Still washing my face, and reviewing products…

I’m sitting outside on a beautiful day in July, it is probably like around 80 degrees, 70 here in the shade and I sit facing a blue sky with strawberries and an iced coffee… now that I’ve got your attention, let’s get to the good stuff…(Oh and this fits ‘Nebraska the Good Life perfectly….’)


Now ya’ll know how much this girl loves her coffee and I love to talk as well, thus I thought I am going to combine the two today to bring you a beautiful COFFEE DATE, and update you on what is going on in my life and what awesome product I’ve partnered with to bring you a evaluation of sorts.

I’m very supportive of friends and family and their love affair with self starter business…I was a Mary Kay lady for a few weeks back in high school, it took me all of two days to make my tupperware tower beautiful with bright pink paper labeling each individual drawer a different beauty product. I invited friends over for party after party and I (to simply put it) got burnt out.

As I have gotten older I see now how my work ethic was definitely lacking in the area needed most to have my own business and thus in that was a huge learning point for me. I myself have many friends now whom are starting their own businesses and enjoying them to the fullest. However I have been approached then on all sides to try it out for myself, to book a party, to order products, or to become a consultant myself. With the best and purest intentions these people approach me and I try my best to answer in love of the fact that God simply put has not called me into a self starter business of ‘that’ sort.

I have prayed before about purchasing a ‘kit’ or ‘product’ and also about becoming a consultant myself, each time I have in the past come up short for a desire to pursue this. My career in Dental Hygiene brings me the most joy and my time away from the ‘mouth’ so to speak, is spent intertwining all my other loves, of people, health and fitness, community, and art. I LOVE so much of what I’m filling my time with now!

With that being said I also love and respect these people and their products and want to showcase what I can of them and their ‘loves’ so to speak. Thus I first contacted a friend of mine that has often asked me what I think about the products she sells and if I was interested in trying them. At first to be honest I was unsure, but then I thought I HAVE NEVER TRIED THEM! =) Silly girl.

So I scheduled a phone date and we talked, and talked, and talked. I loved it and she sent me a box full of product to review here on the blog….the company:


The idea to provide skincare products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness developed in Switzerland in 1975, when one man, Petter Mørck, together with a group of leading biochemists, biologists and herbalists, fulfilled his vision and founded Arbonne.

There you have it folks, they have been around since BEFORE I was born….A company based on botanical and natural products and based around family and community. Check out their website and just click the quote to learn more about the history. They are even opening an office in Taiwan and will be having an event there….maybe you should check it out. 😉

I want to share first a list of all the products that I got to partake in and then showcase them accordingly, I don’t ever like to do things halfway if you know me…so this may have to be a potential few posts.

Items I received:

1 Packet of Complete Hydration 

2 Energy Fizz Sticks in THIS flavor

4 Digestion Plus Packets

4 Daily Power Packs

Chocolate Protein Shake Mix

Re9 Advanced Set (sampler package)

Cellular Renewal Masque

Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads

Hair Revitalizing Masque

So let us, begin today with the Chocolate Protein Shake Mix, Energy Fizz Sticks, and Digestion Plus packets.

First things first, let’s talk about that PROTEIN…cause you know I’m all about it…

The day I got the package I went ahead and made these protein balls…

IMG_5698She also gave me a GREAT recipe to try with the powder.

Enter Recipe and Delicious Looking Photos:



-3 scoops arbonne vanilla protein powder

-3/4 cup almond flour -1 tbsp chia seeds

-1/2 tsp cinnamon

Then add: -1/4 cup preferred nut butter (almond, cashew, etc) -1/2 cup almond milk

Stir together -add in 1/4 cup cacao chips. Roll into balls and store in refrigerator!! NO BAKE is the way to go!!

IMG_5697 IMG_5699

They were so scrumptious! The texture of this powder is almost like a cake texture it was absolutely wonderful. The depth of the chocolate was great as well, I had one and that was almost enough for this crazy sweet tooth…however two was usually my stopping point.\

I also felt that they didn’t process through my body like some protein powder’s do, must be all those essential vitamins and minerals and the natural way they make their product. I didn’t feel as bloated throughout my day. Or maybe it’s just me. =)

Overall the protein powder consistency was phenomenal for the protein balls, I enjoyed that the most out of this product, oh along with the nice NON adverse side effects ;).

Next I came upon a Wednesday morning at 4:45 am feeling very very sluggish. I asked myself, What Would I Do if I had a Preworkout? Oh wait I have Arbonne Energy Fizz Stick! I poured this into my water bottle drank half before class and then proceeded to drink the rest throughout my cycling class. It was just the energy I needed and it didn’t make me feel jittery or uneasy, I simply wanted to go harder, faster, and stronger. (Kanye West when cycling anyone else?) I felt good. It also had a good taste and texture, blended right into my water so no chunks of residue you sometimes get and it also had a good fizz quality that left me feeling refreshed (that would be due to the addition of baking soda into the drink, however I didn’t think it added a weird taste at all). I would definitely use this product again and again and again, because let’s face it I LOVE my cycling class!

The last product I want to review today is the Digestion Plus packet, this has been amazing for me…

Digestion Plus US_Fullsize Product Image

I have been trying out different probiotic/prebiotic products and have found a disconnect in what they have to offer. I usually have been taking a probiotic with simply Lactobacillus contained therein, however as I have been reading and researching I have found it is equally important to get in a daily dose of good fiber sources, as well as another bacteria that is living and healthy in the gut as well; Bifidobacterium. I am currently in search of a healthier gut…note my reading intently in this book quite often…


No I’m not going on a  diet; but i rejoice in knowledge and learning more about my body every single day!

Which brings me to the use of the Digestion packets, they had the fiber as well as strains of bacteria needed all included inside the one packet, I simply put half of the packet under my tongue and mixed the other half with water, both of which I did BEFORE having breakfast. I personally loved the taste, however Veronica warned me of how others have had a distaste for it. (Rewind to me in my kitchen squinting like a baby on a Monday morning at 6:45 am deciding if I really was going to like the taste…two seconds later I was happy and feeling a little silly)

Throughout the rest of my week as I took this packet every morning I felt great and was ‘going’ like normal right on schedule. I know I know who wants to talk about that, but really how often you ‘go’ is a huge part of your digestive health, and did you know it should be anywhere from 1 to 3 times daily? I didn’t, so I thought I’d share. (Maybe a post about the book in review to come?)

To be honest before I started using these products and trying them out I purposely did not look at any of the pricing details.  I had heard complaints before that Arbonne was too pricey. However I must say, you pay for what you get. The protein powder I buy cheap at my local grocer pales in comparison to taste and texture as well as depth of taste that the Arbonne powder had. My probiotics as I’ve said did not exist as whole as these small packets did with everything I needed thus eliminating the buying of three different things to get this same product. The Energy Fizz, like I said no crazy caffeinated high feeling and no jitters, just a natural feeling of energy. So yes I did go and look at prices…

The Digestion packets for a container of 30 packets is around 50 dollars, this prices each packet around 1.75 ish. I would say my coffee from Starbucks could be salvaged for one day to pay for oh, around four days of great digestion health…

The Protein Shake for 2 lbs, is around 70 dollars, while at first I thought that sounded incredibly high I must admit, it does contain vitamins and minerals as well, when you purchase the whey protein powders, they simply do not have any nutritional value besides the protein benefit. That should make you feel stronger…


My wimpy arms are getting stronger!

The Energy Fizz Sticks….These weigh in right around the digestion packets, 30 count packages for 48 dollars, making it 1.6 for one packet. I admit I buy a lot of drinks here or there on my lunch break or in-between activities if I’m thirsty. Fun sparkling waters speak to me, and I also buy high priced coffee drinks, combine the two to make a energy laden affordable fun drink, not to mention you could slip the packet in your purse for a fizzy lunch date on the go. BINGO.

Overall as you can see these products are within your reach and quite enjoyable. I have linked all the products to this page from the arbor site, however Veronica has a site listed with her name if you are planning on ordering items PLEASE go there:

I’m so happy once again to bring these products to you and to take part in promoting self starters and women alike whom are friends of mine and are passionate about what they do, if you want to get in contact with Veronica let me know I’ll get you through to THE lady herself. Also disclaimer is that I did NOT get paid in anyway to make this post nor am I selling Arbonne, simply testing and trying it out!

Hope all you happy readers are having a great weekend, and don’t forget to hold the hand of someone you love, go for a run, smile, or just be you doing your own thing;


and we’ll do ours…

 love love love…

What is everyone up to this weekend?

Do you use Arbonne Products? What do you enjoy about them?

Do you want a review of the gut health book?

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2 Responses to Still washing my face, and reviewing products…

  1. Julie says:

    I totally need a healthy gut book! Now I haven’t tried Arbonne yet, but I have heard about it.

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