Falling for these memories…

ANOTHER MARVELOUS MONDAY! Really enjoying these, my free spirit is alive and thriving, and so is fall its in our midst and I’m here to talk ALL ABOUT FALL…

So thank you Katie! And let’s get to it!


There is something nostalgic about this time of year, it goes without being said that nature is making it’s way into a hibernation allowing itself a time of rest and repair. On the outside it appears as if the trees are dying, limbs are falling, leaves are turning, and yet we say wait a minutes slow down summer is still here, the sun is still out.


I couldn’t be happier to see these signs that fall is rearing her head soon, especially this year. My first fall as a married woman and my first fall in my home with my husband I couldn’t be more excited and to tell you the truth it is making me remember quite a few things.

I went for a walk during my lunch break the other day and remembered back to a time in Dental Hygiene school when I would go for HOUR upon HOUR long walks with endless amounts of note cards reciting macrodontia and injection sites over and over again until they stuck in my little eager mind. I remember walking a lot in the fall of my second year of school it was the semester of pharmacology and I couldn’t help but to take at least a one hour walk every evening to stay on top of the terms and definitions. Fall was ever present around me and I even collected leaves as I walked. I smiled as I walked along new streets in a different town, it didn’t take much to bring me right back to those note card days.


I have been walking the mall occasionally as well, which always reminds me of my childhood. I basically grew up in a mall atmosphere during the winter when my mom would manage a Hickory Farms store in our mall back home. I would take naps in the bottom shelf on the inside of the shop and even bring my motorized barbie car to play with after the mall closed and my mom was counting money. To this day the mall feels like a home away from home for me. I love taking laps and observing those around me, having conversations with loved ones whom live miles away while trying not to bump into the many strangers before me.

The locusts that are out during this time of year, which I just recently realized they are out and buzzing during the day time as well, remind me of all the summers spent climbing trees and being outside, it helps me when I hear these ‘annoying’ creatures to be soothed into memories of simpler free spirited days spent out in the sun sweating and carrying on until we fully deserved our night time bath.


I have had the time recently to share in calling friends and hearing how their lives are, it is amazing to me how this has gotten to be quite the chore nowadays. We all live across the united states and even with new technology it still has to be made a POINT to get in contact with them. It’s always such a treat and I have been feeling quite blessed with my husband’s recent having to be away that my friends were available for these much needed conversations, theres just nothing like reconnecting with someone who has been there for ‘it all’ so to speak.

IMG_5979 IMG_6020

In my empty house lately I have been reminiscent of times when I was single, I have only been married ten months and yet it seems like light years ago that I lived alone. I haven’t been sleeping the best at all. I usually have a good first night and then my heart longs for my husband to be sleeping next to me, to rub my back before bed time, to make me laugh always, to be crazy and singing about everything, to read with me and spend time in God’s word with me, I don’t know how I did it before.


This reminiscing has definitely helped put into perspective the past and the future. I am excited about what is to come but looking back has helped me see that life is ever fleeting, living in these moments in today is so important and vital to who we are as human beings. If I hadn’t been in those moments so many years ago I wouldn’t be able to be in these moments remembering them. I look back and see flashes of beautiful memories and times when I embraced what was happening right before my eyes. I encourage us all to stop and slow down time, I know that isn’t physically possible but it is mentally possible.

My husband and I have a saying it goes, “Wiggle your toes.” Physiologically wise the at of wiggling your toes brings you into the present moment, and when we really have a great present moment we ‘wiggle our toes’. I thought it was silly at first too, but try it. It’s amazing how many details of life we can miss by merely not looking up and around and taking in information, data trackers we are and we’re pretty bad ones when we’re staring a phone screen all the time. I myself included need to take my own advice, it’s a beautiful world and it’s fun to reminisce. Now I just have to make sure I keep my eyes up so I have something to remember.


Your Turn…

What have you all been remembering lately?

Is anyone ready for fall?

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7 Responses to Falling for these memories…

  1. It’s funny you mentioned the locusts singing. Last night I sat on my patio for a while and listened to them just like I remember my dad doing at the end of summer when I was growing up. It was very nostalgic and soothing.
    I love the ‘wiggle your toes’ saying! I’m going to give it a try.:)

  2. Jodi Garretson says:

    I am so ready for fall!!!!! I love love love fall and always want to bottle it up and save it!! And I also am excited about enjoying it with my husband and living in the daytime with him. 🙂 (not sleeping the days away). 🙂

  3. I’ve been reminiscing lately too and just blown away by how fast time passes! I definitely need to slow down a bit and cherish these moments more. I’m SO ready for fall because this humidity and 90-degree weather will be gone!

  4. What a beautiful post! You even had me wiggling my toes.. I totally get it!

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