WIAW : Community is Everything!

A little while back my friend had an amazing idea to start a group on Facebook for some of us and our friends that needed a little more accountability as to their every day lives in terms of healthy eating and exercise. I am so excited about this group and what it has already done for all of us, the accountability has been truly a work of art for us all, as human beings so many of us just need community to get things started or make something happen and that’s truly what most of us in the group needed. We needed other people.

I know for me myself, this has been a great thing to be able to invest in a community of women and at the same time really be held accountable for weekly weigh-ins and making good choices together. For instance last week one of the women’s goals was to eat more vegetables and I jumped right onto her ‘goal wagon’ so to speak and had a blast doing so, I baked up a ton of veggies at the beginning of the week and enjoyed so many vegetables it was so good!

Which brings me to my WIAW for this week I am showcasing what healthy options I have pushed myself to start enjoying or making, that normally don’t take part in my day to day usual suspects.

IMG_6562 IMG_6737

Meet my new Breakfast Friends, (probably shouldn’t call them that considering I don’t devour my friends often) These lovelies on the left are rice cakes on the bottom, topped with strawberry jelly and a scoop of protein powder mixed with a small amount of water and topped with one cooked egg and two egg whites. The right side photo, is two rice cakes for the bottom and raspberry jam followed by my one egg and two egg white mixture and topped with one scoop protein powder mixed with small amount of water. I suggest making them as such in the photo on the left considering that was way easier to eat and did not stick quite as bad to your teeth ;). Both of which are surprisingly delicious and contain a lot of healthy jump start to your day. I mean protein, carbs, and good cholesterol and fat…yum.

IMG_6552 IMG_6545

The hubs and I headed out for dinner on a Monday due to we have FINALLY PAID OFF OUR DEBT! It has been a time of living within a strict budget but we are so happy and proud that we have been able to pay off all our debt before our one year anniversary together! We headed out to Texas Roadhouse, a place we don’t normally go and had some not so healthy food that was so good. I mean come on honey butter….What I’m getting at here is balance is everything people, let yourself enjoy and indulge and if you have that sweet and salty thing going on, which I do all the time, a salty peanut and roll with sweet butter may just do the trick. Also celebrations call for special things am I right?

IMG_6725 IMG_6743

Last week I roasted Brussel sprouts pictured on left here and they were absolutely amazing, had half of the bag on Monday night and the other half on Tuesday because well they were just too good not to. The right photo was a typical lunch last week, I also baked zucchini and yellow squash and a spaghetti squash for the week and enjoyed those all mixed together with a little ranch dressing. I cooked about 6 LBS of chicken on the skillet for the week and froze them in individual servings in jars to take each day to accompany my mound of veggies. The other treat in the photo on the right was a GIFT…

IMG_6718 (1)

This photo was taken after church on Sunday me with a PUMKIN PIE Quest bar! The day these babies came out I had a huge sad face all day (dramatization) due to the fact that in Nebraska it takes awhile for foodie things to come our way, so I didn’t think it would too soon be here, however on Sunday at church I had a friend (who is in our online fitness group and saw I wanted a pumpkin pie quest bar) come up to me and handed me this! I was so excited and waited until later in the week to enjoy it.

IMG_6745 IMG_6744

I so very enjoyed it, accompanying my lunch on a busy day it was just the kick I needed to survive the rest of the day and energy to get me through the evening. Not to mention it tasted like the best part of the pumpkin pie with a crunch no whipped topping needed and no guilt after wards. The ingredient list for these bars just always blows me out of the water, how beautiful is that. There isn’t to many ingredients and the nutrition facts were pretty good for a bar as well, it is on the higher caloric end and has higher fat than most of their bars but overall comes out pretty good. I will warn you, the fiber in these bad boys is pretty close to balancing out the carbs…take heed eaters, take heed.


Monday this week was a beautiful morning, of around 60s and windy so I opened up the house and enjoyed protein pancakes, almond milk, PB2, and God’s word…(and a wood wick candle my favorite!) Because while change is great, it’s nice to have these beauties to look forward too, and their healthy.

So that is a brief over view of new things I’ve been enjoying and some old (protein pancakes.) I hope to record a full day of eats soon, today I was going to but alas, my car wreck had me out of sorts and I ended up eating lunch while on the phone with my car insurance and in my car with my husband so we could be in a quiet place to do it. (if you don’t know what I’m talking about READ HERE, post from Monday.) Oh well what are you going to do…

Check out other eats today as well…and thanks to Megan, Arman, Laura, and the one and only Jenn.


So tell me….

What is your favorite healthy rice cake creation?

What is your go to healthy dessert?

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9 Responses to WIAW : Community is Everything!

  1. Gemma says:

    Congrats on NO DEBT! I dream of having that one day lol


  2. I am with you on the accountability – I’ve realized I absolutely have to have it.

    That breakfast looks so perfect. I need that in my life. And the pumpkin Quest. YUM!

  3. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of a community. I witnessed it for the first time in my life when I was embraced into an incredibly accepting church. It was only then did I realize how much of an impact interactions with others can have on me. Support is one of my greatest gifts in the world.

    I *think* this is my first time on your blog, but I am here to stay. It’s so nice to find another Christian blogger out there, and I find you and your husband adorable! Also, you just have a very sweet way of writing. I’m excited to see more of your blog. 🙂

    When I am having rice cakes, I go the simple route and top them with whatever peanut butter I am a fan of at the moment!

  4. Those pancakes look amazing! Glad you found a good community too:)

  5. Brittany says:

    I was obsessed with almond butter and date topped rice cakes for MONTHS! Ohhh man, that sounds so good right now…

  6. Congrats on being debt free! If all keeps going as planned, we should be joining you in a few months and being debt free as well 🙂

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