WIAW: What I Ate (this) Weekend

Hip Hip It’s Wednesday! Thank you Thank you Thank you for the link up: Jenn, Megan, Arman, and Laura. Welcome to this new addition of WIAW….what we had this weekend….here it goes.


So last week our gym was out of commission due to updates being made and this week we are all back in action and I have to admit I miss the camaraderie of running around our neighborhoods at five in the morning!


You see last week some of us decided we were going to team together to still get a workout in at five in the morning and set out to 5k ish runs in the morning it was amazing and so therapeutic to chat with someone early in the morning! It really sets the tone for the day and felt amazing. My legs felt and looked more toned after only one week and Monday of this week’s run with my husband went so well I felt like I could just keep on keeping’ on for many more miles!

This brings us to this week and the gym’s reopening of which was great and it looks amazing! I’m excited for this new update and all the fun to come with two workout rooms now! Seeing as last week I was a running’ and a running’ I found this weekend I was hungrier than usual….but don’t worry we had a lot of good food!

Before the weekend I got to try my hand at my first sweet corn, I’ve never had Nebraska sweet corn so this was a delight, excuse my ready for bed looking self! ha.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Meat Pile Up.

Meat Pile Up.

My hubs had a little different meal, he enjoyed a crockpot chicken recipe I made a few weeks back and froze, however he loves to mix his food up…because it looks so appetizing that way ;).

Power Crunch sent me some samples of their protein powder and it tastes delicious in my protein balls for the week, I also got the bar and LOVED it. I had THIS one and it tasted as sweet as those wafer cookies you used to get as a child (or maybe some still get;) ) as well as the texture and crispiness was spot on. I would encourage you to try them if you haven’t yet, there are many flavors, I’m thinking vanilla next.


We finally got back into our Starbucks quiet time groove and enjoyed Friday morning at the local bucks, enjoying Spinach and Feta Wraps like we USED to. As well as enjoying an americana with sugar free hazelnut for me and a drip coffee for the hubs. We sat talked and chilled and had a wonderful time hanging out together and thoroughly enjoyed our meals as well.


I have been reading through this research article about Gluten Intolerance and finished it while we were there as well, it was so informational and I enjoyed learning. I LOVE LEARNING.

When we got home we had a surprise awaiting us in the form of Warby Parker Try on Frames! This company donates one pair of glasses for every purchase and they are very affordable, AND they allow you to do a home try on where they send you five frames of your choice to try on at your home and send back in so you know what frames look best when purchasing. We immediately had to try them out and pick our favs! These were all mine and my favorite is the bigger photo of the last picture!


It was a snack dinner night as I headed out to paint with some of my girlfriends from Bible Study at a local paint shop called The Happy Brush, we had a blast and enjoyed ourselves!


I made a coffee cup because well my husband could definitely use this one… 😉

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Saturday I was able to get in a quick kettle bell workout, love these little beauties! Looking up more and more Pinterest workouts to try with them!

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I made up a batch of Home Made Very Cherry Ice Cream. It was delicious, recipe to come soon!


We then got ready for our hott date in Kearney Nebraska which is about forty five minutes away from where we live! We went with our marriage mentor couple for a double date night to see Tim Hawkins a Christian Comedian, stopping at a restaurant called Sozo for dinner where I had a amazing sirloin steak, I’m usually not one to have red meat but it sounded really good, I ordered it rare and it was delicious! We had a picnic basket for our appetizer which included assorted cheeses, I thought of you Megan, and breads and fruit, as well as a goat cheese appetizer with pepper jelly. It was darker in the restaurant so the photos are not the best.


My meal included the sirloin and blackened cauliflower, it was spicy and flavorful.


My husband had a hanger steak on a risotto and asparagus, wow so much flavor and so delicious. I highly recommend this place.


Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Tim hawkins rocked his show and we laughed so much, ab workout check.

Meals were pretty sporadic this weekend due to my husband getting sick, which is fine, sometimes life needs more spontaneity as well as my palate too. I did try something new, it wasn’t food but a hairstyle…Pinterest WIN!


Rocked this to church on Sunday and the best part was it was fun AND EASY! YAY!

This post was not sponsored by pinterest rather, more by a quest bar of which I’m enjoying with an iced coffee currently as I write this post. Not Ina Wednesday. Forgive me for being held prepared ahead of time! I hope all is well and that you all enjoy your day!


Tell me: 

What was your favorite meal from this weekend? 

What is your favorite quest bar?

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12 Responses to WIAW: What I Ate (this) Weekend

  1. So funny you ask about the Quest Bars- I was just telling my coworker that I didn’t like them but she said the cookies & cream flavor was really good. I was skeptical but she actually bought be one and brought it to work and I tried it and really liked it! I’m still on the fence about other flavors but I liked that cookie one!

  2. Those paint nights always look like fun. I keep seeing groupons for them all the time but have never tried one. You look so happy in the photos Jayne!

  3. Great choice in glasses. What a neat concept. I wish I could eat Quest Bars! I’m waiting for a dairy free version to come out. My hubby loves the Chocolate Chip variety and I’m jealous!

  4. Haven’t had one of those spinach and feta wraps in forever! Looks so tasty!

  5. Kate Bennett says:

    homemade cherry ice cream?! Count me in!

  6. Veronica says:

    We ate @ Sozo while in Kearney too and I have to second your steak suggestion! I’m a rancher’s daughter and that was by far some of the best steak I have ever had, hands down, in my life! Locally sourced and delicious!!

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