15 Minute Plank: And Go.

I’ve never joined in a Marvelous Monday yet, it’s me first go at this, Katie this awesome blogger I believe started this fun linkup, so check out her site and see what other Marvelous Monday’s people are having, for my Marvelous Monday I would like to recap a very important SUPER event that happened not too long ago…


Let the Marvelous Monday Commence…

You have about fifteen minutes to hold a plank…..and go.

Too long? Can’t handle it? Need to rest in between….yeah I would be in that boat too…

I am amazed at what three women I have had the pleasure to get to know at the gym I go to accomplished last Saturday. These three women held a plank for fifteen some minutes, it may have been around sixteen now that I actually think about it. I digress, it was phenomenal. I can’t help but to believe that this weekend opened my eyes to just how much of a bond I have formed with the other women in my gym and how blessed I am to be a part of that community.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

If you didn’t know about my past history with anxiety and stress you can read about that in my about me section here. All things considered after first arriving in Nebraska I had issues reclaiming a stress free life and lived in a town where I knew no one except my co-workers. I decided that I always felt good after burning off energy at the gym and had money to spare for a gym membership, it would be a good investment I thought, so I ‘gym-shopped’ and came up at an all women’s gym tucked at the north end of town. It was on the same side of town I worked on so after work I would head over and get in a workout before heading to the other side of town for the evening. I also started trying an early morning class, Wednesday 5:15 am Zumba, I enjoyed it very much and felt less awkward dancing with so few people in class and it being so early. Slowly I started to get acquainted with more people and the gym itself. I became more regular there and started inching my way into different workout classes.

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I remember my first Insanity class as if it were yesterday, the instructor scared me silly, but had a rockin’ body….naturally the concept of ‘you are what you do’ got to me and I decided if she looked like that surely taking her class would bring me one step closer to looking like that. I remember after that first class saying to her, “That music though, who honestly would listen to that it sounds like a rave party.” Laughing she said, “Really I LOVE it I listen to it in my car all the time.” I couldn’t help but laugh.



From then on I decided classes (and instructors) really weren’t all that scary to me, and jumped into different ones of all kinds.


Who says you can’t cycle and lift weights too?

Bodypump was excellent for me before my wedding to help strengthen and tone out my body, turbo kick is an excellent calorie torcher and makes me feel strong, Super Sculpt had my core screaming as with other parts of me too, cycling gets my booty feeling tighter and my legs feeling wobbly, insanity challenges my mind and body together, ripped gives me sore, but STRONG arms, zumba makes me laugh and is a fun way to burn calories, and learning/teaching PiYo has become a dream come true.


Every woman I have met through the gym I attend has impacted and begun or already has influenced my life in so many different ways. I can’t imagine being here in this town in Nebraska and not attending this gym. I now know so many of these women on first name basis, have phone numbers, memories, laughs, trainings, and road trips together. I’m learning so much about women and community and life all rolled into fitness and health. I am honored to call Herz Fitness a place of ’employment’ because I really don’t feel as if I have a job at all.  Getting to instruct and become a part of the team of women that help make the gym what it is, is truly what has me continually smiling every time I walk in the doors. I work hard to create playlists and get moves right to bring to my classes each week because I care about making the experience something someone else will remember and latch onto.


Piyo Instructors Training!


Cycling Class endocap outside.

Now that the tables have turned and I myself am a PiYo instructor I feel blessed to have such  a opportunity to help other women become a stronger and better ‘them’. That laugh that I had after my first insanity class still cracks me up to this day, and it is my hope that I can help create an environment where other women can have those ‘laugh’ moments too. Where they find that nitch that is this community of women and find that moving their body in their time with whatever classes or equipment they choose just perhaps may change their life, I know it changed mine. =)


What is your favorite Workout?

Do you workout on the Weekends?

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2 Responses to 15 Minute Plank: And Go.

  1. Chris says:

    Just came across your blog thanks to MIMM! The “barista” caught my eye since I am a coffee addict! I love your honest about your anxiety and the fact that fitness is what helped you overcome it. It sounds like you have an amazing support system! Being an instructor I love all workouts but I love RIPPED and anything on the TRX.

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