Monday Thoughts #4 Edition

There is something Mysterious that happens every single time the weekend comes to a close, Sunday night blues as I like to call them… Monday comes all to quickly and ever so slowly at the same time. I love to hate them and yet there is something awesome that happens on Monday’s; the week begins! A WHOLE BIG BRAND NEW WEEK! That means many bloggers like myself share their thoughts as well. Marvelous Monday posts are hosted by a blogger, a one Katie over at Healthy Diva hosts them. She’s real she’s a mom and she’s a woman trying to live healthy and manage everything else at the same time (while still treating herself as well). I started following her posts to see what she was up to on Mondays, and then realized so many more bloggers are sharing their mondays as well. So I joined suit…because sometimes it’s fun to play too…

Simply stated you click the link HERE and go to her site read through her Monday thoughts and browse at the bottom as others share about their monday too. I enjoy it and it definitely can cheer me up to see what else everyone is thinking on a Monday…

thehealthydiva1Monday Monday, how you crept up ever so fast on me AGAIN….here are my thoughts for this Marvelous Monday:

  1. I am thoroughly loving this time of year for exercising, call me crazy but I’m loving the workouts at the gym and coming out at 6:15am to the sunrise, I love that I have daylight in the mornings, it soothes my soul to have the sun in the morning, and let’s face it evenings are okay too when you’re hanging out at the gym and able to work out in the dark at only 6:30? I teach Piyo at 6:35 pm on Tuesdays and I’m diggin’ being at the gym when it’s dark.
Excuse the I'm on a treadmill trying to take a photo photo. =) You get the beautiful sunrise Idea!

Excuse the I’m on a treadmill trying to take a photo photo. =) You get the beautiful sunrise Idea!

2. I’m head over heels estatic for my friend Megan, she is expecting and what better way for a blog friend to find this out via well blog. I read her post announcing the pregnancy and couldn’t help myself in letting our a screech literally ask my husband. I have always  thought she would make a wonderful hilarious momma

Jumping up and down for MEG!

Jumping up and down for MEG!

3. My husband and all the man he is, I just cannot tell you how much I absolutely love hanging out with him, we are best friends. We celebrated our one year anniversary on October 19, 2015. As we venture into year two we are excited for the new surprises and changes that are on the horizon! He has been so sick as of recent, with a turn of respiratory stuff and then food poisoning on top of it all. Hoping he gets well and keep well soon!

Snap chats are the best from him, always encouraging me in so many ways!

Snap chats are the best from him, always encouraging me in so many ways!

4. The fact that I was Elsa for Halloween and the kids KNEW it! I was so nervous and not wanting to spend a lot of money on an outfit for our Churches Trunk or Treat, however I did want my costume to be good. Insert old blue dress and hair filled with white face powder, TAADAA Elsa.


5. Long fall walks, where it’s mildly warm out but cool enough to have a jacket and leggings, trendy walking is what I like to call it. My husband and I have been out on the trails so to speak quite a few times this fall already and I LOVE IT.

Cool Shoes and leggings, trendy walking.

Cool Shoes and leggings, trendy walking.

6. Anniversary Flowers…because Well duh.


7. Meals on wheels as I like to call them, on Monday’s sometimes I like to take my packed lunch to a coffee shop and work on things from there, enjoy my quiet time with my Bible, and or just veg out for a bit. It’s a fun lunch date with myself and Jesus. 😉


8. Girls nights out. I need more of these in my life, my Bible Study group of women went to a paint shop this past weekend and it was such a relief to my soul. It’s just so great to laugh and be around other women.


9. Coffee Shops Coffee Shops Coffee Shops, Brown leather, and fuzzy boots. Oh and Coffee Shops. Saturday the Hubs and I spent a good amount of time in one, it’s our favorite date. Love it.


So happy Monday and enjoy my thoughts!


What are your favorite things about this time of year?

What were you for Halloween?

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4 Responses to Monday Thoughts #4 Edition

  1. This Fall has been nothing short of perfection, cool enough for sweatshirts, but not cold enough for winter gear. I’ll take it. I hope your husband feels better soon!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Sunshine. One year is a huge milestone and I know you’ve got so many more to come. Keep going on those dates and enjoying one another.

    Also, thanks for jumping up and down for little ol’ me. I sure do appreciate it.

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