WIAW: I’m baaaaack

I’m baaaaaack, at least for a week 😉

THANK YOU first and foremost to Jenn for the linkup….WIAW rocks!


I know how terribly long it’s been since I shared in the WIAW love train and thus, I am aware of my inequities. I am definitely not perfect and by all means is my WIAW maybe a little boring, quite yes, especially when I would be posting literally the same thing week by week by week, I like what I like.

But this week I decided to give it a go for a whole day, and my husband was out of town making it easier to remember before diving into my meals for the day. Let me be frank with you and say I do eat a lot of the same stuff day in and day out, but I LOVE mixing it up with something HEALTHY as well. I bought a butternut squash this week, and am looking up recipes….

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Protein Waffles for the recipe click here.

Almost every morning looks like this, on the weekdays. Literally every morning, it’s usually protein pancakes or protein waffles, I got the recipe about a year or so ago and absolutely positively love these little gems in the morning. The sweet of the waffle (or pancake) pairs excellent with the salty of Justin’s Almond Butter, so good and the best part is I literally have no desire to be real snack in between this meal and my lunch break at one pm.

My husband and I also take a multivitamin pack every morning from Amway, it truly has so much nutrients in it that I ‘feel’ better when taking it, there have been mornings I missed and I definitely felt sluggish compared to my vitamin days. Speaking of vitamins and such, I have been lately trying to incorporate more natural calcium products considering my lack of love for Milk, or rather it’s lack of love of me but that’s another story, so I have been drinking chocolate almond milk, oh my yum! I squeeze one shot of caramel sugarer syrup into a mug and fill er’ up with the goodness and it is absolute magic.

Which leads me to COFFEE….that’s another long story I won’t bore you with here either, I quit coffee in the mornings, it was something I had been pondering for awhile. After listening to Well Belly blogger and Meg the RN and their PODCAST I had the push I needed to go cold turkey…so I did it. It has been great, I find I don’t need anything to get me awake I have enough energy as it is, and really I think all along I didn’t do it simply because I loved the taste, its fun getting to have my milk now and to be honest I look forward to my morning glass of milk…and I look forward to a specialty coffee every now and then, WINNING!

I am satisfied.

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Lunch lately has consisted of salads, I used to do them with all the salty things, and that’s about it. But more lately I have loved a little salty sweet action…

I have been mixing baby spinach with some sweet fruit, variations have either included green seedless grapes or strawberries, fat free mozzarella cheese, and some sort of veggie that I prep for the week, this week was banana peppers (from my sisters garden mmm), cucumbers (also from sisters garden mmmmmx2), and carrots. I also top it off with this Bolthouse Ranch Dressing, it has greek yogurt in it so it’s very creamy and contains protein…

Let’s talk protein, because a girl needs her fill of that, I am really loving hard boiled eggs right now (convenience is a definite factor), as well as these mesquite grilled chicken breasts from Sams Club, they are super easy to make four minutes in the microwave and even get that BBQ crispy outside to them if  in the microwave for the full four minutes, yesterday I heated one up before heading to work and put it in a container to pair with my salad for lunch, took it out around lunch time and it was a nice crispy bbq chicken breast!


It never fails my sweet tooth will STILL kick in even if I have a salty sweet lunch, unless of course it’s all sweet…. =)

 I always pair it with two or three small protein balls that I make at the beginning of each week, I purposely make them small so that I can feel as if I had dessert but essentially just having a bite or so…so good!


Dinner for me is ALWAYS random, and ALWAYS snacky, okay maybe not aLWAYS snack sometimes my husband can talk me into a ‘real’ meal. But I am a natural snacker…my documented day here happens to be a Monday, which happens to be a night I get to hang out with some awesome girlfriends. Thus I packaged dinner up to take over to one of the girl’s homes.

Here is a Mesquite Grilled Chicken Breast hiding under BBQ Popchips (sams club haul anyone?) with baby carrots, my favorite go to snack that’s healthy for me. Then on the side of course the trusty protein balls to sweeten me up.

I love love love the summertime fruit season! It makes salads and snacks more fun, so somewhere throughout my day I always try to incorporate a little pink lady apple of which we buy in bulk because well then they are smaller than your palm they tend to go fast….

That was my Monday folks! Got to admit that wasn’t quite as hard as I thought it would be but man was it fun…maybe I’ll be back next week 😉

Love Love Love – Jayne

What is your go to snack in the summertime?

Who loves Sams Club? Who knows what is? ha

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22 Responses to WIAW: I’m baaaaack

  1. My go to summer snack is frozen grapes! And I’m going to go check out your protein waffle recipe. I haven’t found one I love yet!

    • jejansonius says:

      Mmmmm I love those have you tried them with sugar free jello mix on them then frozen??? So good! Yeah check it out. Ive been using cellulcor protein whey powder and it’s been great waffle days!

  2. My go-to summer snack is a rotation between no bake bites, watermelon, and apples+cinnamon! I have been to Sam’s Club a couple times, but have a membership to Costco which is very similar! Costco is just closer to me 🙂 I love getting baking ingredients in bulk there!

  3. Summertime snacks for me are always fruit or ice cream. Or both 🙂 Though those protein balls look good! I love Sam’s Club!!!

  4. I’ve never made a protein waffle! Those look great!

  5. Great eats! I too enjoy the protein balls. I make them often too, for my husband.

    I too like Sam’s…We have a membership there and at Costco. I prefer Costco actually, but the town we live in doesn’t have one. Sad face.

  6. Jayne! This is my first time on your blog, but I am here to stay. A couple of things. 1. Your sidebar image is adorable, and I love that head wrap on you. 2. It is SO nice to come across a Christian blogger. 3. That protein waffle sounds delicious!

    • jejansonius says:

      Ahhhh yay I love reading your blog as well Julia and I’m so happy to have you here!!! Thanks for the compliments and yes yes yes I agree. It is so refreshing! Protein waffles are awesome. The end!

  7. I actually never snack, so I could never even think about just having a snack for dinner. Dinner is like my MAIN MAN – ha ha! Cannot live without him 😉

  8. I gave up coffee over a year ago and I’m so glad I did! No more cravings! I used to get decaf, but now that even dehydrates me. Now I’m starting to not even like the smell….what?!?!

  9. Brittany says:

    No Sam’s Club where I live, but I DO know what it is!! I’m a Costco gal for my bulk items!

  10. I’ve been craving waffles! This morning it was a debate between waffles and pancakes. We went pancakes… but only because I didn’t see this first. 🙂

    • jejansonius says:

      Haha yes I literally was going to have a breakfast burrito this morning because that’s what I made for my husband. But the waffles were just too tempting. Everyday.

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