Week #4 In Review: So Sorry Snow Boots.

Remember last week, remember when it was beautiful snow….yeah today is a wee bit different, okay extremely different. It’s almost fifty degrees outside! I ran errands after working out this morning in shorts and wasn’t cold! WOW. Hello December, who are you?

Speaking of who December is…let’s meet my last week while we’re at it…

Links to both linkups are below at either Katie’s Monday Musings linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



  • It’s Monday and I got a lot on my mind, and schedule, so I’m setting you up for a quick review of my week last week….
  • Monday’s Workout last week: Bodypump a little pre game run before hand and post game walk to finish it out, getting 10,000 steps in before leaving the gym, I definitely felt well rested.
  • Tuesday the snow and freezing drizzle didn’t stop and I woke up to the realization (or so I thought) that winter had come, cue my husband coming to help clean off my car for work, and then commence him cleaning off multiple other cars….


  • Tuesday’s are always quick as the first work day of the week usually for me right now….Tuesday’s workout: One mile run and Piyo, had an awesome class and the ladies really laughed a lot making it so much more fun.
  • Lunches this week looked pretty much the same, found this rockin’ protein bread recipe and it’s texture and taste are spot on for something filling and sweet but not TOO sweet, I love it and have more in the oven right now.
  • 4:45 AM never was so fun as it has been these past few weeks, the early bird crew of women at the gym has been meeting before the classes start each week to get our WOW workout done, and this week was no exception.


  • These weeks WOW workout was:

A 7×7 Workout

So you will set your timer for 10 minutes the goal is to get through 7 rounds in that 10 minutes but that will be pushing it I’m sure so try to get through as much as you can in that time! When the 10 minutes are up you are done!

-50 jump ropes (the easiest will be using an invisible rope)
-12 squats or squat jumps 
-20 toe touches- feet will be straight up in the air and you are crunching up trying to touch those toes) can always add weight to make it harder
-30 mt. Climbers- count one each leg so 15 each leg
-10 inchworms- start standing bend at the waist walk your hands out to a plank position then back to your feet and stand up I posted a video of these, go as far out as a plank if you feel more comfortable you can go further out
-10 burpees 

The group I was in got through two rounds, seven would be so hard! Try it and let me know how many you can get!

  • Wednesday workout then was cycling! I got to join in this week and it was a blast, my bike went from like zero to fifty on resistance so I definitely felt it ALL day long in my legs, hips, and butt, wow.
  • I believe I got two WOW workouts in….one of the challenge and one that literally made me go ‘wow’ all day long. ha.
  • Lately I’ve been in a rut fitness wise and last Thursday’s workout kicked me right out of it in a very very good way….I took a Tabata class where you work for 20 seconds and take a 10 second rest, the class was about an hour and it was INTENSE! I loved the challenge it presented to my body which has been in pilot mode for the past few weeks.
  • Thursday I came home from work to a BRAND NEW MICROWAVE, let me rephrase that actually a BRAND NEW HUGE MICROWAVE (say that in your best Donald Trump voice please;) ) This thing was a monster but more likely to actually heat things up then our last one.


  • After Parker read the instructions very thoroughly we headed out for date night….because when it’s Thursday it’s time to go on a DATE!


  • This is our favorite Mexican place here to eat, the service always ROCKS!


  • Friday workout was an active rest day, we slept in and then hit up starbucks before the mall where we walked and shopped in between for a couple of hours.
  • Getting out steps in and making a lot of fun memories, Parker utilizing his iPhone watch many times, and secret fun finds of a discarded christmas shopping list. So fun.
  • Finally got my toothbrush replaced, don’t let it get this far guys, it’s no no no no good.


  • Went on a Home tour of homes in our town decorated for the holidays with the women in my Bible Study on Saturday, it was so much fun, we had lunch after and I loved the company. We couldn’t take photos on the tour however I did snap a quick pic of this cute clock in one of the ladies homes we stopped by from our group, I love it!


  • Saturday I rested full out, after the tour the hubs and I sat and lounged and it was marvelous.
  • Sunday morning workout: Gym to myself and lots of walking, abs, arms, and weight sets, I was all over the place and it was awesome!
  • And even if the weather isn’t being customary to December we didn’t let that get us down on Sunday. We enjoyed a Gingerbread  home competition with our Couples Bible Study group

Love Love Love


What have you guys been digging food wise this week?

Have you built a gingerbread house yet?


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5 Responses to Week #4 In Review: So Sorry Snow Boots.

  1. Alright so my toothbrush looks exactly like the one on the right. Guess it’s time to swap it out.

    I love spinning. It’s one of my favorite ways to workout, although I wouldn’t kick tabata out of bed either. It’s hard core, which is probably why I like it so much.

    I need to schedule a date night with the Hubby. I like this idea.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  2. My toothbrush was resembling yours- just switched it out today!

  3. We just did a gingerbread house too! I got frustrated though and used hot glue instead of icing to hold it together. LOL!

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