Week #3 In Review: Put your Snow Boots On.

It’s SNOWING!!!!! I feel like a small child today as I gaze out my window in our office, you bet I opened it all the way, get out of here blinds!


It is not technically a snow day for me as I wasn’t supposed to work today anyways but I’m declaring it a SNOW day for it is snowing and I love it…and I love these:


That right there is Protein Pancake magic with PB2 drizzle and maple syrup yum!

You know what else I love? Thanksgiving! and Mondays to tell all about them, so let’s begin with My Thanksgiving Week in Review!

Links to both linkups are below at either Katie’s Monday Musings linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



  • Monday and my workout game was on strong THIS morning, headed to the gym to bust out a workout and it felt so great to be back!
  • Speaking of which last week Monday’s Workout went a little something like this: a treadmill workout two easy miles and then fifteen thirty second sprint intervals and then some incline resistance training for another mile and then a kettle bell weights set I found on pinterest after.
  • I went and hung out with my sweet friend Lyndsay last week Monday evening and it was a blast, we literally sat, talked, and ate fruits and veggies the entire time…perfect way to end a Monday
  • Resumed work schedule all day Tuesday…so Tuesday’s workout was a brief walk during my lunch break and then the usual mile running out the nerves before I taught PiYo class.

our WOW workout group at 4:45 am!

  • Last week the first three days are kind of a blur…so Wednesday ran right by me as well. Wednesday’s workout was a morning WOW workout followed by a workout set another lady from the gym brought that included bands, YIKES those are hard and I felt them the rest of the day, finished with a mile run.
  • WOW Workout Complete and this week was better, idk if I was so intimidated they seemed harder at first or what,

You will do two exercises, 20seconds on 10 seconds off 4 times then a short break into the next two exercises.
-mt. Climbers
star sit ups
*cross jacks (jump out bring your arms straight out then cross both legs and arms)
*plank up/downs( start in a high plank position go down to your elbow then the otherside then back up to a high plank then the otherside)
-foot fire
-sprinter sit ups- if to hard you can do bikes

(anything highlighted is a link to that exercise if you want to try for yourself!)

  • Wednesday night we headed out after I got off of work to WYOMING! My husband’s side of the family all goes out there every year and it is so much fun! Open scene of us getting ready and huge SMILES happy happy excited to go….
  • Cut scene to next one, us cozying into my husbands grandma’s home, about an hour away from Wyoming destination, by ourselves due to inclement weather on the roads….Oh well life happens and…


  • We got to WYOMING ON THANKSGIVING! It was just as awesome as I thought and we made it there around late morning so the coffee was still on! YES!
  • My Husband contemplating the Rules and Guidelines for the weekend…so fun.
  • Thanksgiving meal so good. so so good. I rested this day because well hellloooo no time to workout when you’re eating all day. 😉
  • My partner for the challenge and I texted back and forth all day to help each other make healthier decisions!
  • Friday workout was a quick thirty minute video before we headed out for the day, it was something I found on pinterest, but basically I did one exercise for a minute then took a break for ten seconds, kept that going for thirty minutes.

View off the back deck Friday morning!

  • On Friday as a family we ventured out to help my husband’s grandmother move her home into a living center…it was really a great family time everyone working together, afterwards we headed down to the local bar and grill and watched part of the Husker game whilst enjoying the local cuisine….burgers and fries.



  • After a quick Starbucks run we headed over to his grandma’s home to watch the rest of the game and hang out for awhile.
  • Saturday morning I got in this workout 800 calorie burner, while I did not burn that many calories, nor really close to that at all, I did have a fun time staying active on vacation and enjoyed my view out the window of snow just falling down tremendously.


  • Quiet time and Turkey followed, yes for breakfast, tis the season.
  • Annual Barnes and Noble trip was a success, and included another Starbucks coffee…
  • After lunch on Saturday we didn’t let the five degree weather slow our annual family walk down (well most of us anyway) we headed out for a quick thirty minute walk all around the house that my husband’s family lives in. It was amazing and beautiful out.

IMG_0236Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

  • Warming up included lasagna dinner and a good long round of Nertz….

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

  • Let’s not forget WE PUZZLED! all weekend long, so much fun.


  • Finally time to say goodbye and head back home and while it has been great to be home I did so very enjoy time with family!
  • Let’s not forget either the weekly challenge, which was writing one thing we are thankful for per day of the week, I loved this challenge and found myself very happy and loved when it comes to the many people and places I got to encounter in my week, without being too cheesy I just want to finish with the fact that I am VERY thankful!


Love Love Love

What are you thankful for?

What traditions do you do on Thanksgiving?


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6 Responses to Week #3 In Review: Put your Snow Boots On.

  1. I adore puzzling. It makes me happy, and I’m thrilled to see you doing it too.

    What a beautiful scene there in Wyoming. I’m so glad you got to spend great quality family time with the in-laws. You’ll be building memories and creating traditions for years to come.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  2. Linz says:

    ahhh i’m so not ready for snow! bring back summer!!

  3. Brittany says:

    What a magical week!! I can’t say I’m a snow fan, but you sure make it look purrrddyyy!

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