Currently I am….these posts have been spreading throughout the blogosphere for quite some time now and I myself have even been asked why I have not partaken in one quite yet to which I replied, ‘wow this must mean people read this stuff.’ in my head and then replied out loud, “I’m working on it.” That’s what all the pros do right? I digress, anyways currently posts are written to in fact fill all you glorious ten readers (just kidding) out there into what a small town Nebraska girl is doing through her day or even just a glimpse into a moment of life. I LOVE these posts and never myself thought to make one for me, sometimes as BIG as I make myself throughout the day (being selfish with my thoughts) I still diminish all that God has created of me to share with others. So I continue on to my post of the day…what I am up to Currently…



Let’s start first with Currently….

I am writing this blog post for the second time, as during the first episode my computer shut down because I was out of battery, whoops. I suppose when it comes to having enough juice I’m not a very good judge, as when it comes to cars as well if it wasn’t for the precious ‘ding ding ding’ of my car warning me I’m nearing the big E I wouldn’t have a chance and be broken down quite often along the side of the road phoning a friend.

Current Confession…

I feel guilty buying things for myself, so much so I could not buy a full priced item of clothing on my whole vacation that I’m on this week, I only found satisfaction in thrift store cheap shopping, however the skinny jeans I got still had the store tags on them, originally 47.50 and NOW only 9 bucks! WIN

Current Product Find….


I have never used Pre-Post Workout supplements until more recently when samples have been coming with my protein powder I order from Bodybuilding online, I found most of them were ineffective and in my body seemed to be more placebo than anything, however this one actually I felt gave me a prolonged efficiency in mental focus, physical ability, and drive to continue and finish great workouts. No they aren’t paying me but if they gave me free product for that tag line I’m in!

Current Plan….

Nothing, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, 

and I’m proud of it, it’s my vacation and therefore I will party, wait do nothing, which is a party right? Ha I’m so much of a planner this has been an adventure for sure, but I took a week off of work and have been camping out so to speak at my sisters home in Kansas, enjoying my time free floating around and traveling ultimately around from coffee shop to health food store to the next coffee shop. Oh and reading and journaling as well.



Be still my soul.

Current Book…

   This one, 


 our church is doing something called The Community Bible Experience where in eight weeks we read through the New Testament with our church community. It is already phenomenal, we aren’t supposed to start until this weekend but I just simply couldn’t wait, so I started and I can’t stop, won’t stop. You can read all about it and I would encourage you to do so…HERE. Or message me and I’m totally in for a personal conversation about what the book is!

Current Drink…


   My go-to, Iced coffee with SF vanilla and SF caramel syrup half of each and a splash of cream, yum yum yum. Thanks Caribou Coffee!

Current Shocker…

   The fact that this week is almost over, I have been planning this vacation for MONTHS, so now that it’s almost over I’m honestly whimpering thinking where has the time escaped too…who has it?!?!?!

Current Show…

   Normally this would have to be the Office, seeing as my husband and I enjoy that show so much and we only have Netflix, however seeing as vacation calls for my sisters home she does have cable and I have been loving this show called, “Tiny Houses.” Have you guys every watched this it is amazing! I feel like I may get claustrophobic, so maybe not my thing but it is fascinating!

Current Want…

A Quest Bar, or a protein ball, I ate all mine and well my sister doesn’t keep things like this around, seems real food is more her thing…I can survive. =)

Current Obsession…

My Current Coffee probably, and timing wise around one or two in the afternoon, as I love having a coffee more lately around that time, it seems to mess with my tummy now to early in the day.

Currently, it’s Friday and I didn’t post this yesterday when I wrote it. Maybe I’m not as good at this as I thought!  

Okay that was way to fun to NOT do again sometime soon, hope you all enjoyed that and have a great day guys!

Love Love Love.



What is your current drink?

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5 Responses to Currently.

  1. Margo Voth says:

    Jayne -Ahh, you’re in Lawrence!? I don’t know if you know; Riley and I live in this precious city. What have been some of your favorite places/stores you’ve visited? I do hope you’ve at least visited the Merc – my fav. Next time you are around, I’ll take you to a free workout at the Crossfit Gym I go to. You’d love it. I hope you have enjoyed yourself! Safe travels back to Nebraska!

    • jejansonius says:

      Oh man no way!! I did maybe know that but completely forgot that’s where you guys where! No we didn’t get up the merc drove by it though! We went to salty iguana for dinner so yummy! I would love love love a cross fit workout. I’ve never done a legit one! Ah I’m excited to. Come back now! Haha in my defense I did only visit one day in Lawrence the rest was in Manhattan !

  2. Kate Bennett says:

    New Testament in 8 weeks? That’s amazing. I can imagine having a community to do it with you really helps everyone stay on track. I like how the New Testament reads more like a story. The letters at the end are filled with endless encouragement too!
    We are thinking about starting the Office as our next show. My husband’s seen it, but I haven’t. I loved Parks and Rec so I think I will enjoy it!
    I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  3. Brittany says:

    I would just love sitting and reading with you while drinking coffee. Sounds so magical.

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