Week #2 In Review : 7 Hours of Sleep.

I’m sitting on my couch staring out over a painting under construction and watching my SECOND christmas movie of the season, interesting to me how much these christmas movies really make my day, literally. I enjoy this season so much I try not to watch them throughout the rest of the year just so I can savor them all the more during the christmas season.

I know there are many more people out there just like me and I am overjoyed at how much this season inspires others to love, even through the cheesiest of movies. Thanksgiving is coming up and soon as well and after we’re all stuffed with the Thanksgiving turkey we will be setting up our Christmas things and thoughts will float to the front of our minds of those Christmas dreams we haven’t quite lost from when we were children. Or………………..I write this in vain because that is totally my experience and I just am hoping that ya’ll haven’t lost that luster and love for these times. It’s something to savor.

I am EXCITED to share once again that I’m joining in on Monday Musings and Week in Review.

Links to both linkups are below at either Katie’s Monday Musings linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



Head on over to her page to see the Link Ups from other Bloggers and peer into other lives for their Monday’s!


So with no further ado…I begin…


  • Dear Monday there you are again just busting through, last week was week TWO of the New Year New You challenge at the gym, new week new challenge and this week’s was 7 hours of sleep a night as well as bedtime stretches, I did not complete this challenge every night, due to travel later on in the week but I did make a more noticeable effort to get to bed earlier! Challenge Acceptance!
  • Monday’s Workout: Bodypump was my strength workout for Monday, I walked a few miles after the workout as well as stretched a lot during the rest of the day.
  • Later on Monday I then went mall walking with a friend, ahem we got side tracked at Bath and Body Works, but no fretting we were very frugal about our spending and there was a AWESOME deal on hand soaps!
  • Tuesday was quick and once again included a walk during my lunch break as well as….Tuesdays Workout : One mile run before teaching a PiYo class in the evening.


WOW Workout ladies!

  • I just want to take note that this weeks WOW workout for the challenge was done at 4:45 Am BEFORE our cycling class. That is before most people in the Nebraska even cracked an eye open. It’s amazing to see the vast amount of women at the gym this early these women are so inspiring to be around always being each others cheerleaders. Even at o’dark thirty!
  • WOW Workout this week was:A pyramid workout so you start at 10 do all 5 exercises then 9,8, etc all the way down to 1 then you go back up to 10!
    *Jumping jacks
    *Plank jacks ( you can be either in a high plank or a regular plank jump your feet out and back together- to simplify it step your feet out out then in in) 
    *Feet up crunch( feet off the ground and your legs bent at a 90 degree angle)
    *Triceps dips ( sit on your butt bring your feet up so they are flat on the ground then put your hands down with fingers facing forward you will lift your butt up and bend at the elbows. I will post a link for different variations of this for all the visual people!)
    *Floor touches ( start standing with feet together you are going to jump up squat down enough where you can touch your hand on the floor then back together, switch hands every time. To simplify this you will just step out squat down touch your hand on the floor then together) 
  • Wednesday workout included WOW; after this I ran a mile and did cycling class.
  • The rest of my Wednesday flew by, the evenings on Wednesday are always filled with Youth Group at church I lead Eighth grade girls and they make me so happy! SOOOOOO much energy and a different look at life it’s great to have youth in your life and to give back where you have been given much. I had youth leaders in the past that inspired so many great decisions I couldn’t imagine helping with other young women’s lives like they did for me. Totally not for my glory as God is the ultimate provider for anything that I help them with.


  • This here beauty was to remember our Parking spot as on THURSDAY…I headed out with my boss and the other Hygienist I work with to a conference in Atlanta GA, we headed out Thursday and came back Friday after the conference, quick trip!
  • Thursday’s Workout was INSANITY class, and boy was it insane, I burned more calories than usual, (I also ran about half a mile before class too) regardless it was a newer version and so much fun, and once again the gym was packed! Even at 5:15 AM!


  • These colors though, I’m thinking I may be seeing this color scheme in my living room in the future….this was in our hotel’s lobby when we got to Atlanta for the conference….oh yeah about that, it was challenging to think through everything that was said…but once again the conference inspired me to continue pursuing passion in my field of employment.
  • On that note, I was also shown just how important and vital it is to be passionate and be inspired every day of your life right where you are. Whether that’s at a conference or sitting in an office, if you’re inspired that is inspiring to others and creates joy in you as well. Think about it, if I’m inspired and loving what i’m doing and joyful in that every single day, wouldn’t you feel that being around me. I know some of my best friends are this way and thats why they are my best friends. I love being around people I want to be like, that to me is an intelligent decision.


  • Friday the conference day woke us up early as my travel companion and I headed down to run and workout for a quick thirty minutes to get us up and on our feet and let’s be honest wake us up! We got into our hotel around 12:30 and were going to be sitting all day! Thus that was Fridays’ Workout. Along with traversing through several airports.
  • The photo above was our lunch, so so good and tasty, there was a mediterranean salad, romaine salad, caesar salad, potato and tortellini dishes, wheat rolls, steamed fish, and baked chicken, very good and light enough I didn’t feel super stuffed.


  • The plane rides, layovers, and connections, all allowed me plenty of time to pinterest and dream, and dream I did. Hombre in my future….. 😉
  • Saturday…not much to be said slept most of the day and RESTED hard core!
  • Which brings me to Sunday! Thanksgiving Day for our church! Every year we put on a free Thanksgiving dinner for the community and it is always a blast to see how many people can come and join together in community.


  • Of course I traveled and ate with my friend Lyndsay, we enjoyed laughing and joking the whole time, along with catching up about our weeks.


  • And the rest of the day was spent, painting and relaxing with this cutie.
  • Sunday Workout: This morning I ran four miles and five sets of thirty second sprints and then did….this Kettlebell workout, it was a challenge for sure.


Well that’s about all I have for you today….enjoy your Monday Monday, don’t wish it were a Sunday because well let’s see then it would either be yesterday which we have already lived, or we’d totally skip over thanksgiving…that’s no fun. So Enjoy it Today!

Love Love Love.

Any favorite Kettlebell workouts out there?

What is your favorite thing about this holiday season?

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6 Responses to Week #2 In Review : 7 Hours of Sleep.

  1. Every year, usually a week or so after Thanksgiving, the Hubby and I spend one evening putting up the tree, the decorations, listening to carols, and drinking hot cocoa, usually spiked. It’s an annual tradition and one that I love and embrace about the holiday season. I can’t wait to do it again this year, without the booze though. 🙂

    I think it’s fantastic to surround yourself with people who make you feel good, and then in turn get to do the same for others. I can hear how much joy participating in the Youth Group brings you, and that makes me happy.

    Great job on the workouts. You’re a beast my friend, and I of course mean that in the most endearing way possible.

    • jejansonius says:

      First of all thanks for the comment love. It is as always so good to hear from you friend! I love love love that you guys get into the Christmas spirit as well. Truly such a magical time of year.

      Thanks also for the encouragement listing out what I have been doing workouts wise has helped me see how vital that rest day is and to feel proud of taking hat break and allowing my body rest. That’s been a hard battle for me in the past. But I feel I’ve been able to really take it in stride!

  2. Speaking of sleep, do you keep a dream journal or do you remember your dreams when you wake up? New reader here! 🙂

  3. I’m such a sucker for cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies! I fill my DVR with them and watch them through the whole month 🙂

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