Week in Review: MIMM and WIR Unite! #1

Monday Monday, it’s come again! It’s amazing to me how quickly those few days between Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon seem to completely fly by for my husband and I. We tend to both have Friday’s off (YEAH!!) and share that time together going on dates and spending adequate amounts of time resting. So when Monday rolls around and I have the day off, I enjoy sitting in my office with my wood wick candle writing up posts on my blog.

I’m sort of a closet writer, ever since I can remember i’ve written in a journal almost every day if not at LEAST once weekly. It’s not something I protest out loud really. I love reading as well and the two for me operate together simultaneously which creates the perfect recipe for a blogger in my opinion. Anddddd that’s what this is about right, my opinion… =)

For over a few weeks now I have been sharing my Monday Musings here at the blog, if you want to check them out Go to any of these:

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But as of recent It has come to that time of year again. The gym I belong to and teach PiYo at is having it’s Challenge for the fall months, mainly November and December, I’m estimating but I’d say about 30+ women are signed up with partners and enjoying 8 weeks of challenges to help create and keep themselves accountable and healthy during these ever sweet encompassing months. It’s so fun to be a part of this, as i’m not trying to lose weight I simply love the camaraderie that is shared by all involved and the weekly challenges help me to make changes as well. I want to share that journey here, so I’m going to be cross linking up these next eight weeks on Mondays.

First with Dashing Diva at Monday Musings, because let’s face it I love her and her blog and I love what I have already started there…


Head on over to her page to see the Link Ups from other Bloggers and peer into other lives for their Monday’s!

Now for the new edition….I will also be linking up with Megan, for her linkup


Her mantra for the week in review: “The Week In Review is a list, in its purest form, not of the things you still need to do, but of all the things you have done in the last seven days. It’s an achievement list, an ode to yourself, a celebration of sorts, and a virtual pat on the back.”

I’m going to cross post meaning, I’ll have my Monday Musings posted but I’m also going to recap from the week, IN REVIEW. Thus remaining faithful to my first love and branching out to a new realm as well. That’s where you come in everyone: Come and join me here on Monday’s as I recap the week previous to the post and Muse on my Monday Thoughts as well. If nothing else it will be entertaining to say the least.

Let’s get started….

I’m utilizing my technology to help me here with just how the week went….


  • I had lunch on last Sunday by myself, while the hubs recovered with a nap from food poisoning AND! being sick with this upper respiratory stuff…Started off my challenge good, salad, gluten free croutons, and grilled chicken breast. The salad dressing was cilantro avocado by Bolthouse, it’s made with greek yogurt so you get a little extra kick of protein but it also is so tasty!
  • Monday’s Workout consisted of my first Strength workout for the week: Bodypump along with a few miles on the treadmill. I love taking a little longer at the gym on Monday’s to get a few more miles in or machines done, it’s definitely a stress reliever for me.

IMG_0081 IMG_0097

  • This was my Tuesday view from work, the first photo was before beginning the day and the second was only right after lunch at 2pm. Hello Winter.
  • Tuesday’s Workout was a brisk walk during my lunch break, followed by a one mile run at the gym before my PiYo class! It was a great class and so many were there and had great energy as well!
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Protein Bites…

  • Protein Bites; helped get me through the week, perfect for a quick sweet something, the hardest part of the challenge so far was eating 2 fruits and 3 vegetables servings per day, I had such a time trying to get two fruit servings in! (These may not have helped!)

12234849_10100399938772059_6186204297196646369_n 11261209_10206962818844088_2105711251165022766_n

  • Wednesday’s Workout was cycling class in the morning, this class ALWAYS pumps me up (but is sometimes full). I came prepared not knowing if I could squeeze in or not, fortunately there was room!
  • WOW:Workout of the Week, is new to the challenge this year, the personal trainer at our gym makes a quick workout each week for Wednesday and if you complete it you get extra points…and a lot of them at that! I did my WOW after cycling in the morning but went back and cheered on and did another WOW with my partner in the evening, the camaraderie was phenomenal at the gym and each group of ladies did so good encouraging each other!

IMG_0093 IMG_0094

  • My cute baby niece helped us on Thursday as my sister’s-in-law and my MIL, as well as my good friend all gathered together for a girls night over at my SIL home, much baby holding was in order as well as baking several cakes for my husbands Surprise Birthday Party this past weekend!
  • Still getting all my veggies in for the day I had a Hyvee Salad Bar salad for dinner! YUM!
  • Thursday’s Workout was Insanity class in the morning, quick sweaty and effective.


  • Glasses off to a Restful Friday, No WORKOUT! I repeat No WORKOUT! The hubs and I went for a mall walk and rested up the whole day, it was so good for the mind, body, and soul.


  • The only thing on my Friday night agenda was helping serve over thirty coffees to the high school students gathered at our church for the evening, thank heavens for friends that are willing to help out!
  • Saturday was the BIG day! Saturday workout I ran at the gym in the morning a quick 2 miles with 10 minute interval sprints after followed by a kettle bell workout I found on pinterest.


  • My workout had to be quick because I was in prep mode all day making sure everything  was in place for the surprise later that night!
  • I threw my Husband a surprise birthday party and it was EPIC! Loved everything about his face and how surprised he really was, we got him good! I love love loved every minute of it!

IMG_0106 IMG_0108

  • My friend Lyndsay helped me once again, through baking, frosting the cakes, helping me transport everything, wrapping the present, and even being my scapegoat for what I was busy with that evening! =) Couldn’t have done it without her.


Most importantly couldn’t have done it without this man, Twenty Four years old never looked so good on anyone. He was like a kid in a candy store the whole party, he truly loved every minute of it, which made every single detail so worth it in my eyes!

HAPPY MONDAY everyone, hope you all tracked with me through this business! See you next week!

Love Love Love.

Have you ever been involved in a health challenge?

Have you ever been involved in a surprise party?

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4 Responses to Week in Review: MIMM and WIR Unite! #1

  1. Aw, that’s awesome you threw your Hubby a surprise party. What a good partner you are. Nicely done.

    I could totally scarf down two servings of fruit a day. In fact, I regular get three, four, maybe five. I love my fruit.

    The same reason you love this exercise challenge is why I love group fitness classes: the camaraderie.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up. I love seeing you over on my blog. 🙂

  2. Awesome job!! My favorite part about challenges and work outs is also the camaraderie and sense of community. Your husband is one lucky duck!!

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