WHLW:What Happened Last Weekend.

I made up my own new acronym mostly because I felt like it….and I can so there.

My hubs and I journeyed down south, not too far, for my parents 40th Anniversary dinner! 40 YEARS! These people are amazing and deserve to be celebrated, they have been the most influential parts to my life for well 26 years of it really. I love them so much and couldn’t wait to celebrate with them!

We decided to visit my bestie and stay overnight before heading to our lunch destination for festivities on Saturday….

Journey Onward...

Journey Onward…

We arrived in Salina Kansas on Friday afternoon and found a coffee shop, because well why wouldn’t we.

ad astra

We found a cool book store/coffee shop and had a brief conversation with the barista about an art fair in town only a few blocks away to be exact. We were told there would be a hefty entry fee and put it in the back of our minds as something that may have been fun……enter a cute little lady and her daughter at a table behind us immediately handing us two free passes for the art fair. Who could pass up the opportunity now.

Newspapers of the Salina Journal stacked by the thousands for an art exhibit.

Newspapers of the Salina Journal stacked by the thousands for an art exhibit.



Painting in the Grass...

Painting in the Grass…

We walked the few blocks over to the fair and had an absolute blast just walking around and enjoying all the art and having fun together. We both looked at each other on our way back to the car and just laughed saying Thank you God because that was truly an adventure we had prayed about having placed right in our path without our knowing. It was a beautiful and blessed time.

Free Pass to our Adventure...

Free Pass to our Adventure…

Hott humid sweaty messes we pumped the AC in the car all the way over to my friends house and enjoyed time visiting with her and her husband for awhile. A house tour was in the works as well as joking and laughing together, loved this time.

We went to a Italian restaurant for dinner called Martinelli’s in downtown area and enjoyed a long leisurely dinner. The waiter thought Iw as crazy for ordering the ‘full’ size salad and asked me multiple times if I  knew how big it was, I wanted to say you obviously don’t know me and don’t know that I haven’t really had a lunch. Needless to say he ‘was’ right I didn’t eat it all but it was quite delicious house salad with fresh parmesan cheese. YUM! My hubby had a fresh scallop and shrimp alfredo and Justine got a pesto alfredo dish all of which were awesome. We were all quite comfortably full!

the rest of the evening ended in us enjoying Big Hero 6 together and heading to bed fairly early. #weregettingold

In the morning Justine totally outdid herself, and made us a huge amazing breakfast! I held back considering we were going to have an outstanding lunch, but I enjoyed every bit of what I had of her cooking….and had about three cups of coffee.


Saying goodbye was hard but it was so wonderful to get to see and spend time with her and in her home it’s a beautiful place to be the house itself and with such a dear friend.

Brookville Hotel was our next destination, bring on the nephew and family time.

The stud himself, and I.

The stud himself, and I.

The hotel itself is famous for it’s fried chicken of which was delicious. My favorite part though is the cole slaw and the biscuits, I could easily skip the rest of the meal and just have those things. For some reason thought this time the butter pickles were hitting the spot.

My mother, nephew and I.

My mother, nephew and I.

We chatted chewed and laughed our way through lunch and enjoyed time chatting afterwards and taking photos outside. My mom also got a cake made for us all to enjoy, printed on it were My parents names with their 40 years below it and my sister and her husbands names with their years and our names with 8 months below…she’s so fun I loved it.

The babe and I.

The babe and I.

We got in the car to head home after lunch full to the brim, looking over at me with a smile my husband said, “Want to find a place to go to Jurrasic World?” (Precursor to this was we have been WAITING AND WAITING for this movie to come out since Thanksgiving and have not watched any spoilers or previews in preparation for a full movie experience.) I said, ” YES!”

Enter us sitting in the movie theater  in Salina Kansas watching Jurassic World, and it was such a great movie!

After the movie we walked the mall a few times to get the sitting jitters out and talk all about the movie and what we liked loved and didn’t prefer.

Back on the road again homeward bound, home by eight, got groceries for the week. Bring on church on Sunday. Talk about a whirlwind of a weekend. But never the less when I’m with my husband it’s always an adventure I love to go on!

So just in case you haven’t had a so great day… I’ll leave you with a Happy Fathers Day! No matter who you are everyone reading this has the BEST Father whom loves them very much.

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