That’s Gnarly…

As maybe most of you know I went to a blogging retreat earlier this year and had an absolute blast! While we were there we had a workout sponsored by Gnarly Nutrition.

This year Gnarly was one of the few sponsors who provided protein powder, it seems last year I couldn’t escape the stuff and this year it was not quite as rampant…however I did manage to get my hands on some packets to take home, I LOVE individual serving packets for making protein balls, mixing and matching the different flavors is so fun.

Gnarly nutrition reached out to bloggers whom attended the retreat and after trying my hat at a recipe using their powder I was so pleasantly surprised I welcomed the opportunity to try out their product and review it here…

I got in the mail a little love package with product to try and review…for the product directly click here. That is the whey protein they sent me! SO GOOD!


So with no further ado….the first batch more of a cookie dough flavor, I decided to add more coconut flour and oats than per usual for me, and it tasted phenomenal!! I was so impressed with the consistency of the powder and it’s ability to withstand that wet ingredients, normally I only add a tablespoon or so of water or sugarfree maple syrup and a small tablespoon at that because the powder has a tendency to completely break down in the midst of the liquid and I get left with a liquid consistency of more like protein blobs in the end rather than balls. There is a time and place for everything but when wanting a protein ball to nab and go, the blob just doesn’t suffice.

Gnarly Vicious Vanilla Protein Bites.

Gnarly Vicious Vanilla Protein Bites.

These protein balls recipe above can be found here.

However like I said, I did not obviously use anything but the gnarly nutrition protein powder in these and added about 4 tablespoons of coconut flour.

Another impressive thing I noticed right away was the probiotics included in the ingredient list, which is a huge added benefit considering most american diets are lacking in the necessary amount of probiotics…I actually was talking with a friend who had gone to a conference and they noted at the conference that probiotics are actually a key part to keeping disease at bay in the body, which it makes sense, you can’t stay ‘regular’ if you aren’t ‘regular’ to begin with right?

I’m also just going to throw in there the fact that when I use this protein powder in anything, waffles, pancakes, shakes, and protein balls. I find it takes down the amount of gassiness a person feels and if you are no stranger to the world of protein powder that can be a ever present reality. Which actually works because of the way the powder is designed, it actually does break down easier in the body.

The powder held up well in my waffles as well...check out that recipe here.

The powder held up well in my waffles as well…check out that recipe here.

It also has a large amount of BCAA’s which are branched chain amino acids, I am certainly no nutritionist by any means, but basically after reading through the product description I’m gathering that your body does not make these and thus being acquired from the environment this product allows you to attain them. Pretty cool.

Pairing well with the rest of my snack plate.

Pairing well with the rest of my snack plate.

The Amino Profile in general is impressive…

  • Alanine770mg
  • Arginine375mg
  • Aspartic Acid1658mg
  • Cystine395mg
  • Glutamic Acid2507mg
  • Glycine276mg
  • Histidine296mg
  • Isoleucine829mg
  • Leucine1579mg
  • Lysine1362mg
  • Methionine316mg
  • Phenylalanine484mg
  • Proline878mg
  • Serine750mg
  • Threonine1007mg
  • Tryptophan237mg
  • Tyrosine454mg
  • Valine829mg

Basically a lot of protein in one place people. An easy digestible (in a nice less stinky way) protein, made with a thick creamy taste.


Overall the facts for me are real:

Texture : I would say great for the protein powders I  have used, doesn’t get as runny as fast as they usually would in the presence of liquids

Taste: Vicious Vanilla is just enough vanilla but not overpowering therefore you don’t get that overly sweet knock you out if you pair it with say chocolate chips. Chocolate was great I couldn’t taste that stale cocoa taste you sometimes get from powders, and with the ingredients and peanut butter in the protein balls it was resembling a peanut butter cup taste, yum.

Consistency : I won’t beat a dead horse here, so I’ll just leave you with the glorious photos I have above and below!

Added Benefits: I love the fact that the background here is grass fed beef, that is a huge bonus that you’re getting a product that the company is proud to boast about. The probiotics for me are a huge bonus as I feel a person most certainly benefits from them! Another bonus would have to be how easily they digest.

Here comes the exciting announcement though…..since I have reviewed the product if you do want to purchase it and give it a go as your whey protein source you can get 25% off with the access code : busybarista all one word all lower case. This is super exciting to have my blog name as a discount code…I think I’ve made it guys. Or at least I can keep sitting over here eating my protein balls thinking so with a big grin on my face. Which I will…


Until next time, have a fabulous week and go order some of this awesome protein!


Have you tried Gnarly Protein Powder?

If so what did you think?

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  1. Mmmm those protein waffles look delicious! I will have to try those this upcoming weekend 🙂

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