Week #5 In Review: It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas.

Hello all! I have a very special surprise for you all today……

IMG_0374 (1)

Yep this household as of last night is beginning to look A LOT like Christmas and I absolutely love it, and this morning I found a fireplace simulation for our TV, hooray!

I can’t help but to blink my eyes and make sure today is real, for it seems last week flew by! I literally had so much going on I’m hoping I can remember it all!


Links to both linkups are below at either Katie’s Monday Musings linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



  • Monday Monday workout: Bodypump again! With a mile walk before and about a mile after as well. I was having troubles last week with my left leg being super sore around the knee area, so I decided last week Sunday and Monday to take it easier on my leg. Good decision as Bodypump was awesome and walking overall felt good, I did a lot of stretching last week.
  • I was super pumped to see that for the GYM Challenge I’m in the challenge needed to be met last week was to get to know your ‘TEAM’. Every partner pair were put into a team either category A, B, C, or D. Throughout the week the challenge was to get to know and meet new people at the gym. I was on Team A and had a great time getting to know more people!
  • Afterwards I ran errands upon errands, and made myself some protein pancakes for lunch…


  • THEN came my big appointment that I have been looking forward too…I absolutely LOVE hombre hairstyles but have been myself afraid to partake, (I just don’t love changing my hairstyle nor am I brave enough) that all changed Monday….Before and After:

BEFORE~ Note I did have my hair up so it’s looking pretty drab for the photo…sorry!


AFTER-My face says….I’m not sure at that point…

  • I LOVE IT! I wasn’t for sure I liked it at first, but turns out it’s so much fun to switch it up and it makes doing my hair a lot more fun too!
  • Monday night I got to hang out with the women that are in my Bible Study and all I can say is praise the Lord for the community of women I’m surrounded by it is phenomenal how awesome of a support system these ladies are.
  • Tuesday went by quickly, fast forward to dropping a letter in the mail at the grocery store and seeing my sister in law celebrating the season right, playing christmas tunes for the people in the store. =)
She's on the far end playing the flute!

She’s on the far end playing the flute!

  • Tuesday Workout: One mile run before PiYo class and of course a rockin’ PiYo class!
  • Wednesday WOW workout was a challenging one this week…


12 exercises with 12 reps. Just set your timers for 10 minutes and see how many times you can get through it, I am guessing about 2.
-Floor touches- jump out squat down to the floor back together if you need to step out touch the floor back together then the other foot
-Push ups 
-crunches with feet off the ground
-tuck jumps if you can do this then squat jumps or just squats
-plank twist with a jump- so start in a high plank jump your feet out together then do a twist lift one arm up twist up that is 1 you have 12
-star jumps I will post a video for this
-full body crunch- start straight out bring your legs and elbows in and then straight try to keep your feet off the ground but if you have too you can set them
-tricep dips
-squat jacks- this is like a jumping jack with a squat
-Skaters- this one you will do 24 total

This workout rocked, and we did get through two rounds! GO TEAM A!

We were A girls on top Left

We were A girls on top Left

  • Wednesday Workout then: I stayed after the WOW and ran a little bit and then did a RIPPED class which had a lot of strength moves in it, definitely worked on my muscles this week.
  • Wednesday morning before work my hubby and I opened our first CHRISTMAS gift! My mom sent us this wonderful food basket with so many goodies I can’t wait to try them all!


  • Speaking of which, we also got this basket at work full of goodies, as well as a canister of peanuts, chocolates, truffles, wait do I work at a Dentist office??? =)


  • Wednesday night was so much fun, my friend Lyndsay and I dressed up for our annual Christmas party for youth group at our church, we rocked our outfits and had a great time!


  • I’ve been in a lunch rut that I’m absolutely loving recently….chicken salads, and something sweet Thursday last week was a quest bar but I also like to pair it with protein balls I make at home.


  • Thursday’s Workout was INSANITY at 5:15 am after a mile run, it was so much fun!
  • Think me workout was hott? Maybe i’ll need these that a patient brought in and gave to me and some of the other girls on Thursday, new hand done Hot pads, so thoughtful I love them!


  • Thursday night was date night and boy did it deliver, the hubs and I went out for sushi which we hadn’t done in quite awhile, it was by far the best meal I’ve had in awhile. One Dynamite Roll, and a Tuna Roll, along with a sashimi salad, yum yum yum.

My Sashimi salad with Octopus, Crab, Tuna, and Yellow fish, along with tangy ginger dressing.


  • Friday was my work evaluation day in the morning and my husband and I paired it with grocery shopping in the afternoon, so easy rest day for me!
  • Had to experiment with hair seeing how I like it….


  • Chiropractor appointment on Friday too had me walking all sorts of confident, she adjusted my left hip and it made my entire leg feel so much better!
  • Of course I had to experiment with my hair for my work Christmas Party on Friday night, the party was awesome, the food was great, and I’m keeping the hair color. 😉


  • Saturday I woke up partially early and headed to the gym for an easy few miles on the treadmill with a weight set and abs after. I have a new spotty play list I listen too while working out it is christian workout songs and I love it, this song had me running fast!


  • Saturday afternoon I got together with friends to bake, I ended up talking and not baking, go figure, still had a blast.
  • Sunday Morning Workout: 4 MILES! Followed by a quick set of four exercises on repeat for 7 minutes, and of course my awesome spotify playlist to go with.
  • The rest of Sunday was spent having lunch with friends, napping, and setting up the marvelous Christmas display in our house. So much spirit over here!

Loving today and the weather, super windy and chilly but hey it’s December mine as well act like it already, plus I got my warm fireplace to be by…..


Verse of the week…..this one for sure. King Solomon definitely was given the Lords wisdom in writing this book of the Bible, and I am trying to grasp onto at least some of it…. =)

Love Love Love

What was your favorite workout you did last week?

Do you have an annual baking extravaganza?

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7 Responses to Week #5 In Review: It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas.

  1. I LOVE the new hair do. You are rocking it.

    Great job on the four miles. That’s awesome. I did a one mile run yesterday and it felt fantastic to move my little legs again.

    Holiday baking and date nights are kind of the best things ever.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  2. Love the hair! It looks so nice! I am growing my hair out at the moment – maybe by this time next year I will have long hair again… And no doubt will be debating chopping it off! Ha!

  3. Jayne, I LOVE the hair! The color looks fabulous. Funny about the work gifts…I always think the same thing when people bring thank you gifts for us at the hospital. At least it is the thought that counts 🙂 Happy Holidays my friend!

  4. Love the hair!
    I can’t believe next week is Christmas already!!!

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