Monday Traumatic Events Iced over with Starbucks Americanos…

WELCOME to a Marvelous Monday…

Today marks the second Monday that I have encountered a Starbucks run after a traumatic event in life… let me explain.

It wasn’t but a good three or so weeks ago that this happened…


Those lovely slicers that make chopping so ‘easy’ and knives unnecessary may just have been to my demise, as it was ever so sharp and eased it’s way ever so much into my poor little thumb. An emergency room visit and seven stitches later I sat on my couch with a full week of ‘couch’ rest and doctors orders to try not to move my thumb much….next question: “What’s your occupation.” “Dental Hygienist.” Nurse raises eyebrows, physician states I will be staying home for a week.

That was hard, I am a busy body in every since of the word, ask my husband….I love to do things around the house, run to do chores, and workout (the biggest peace of keeping me sane in general). However the doctor was right;Β my body needed that week and my mind, heart, and soul did as well. I was also hands down amazed at my husband and his ease at keeping me calm and reminding me of my purpose and power in the holy spirit. He was there every step of the way through every tear and frustrated cry that I couldn’t vacuum (yep I love cleaning). He listened and fought for me hard to rest, every day completing every task I deemed important to be done, chore or not he did them all, and then this happened…

IMG_6554 IMG_6558

He worked so hard to remove my stitches! Bless his heart and slap that on his resume πŸ˜‰

Stitches came out and I became a little more free for awhile, able to regain my workweek and a sense of normalcy in the gym, taking it easy still but getting back into the quicker swing of things. It was amazing then how my body responded. I was so happy to get out and run again and enjoy every fitness class I got to go to. My body responded well and happily after having a week off to recoup. A week of quiet couch life, amassed by time reading books and enjoying silent moments allowing the cool breeze to hit my face, phone calls were held between multiple friends and myself; friends I so often am too busy to call. Life slowed and with it my gratitude escalated. It was phenomenal.


Here I am today, there will probably be a scar but as far as inwardly it no longer feels awkward to hold my husband’s hand, I can bend it while doing my work, and write a letter without feeling the pull of incision point. My mornings are no longer consistent of applying ten minutes to put on bandages and make sure everything is covered. I am able to do burpees….hmmm maybe that’s not the greatest pro. πŸ™‚

My thumb is on the mend and life is getting more normal, my vacation I took awhile back left me not feeling as refreshed due to my own demise of traveling too much and wanting to partake in too many activities, I came back to work for a week and then I came down with my cut finger for the week following my first week back. That left me with a quick September…

So here we are in October lots to be excited for and to take in and so many blessings that my husband and I get to partake in. I have Monday’s off again and it is a nice time to catch up relax and partake in priorities I don’t get time for otherwise…ahem blogging and art. πŸ˜‰ Oh how my heart appreciates these days and at the same time I don’t appreciate them quite like I do when I receive these stitch worthy wake up calls…. Today was another one I was involved in a car wreck, not a bad one by any means and until the report on Friday I won’t say too much more.

I am a-ok though and just shook up emotionally. As I sit here though I am not going to shout in distress that ‘Monday’s’ are unlucky for me…no I have realized that Monday’s are not to be feared nor is any day for that matter, nor are people or cars. I cannot rest on any day when I let myself be fearful of ‘this’ or ‘that’ I simply cannot and I don’t want to live a life where that is a possibility. This also puts a perspective in my head of life and what it is to be present in our actual life and in every moment. When I got my stitches I was present (unfortunately) I was very present,and in moments of my wreck today I was there and present. These are things that happen to us along this ride of life and we cannot change them, however in our reactions we change and move and grow. Its in the reaction that we decided who we are and shape our futures. I have and will have to continue to learn and grow and change every single day I wake up. I may not get in a car wreck or have to get stitches, but I will be present in these moments, especially in joyful ones.

Life is a far to beautiful process to check out so often and immerse ourselves in worlds where I know what my high school friend that I haven’t seen in ten years is up to today (cough Facebook cough) but I’m too busy to listen to my husband’s take on the newest presidential talk. I need to be here in these moments because if not I’m living only a small fraction of the moments I could be living if I were simply present. It’s an exciting thing to have a true conversation with someone, to enjoy their presence, to watch a tv show and be present (my husband and I love the office every detail ;)). I’m learning a lot and in that I am excited to be more and more present. I’m not perfect by any means but I definitely am more present.

I also sit here wishing Starbucks had a reward program for faithful customers who just underwent traumatic events…I mean can a girl get a kick back?

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Have you ever had to get stitches?


Have you ever been in car wreck?

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5 Responses to Monday Traumatic Events Iced over with Starbucks Americanos…

  1. Kate Bennett says:

    “I need to be here in these moments because if not I’m living only a small fraction of the moments I could be living if I were simply present”
    What a good word.

  2. So sorry to hear about your accident. Thinking of you and hoping that you are ok. I smiled at your nurse comment as I have definitely been that nurse when patient’s are told of restrictions but think they will be no big deal! Glad your thumb is healed πŸ™‚

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