I fasted from Facebook, and washed my face.

The older I get the more and more I am actually starting to learn who I am; let me explain.

This week I titled my post appropriately with exactly what I have been going through in life right now, I have been vacant from this site for all of the same circumstances as my title alludes too. I’m starting to realize that there are a lot of lies in this world. A lot of lies, that I make real, or seem truthful, in my head. I don’t have to believe these lies, however the mind is sometimes a funny thing and my mind in particular is a very funny one, I start to believe a lot about myself from a perspective of comparison.

Have I lost you yet?


Facebook, it’s a phenomenon of this world today, everyone’s on it. Utilizing it for work, play, and personal it’s everywhere. Advertisements scroll through my feed along with so much media and personal items that my mind, heart, and soul just simply become overwhelmed in all but two minutes.

I was starting to become very anxious in the past few weeks, and summer has brought on a busier schedule of my husband and myself, I was trying to think of ways to help alleviate stress and as I scrolled through my feed one afternoon that’s when it hit me, Facebook was part of my problem.

Every time it seemed a knot turned in my stomach after only a few minutes browsing my Facebook ‘feed’ and I never left feeling inspired or motivated; in face most often after browsing around I felt I had wasted time or I felt not as confident in myself or whom I was because I wasn’t quite like ____.


Struggling with my ideas of stress elimination and upon my new discovery I happened upon a sermon that discussed ideas of being ‘too’ busy minded and not existing in moments God is present in, the present ones. The day to day moments, the small conversations in passing that if we don’t listen to we can all but forget at a moment’s notice. My mind drifted to the idea that was so correct; I was simply existing in others worlds for minutes, let’s be honest sometimes hours, drifting into their lives and not existing in my own, or rather not enjoying my own. I took my eyes out of my life and saturated my being with someone else. At this point I want to add that in essence that can be a very great and delightful thing, however for me at the point I have been at it was not.

After prayer, I decided that it would be best to just delete Facebook app from my phone along with Facebook Messenger for a week. The week went by, ahem let me repeat the week STILL went by, and I didn’t check Facebook till that weekend. I survived! And I thrived! It has been such a blessing on my life, without the app I was never tempted to just casually open it up and escape from the present. Instead I found other things to do, I opened a book and read for awhile, I talked more to those around me. I enjoyed life from the inside looking out of my own eyes, and not someone else’s. I am honestly speaking when I say my life seemed to get a little quieter and I started to hear another small voice, my own.

I realized that week that amongst all the hustle and bustle of life; I am busy. In those moments I ‘steal’ away for my own thoughts, I was opening Facebook. Instead of stress being relieved from my busy life I was imposing more thoughts and ideas into my brain sometimes ensuing more stress than I had originally. This week my  stolen moments have helped give my mind, heart, and soul clarity and rest. I have been able to really open up more to the idea of who I am and what I really want to do, or how I really want to relax. It’s been beautiful.

So in these moments this week, I started to assess what stress relievers really helped just for a short time. For me silence and rest of my mind helped. I prayed, I listened to music, I sat quietly, it was time for a change and my body loved it. I smiled more when I was resting right and I was overall happier.


I know this idea or ‘fast’ may not be for everyone, but I just wanted to put it out there for anyone who has had a quickly passing thought about doing such a thing, that it can be done. I haven’t put the apps back on my phone and it’s been two weeks, I have checked Facebook occasionally but when I do it has to be intentional since I have to actually seek it out instead of simply pushing the app on my phone. Now I find myself overjoyed with news I see on Facebook and pushing right pass any negative items because I am not using my time on it the way I was before. It’s fun, and I’m enjoying having it this way, not to mention I’m a lot less stressed.  This has been a good change for me and thus I have been not staying so present on my virtual life in general, and did I mention life is busy?

No you’re all mystified at the reason I told you in the title I washed my face, don’t worry I’m saving a WHOLE POST ABOUT THAT…..I’m gearing up for more posts this week so be sure to check back because I did wash my face this week……can’t wait to fill you all in on my Arbonne Details…but for now I just hope you all have a fabulous Sunday evening….stress free.

So look ahead and smile, breathe in the fresh air and take each day as it comes….


Love Love Love.

What things do you fast from?

Do you need to fast from something?

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3 Responses to I fasted from Facebook, and washed my face.

  1. Kelsey says:

    I love this article. Thanks for that! Facebook can be inhibiting and somewhat depressing. It’s SO easy to compare yourself to other people’s “glamorous” lives. I’ve deleted the app before and though I still looked via mobile browser, it did help me cleanse myself. It’s still a habit of mine and I like the connection aspect of it, but I think there’s something to be said about taking a break. Great read! Thanks, Jayne :).

    • jejansonius says:

      Thanks girl it’s so great to hear feedback that in not the only one thinking these things!

      • Kelsey says:

        Most definitely. I kinda wish sometimes that we didn’t even have it, but it’s one of those things where if it’s used in the right context, then it’s great. But I completely agree with you & think it’s a very relatable feeling that people have!

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