are the most adorable roommates ever! BLEND IS LIFE CHANGING! See you next year. (My blog: – thanks!)

  2. You got so many great shots over the weekend! I miss you already!! I hope we can meet up again sooner than next year’s Blend! ❤ you!

  3. Pingback: The Gnarliest Colorado Blend Retreat {Recap}

  4. Safari Enjema!

    I’m thrilled you had such a wonderful time year two. I’m also thrilled I got to spend a little quality time with you on the way to the airport. Thank you again for the ride!!

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