Five Things We Didn’t Expect On Our Vacation.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting…” – The Alchemist

I am reading this wonderful book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, heres the behind the scenes of it all, I told my husband on the way home from our grand adventure last weekend that I wanted to start reading more novels, however I was unsure of where to start with that…thus I’m sitting at home on Monday having my quiet time and go to look for a devotional I often take out of and BAM there is this book on the shelf, I pick it up to read a little about what it is and a few hours later I’m halfway through…it’s really that good. And the quote just reminds me truly how interesting life can be…let me just show you all how interesting last weekend was for me…

I also wanted to incorporate in FIVE THINGS FRIDAY seeing as I have never done this quite yet….so thanks Clare for letting me link up and share in today…May I present if you will:

Five Things We DIDN’T Expect on our Vacation.

My husband and I decided since he will be going away to camps and busy throughout the rest of the summer, and I will be busy working full time too, that we should take this extended weekend opportunity and head up to Black Hills country for a hiking day and fun trip, we didn’t know just how much it was going to include…



The road was a wide open sanctuary for our five hour journey up into the South Dakota Black Hills….IMG_5348Which leads me to our destination for the first night, which happens to be number one on my five things list…

  1. We didn’t expect our Air B and B place to be nestled down in a valley and ever so hard to find in the dark of the evening when we arrived, no worries though due to our communication and helping each other out we came to our destination tired, but not angry…


The next morning we awoke to a horse hoof literally stomping out back of our cabin and a whinny, we came out to this lovely face.

IMG_5378So naturally we grabbed our coffee cups had some folgers, and walked around the little dude ranch we stayed on the first night to explore a bit before getting ready for our day.

Next stop was Custer town in South Dakota we hit up the supermarket before heading out to the trails for our sandwich material…oh and we found a cute little coffee shop.

2. Of unexpected things, did not expect to see so many live buffalo! We drove through the national state park and saw herds upon herds of them, so in tribute I had to take a photo with the not so alive one below…

IMG_5394 IMG_5407

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Hello Custer state Park, and hello lunch time, sandwiches were so tasty after having snacks so much in the car for meals the previous evening and morning, we included the absolutely wonderful 34 Degrees crackers and Quest Chips in there too….

IMG_5422 IMG_5432


Bring in a little Rugged Man Hiking photo…or maybe a few.



We headed up on a trail to Little Devils Tower, you can read commentary on our hike from other hikers here. This is a trail map of where we were. It was so much fun, about a four hour hike in and out, we took more time just because we wanted to thoroughly enjoy our time, stopping at the top of the mountain to take a ton of photos and listen to worship music and pray. WOW was it amazing to see that view. The hike was pretty strenuous in spots but overall we had a perfect day for it….IMG_5449 IMG_5476 IMG_5514Number

3. I DID NOT EXPECT to sit on a rock about halfway up to Little Devils Tower, enter me feeling like a fly or something crawling on my left shoulder. I slowly looked over ready to brush off whatever had landed on me now only to see a huge spider slowly making its way over my shoulder! I SCREAMED so loud, and I still feel goosebumps just thinking about it, yuck. Worst. Nightmare. Come. True.


I just love this photo above of my hubby after the hike. We stopped in Keystone which was about twenty miles out of the park and past Mount Rushmore….which we also DIDN’T expect to see, bonus! We stopped for a quick refresher here in Keystone and journeyed onto Rapid City to find a spot to stay for the night…

Upon our arrival to a Holiday Inn in Rapid City we were told that every hotel in town would be pretty booked up due to several sports tournaments in town that weekend, WHAT???

4. We DIDN’T expect that one, however we said from the beginning we wanted this trip to be a adventure and thus it was turning out to be….we finally got a hotel room booked and headed over to put our stuff down before dinner, finding this note on our pillow in the room was unexpected but couldn’t have been a more clear sign that God was taking care of us…


They prayed over our dreams people! So great…this was another great surprise as our ADVENTURE was spelled out as our WiFi password for the evening…



All that hiking and traveling had us starving…

Naturally then, we journeyed downtown for dinner at a place called Que Pasa...such good mexican food and after a day of hiking, I think we both were thinking…where are all dem carbs!!! Please?




We got a spot outside and it was so fun being outside in the evening, the service was great and our waiter was very apologetic due to the fact it did take our food quite awhile to come out, but we weren’t in any hurry and when the food did come it was delicious!

Full tummy and happy hearts led us to bed early….


Continental Breakfasts are usually my thing however on this trip I really wasn’t feeling it…so I opted for some fruit and coffee (side note I actually didn’t eat the fruit due to the fact it was pretty mushy, oh well) Hubbs had a mix of cereals and muffins all in one bowl, it’s what he’s famous for, his everything cereal.


I decided a Mint Chocolate Chip Quest Bar was what I was down for for breakfast, oh yes and a venti iced coffee….IMG_5560We needed our energy for our walk around down town and exploring the shops and streets of Rapid City, if you ever go try out Art Alley (I mean it has it’s own website), it’s amazing and their Starbucks is awesome one of a kind too.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The Hubby in art alley, and the Starbucks too…haha. Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

On the road again, we hopped into our sweet ride and boogied out of town, hitting up the local farmers market and sampling some sweet little farmer’s jellies first…=)

About fifty five road signs and an hour later we decided we had time to stop at our next destination…

5. We Didn’t Expect to hit up Wall Drug….you got us hooked with all those signs. If you haven’t heard of it go to the site and check it out, so fun and we got 5 cent coffee!



So there it is folks our Five Things We didn’t expect out of Our Vacation Friday…whew such a whirlwind of a weekend and so much fun. I love our adventures and hope you did as well…everyone have a great weekend!

Have you every been to Wall Drug?

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you on Vacation?




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