Week #6: May the Force Be with Us….

Tis’ the very season I look forward to all year long, and tis’ the very season that seems to speed right by and sneak up on me the fastest. How I have thought and pondered Christmas and the twinkling little lights, hallmark movies that make my heart melt, and family family family time. I honestly think about Christmas more than I prepare and then I sit here on the eve of Christmas week wondering just how quickly it has snuck up on me.

All of that to say this week was quick, but I also know just how important that makes staying in the moment and rejoicing with every moment….this week may be even quicker if I let it, but I refuse.

I’m bout’ to SLOW IT DOWN, first step I’m writing this post on Sunday because quite honestly it’s time to be where I’m at and I probably won’t be checking a lot of media outlets during this week….I made ya’ll some nice lists of my Week in Review this week….I suppose you could call it List Monday and WIR. ha. Enjoy…

Links to both linkups are below at either Katie’s Monday Musings linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



Workouts of the Week:

  • Monday’s Workout: Bodypump class plus some of a turbo kick class and treadmill walking, oh and lots of errands those definitely counted…
  • Tuesday’s Workout: One Mile Run and PiYo teaching. As always PiYo was a blast, I’m waiting anxiously for the new release to start a new series in class with new music and new ‘dance’ moves, I told a girl in my class that the ‘Uptown Funk’ track was kind of ‘dancy’ she was unimpressed and stated, “Wow where did you learn to dance?” HA all I can say is….she’s right.
  • Wednesday’s WOW Workout:

12 Minutes Long and Lots of Fun 😉

You will go 30seconds on 10 seconds off. You will do all 6 exercises 2x then a short break and 2 more times through so a total of 4 times through.

-High knees (to make it a lower impact bring your knee up like a March and then bring your hand to your knee) 
-Plank crosses ( you will be in a high plank and you will bring your knee to your opposite elbow)
-lunge jumps (lower impact would be just lunging)
-Alt. Toe touches ( lay on your back one leg up in the air the other on the ground crunch up to that toe and switch legs to make it harder keep that bottom leg off the ground about 6inches)
-Jumping Jack with toe touch (you’ll do a jumping jack then when your feet come together you will touch your toes)
-Plank jacks (be in a plank and you will jump your feet out together, lower impact you will step one leg out then the other leg and back in)


This week’s WOW was so much fun because I got to do it with someone whom I had never met before, and I feel like that’s kind of what this is Challenge is all about uniting with other women in this awesome fitness community. We laughed, chatted, and challenged ourselves and each other.

  • Wednesday’s Workout: Was very very simple, went for a walk during my lunch break and then ran and did some weight exercises at the gym a little bit before the WOW workout, I felt so bad on Wednesday and had a bit of a bug. Let me tell you it was a challenge in the morning to even get out of bed, but by the end of the work day I felt a lot better.
  • Thursday’s Workout: I headed to the gym early for Insanity, and then walked on the treadmill for awhile afterwards.
  • Friday’s Workout: This was a legit rest day, we traveled so I HAD to rest and it was very good for me to be challenged to sit and rest for hours. =)
  • Saturday’s Workout: The hubby and I went on a short walk after my nephew’s birthday party.
  • Sunday’s Workout: 2 Mile Run and Twenty Interval Minutes on this new machine at the gym, followed by a quick set of abs and walking with weights.
  • GYM Challenge this week: Not to give in to your ‘Vices’ whatever that may be, mine I wrote was definitely food wise, CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER! This week was hard but it was honestly a creative change and I loved it, it’s fun to experiment and change, I said it…it’s fun to change…once you get over the whole change part. 😉 I did have peanut butter I just portioned it wayyyyy better than usual. (Pats self on back)

Switching it up this week let’s venture into this week’s interesting items.

  • I completed my artwork for the office I work at….I did a painting for the lobby…I already have gotten compliments and that just makes my little artist heart soar.
  • My sister-in-law sends me photos of my niece just about every day and I LOVE IT!
  • I got busy with it…in the kitchen!!! Made Protein Bread again this week…and added in a swirl of protein cheesecake goodness…yes and yes.

IMG_0375 IMG_0379

  • I was feeling a little down this week and not very good, mostly due to the weather being so groggy and not getting enough sleep, so when I read this verse on my daily devotion I was lifted back up out of my pity party….Thank the Lord.


  • The Perfect Plan, great book my boss had me read. I highly recommend it, great points to think about.


  • THE HAPPY BRUSH!!! Thursday night was so much fun it’s unbelievable, the other Eighth grade leader and I took our girls to Happy Brush in town to a paint night, you pay the initial fee and they give you all supplies and walk you through the painting of the evening, we laughed and joked and just had a great time, it gave me a lot of life.


  • Cool Coffee Shops in Kansas are really fun…and so is my husband.


  • And so is that purple bathroom….awesome.


  • We headed to Kansas this past weekend to go to my nephews birthday parties and hang out, it was so worth the drive….loved the bowling party.


  • All Paw Patrol here for the first bday get together…


  • A Home Pizza Star Wars party for the other nephew, and my dad’s super great picture taking skills….the force may not have been with him….


  • What stars wars party is complete without masks….


  • Another cool coffee shop…Kansas you’re on Fire….my husband thinks so too ;).


  • This Americano with Steamed Skim Milk made my day, it was delicious!


  • My parents dog: Tamale…so cute but so loud….and fast couldn’t stop to snap a photo.


  • Um FroYo stop for real, this was my dinner and I’m not even mad…..well I take that back I may have been a little ‘mad’ at the price…but an indulgence that was so worth it.


  • Christmas this week and i’m excited! Enjoy your loved ones this week give extra hugs, extra love, take these moments in….I know I’m going to try to.

Love Love Love


What is your favorite FroYo? and or Treat?

What was your favorite workout last week?

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6 Responses to Week #6: May the Force Be with Us….

  1. That protein cheesecake bread looks SO GOOD

  2. Would you believe I’ve never had froyo. I just go right for the ice cream or gelato when I want to indulge.

    I want to see your painting. Show a picture next week and enjoy your family this week. I plan to slow down too so I can appreciate every moment and every family member.

    I’m glad you found something to cheer you up last week. We all get into funks, working our way out of them is always fun though. 😉

    Happy Holidays and thanks for linking up.

    • jejansonius says:

      What no way?!? Froyo date in our future. That is if we ever have a future haha. Yes such a funk so glad I had a great group of women to help support me out and an awesome husband too! So happy to link up with your beautiful britches and that lovely little bump of yours. Don’t work too hard this week. 😉

  3. I’m getting so sad that the Christmas season is almost over 😦 Definitely my most favorite time of the year!

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