You may want to put your feet up for this…

My feet are up for the first time today….and while I’m in this position I’ve been thinking of a few things…

Relaxation or rest does a funny thing to ones mind, for instance already since sitting here waiting for my computer to load up I have already tried to think of what I would write about tonight, for instance my husband put together our desk from IKEA this week, and it had all the parts…which I hear is a thing for them not to…eh? Kate?

This is not our desk in our office obviously, but this the one we got!

This is not our desk in our office obviously, but this the one we got!

Here my Hubs putting it all together, he did so good, and all while fueling with Earth Balance of course!

Here my Hubs putting it all together, he did so good, and all while fueling with Earth Balance of course!

I also have thought about the time this week when I was in a superb rush to get things done. The story goes I had been out running errands and forgot a few things at our apartment, so I headed up to the apartment gathering things to run the rest of my errands. When I noticed I really had to go to the restroom. When it hits ya it hits ya I suppose, thanks probiotics. I rushed into the restroom and after I was done realized I hadn’t quite yet shut our front door, nor had I shut the bathroom door…woops. Thank the Lord that our apartment is situated in which you walk into doored hallways so we only share a hallway with one other tenant. That could have been quite embarrassing, for them of course ;).

My mind drifted to recipes, food, and all things eating, naturally. This week Monday I hate to say it but I was kind of rock star status. As in not really because I don’t think rock stars would do all the things I did. Like vacuum and detail the inside of their cars, wash the outside of the car, wash dishes, laundry, organize lots and lots of swag!, quiet time, food prep BIG TIME…I’m pretty sure I loaded us up really well this week with :

Rosemary infused Brown Rice, Tilapia filets (About 10), Frozen vegetables packs steamed and ready to go, Pinto Beans (yeah way to many pinto beans), a whole slew of breakfast burritos, and protein balls.

Protein Balls! YUM!

Protein Balls! YUM!

I have to say it gives me great pleasure at this time in my life to be able to attain a good ‘housewife’ day. I’ve been told things will change, but for right now I’m enjoying just the place I’m in.

There sure is a lot to be thankful for on this beautiful Thursday but one thing I am most certainly thankful for is Blend Retreat swag….I am honored to have attended such a well esteemed retreat and couldn’t be more happy that each time I go I am introduced to so many great products (on top of the FRIEND fun of course).

That leads me to the next thing or rather Things I have been thinking of today, these 34 Degrees Crackers….

I’m going to say it…don’t hate me Megan….I’m not a huge fan of cheese….

It is something about the sticky way it engrosses your tooth and doesn’t seem to come off very easily that irritates me….Dental Hygienist probs I suppose. Oh well.

But these crackers are absolutely stunning in that they are not too much but just enough to make the cheese pair with something that allows it to not stick quite so heavily to the teeth. Just in case you were wondering, I know you were don’t lie.

34 Degrees Crackers, watch out their fancy.

34 Degrees Crackers, watch out their fancy.

Seriously though I tried these crackers for the first time at Blend just this past weekend and have been amazed at how much they surpassed my taste for crackers and helped my taste for cheese. I love them.

I brought them to Bachelor night with our group of women, they quickly got called communion crackers (we call ourselves Monday Night Bible Study …haha so fitting I suppose) I paired them there with peanut butter, banana slices, and cinnamon.

I also ate them for dinner one night with some pinto beans and melted 4 cheese reduced fat Italiano Sargento brand (that was a mouthful literally ha!). And have pretty much been having them every night for dinner with whatever else I’m eating let’s be honest here.

Dinner is served, don't worry I had many more than just this photo provides evidence of...

Dinner is served, don’t worry I had many more than just this photo provides evidence of…

I don’t know if you are a cracker person but let’s say you aren’t, you should at least give these chips a shot they deserve it for sure, check out their website before you go to the store for recipes too, I know I’m going to try something different. Let’s say you are a cracker person, then what do you have to LOSE my friend!?!?!

Maybe I’ll even branch out into some new cheeses….who knows be adventurous. I’m really excited about these little guys and not because I’m getting anything from the company either, *other than free samples from blend. I’m just excited for the option of a cracker that helps me make other healthy choices on top of it….cheese… =)

Hyvee Has them my Nebraska Friends!

Hyvee Has them my Nebraska Friends! 

Well this rest break has been very productive, oh shoot does that mean I even rested??? Well at least I enjoyed this wonderful slender stick while doing so….which means I’m hydrated….and gotta go….until next time.


Does anyone know where I can get more slender sticks?

What would you pair with a 34 Degree Cracker?

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8 Responses to You may want to put your feet up for this…

  1. That desk looks great! Glad Parker was able to assemble it stress free 🙂

  2. Cheese is like reading. You just need to find the right book and it’s amazing.

  3. Brittany says:

    I would smother those crackers with some kind of nut butter. Or avocado. Or coconut oil. Basically give me something fatty with them pleaaasssee.

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