Week #7 : The End is Near!

Updating a today on this past week, it’s been such a Christmas Whilrwind, complete with snow on Christmas Eve Morn! That of course and Christmas music in the Loghry household well nonstop this week because HELLO Christmas time is here! Last week I posted a photo of my awesome Protein Cheesecake without a recipe and well I’m sure some of you were disappointed ;). Rest Assured your answers are in this week..along with reused photos. You can thank me later =).

IMG_0444 IMG_0376


First let’s talk about why I’m here this week, Week in Review is a list making of your week and a fun one at that to tell all you other bloggers and readers out there just what I did last week and why it rocked! (Or didn’t rock too that is possible) I also join into the Marvelous in My Monday which is a linkup for other bloggers also that replays what was so great about their Monday and or week in general as well. Both apply here so both linkups I do!

Links to both linkups are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



Let’s get down to the good stuff….and that recipe shall we 😉

This Week’s Workout lineup:

  • Monday’s Workout: 2 Mile Run on treadmill followed by a Pinterest Full Body Weight Workout.
  • Tuesday’s Workout : Walk during my lunch break, 1 Mile run before I taught a PiYo class in the evening
  • Wednesday WOW Workout of the week:


10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)



This week’s WOW was very simple and to the point and was highly effective I must say, we were all tired and sweaty at the end of it.


  • Wednesday Workout: Wow Workout, 1 Mile run, and a Ripped Class
  • Thursday Workout: Want to Build a Snowman Workout, this was a fun one, we all gathered Christmas eve morning to ‘build’ our snowmen, which consisted of doing 80 rounds of each exercise in conjunction with each part of the snowman’s body so say Left Eye was a jumping jack so 80 jumping jacks got you a left eye. So on and so forth until you built your snowman, in-between we had burpees to do as well as at the end if you finished early you had a great ‘opportunity’ to help anyone else out with what they had left. It was so much fun and a great way to kick start a fun day.
  • Fridays Workout: CHRISTMAS….REST DAY.
  • Saturdays Workout: The hubs and I went for a good walk in the mall where I’m from, it was to ‘mall’ walk like we usually do in a different atmosphere. I loved it and I love him.
  • Sunday’s Workout: A good morning run of 3miles at the gym slower paced followed by some slow weight exercises and a LOT of foam rolling. My muscles are feeling the foam rolling but I’m hoping to really beat these winter muscle aches and pains I’ve been having.

The Challenge At the Gym this week was eating 3 servings of Veggies and 2 servings of Fruit a day: I succeeded mostly with the goal, it was a stretch to get my two servings of fruit in a day but I’m no quitter and got it done. I was surprised at how easy eating veggies was as there was so many veggie trays at every party!

The rest of the week besides workouts was filled with work for first three days we got Christmas Eve off and boy did I need it, I got a lot of last minute touches done on that day as well as got to enjoy some time with a friend and a movie…..Heres the deets:

  • Monday started with a bang, some protein powder to get us through the end of the month bought, new to me we’ll see how it fairs….


  • And this hilarious thing I saw on Facebook….I’m so happy to see that he apologized and amazed at how he took the whole situation at the pageant.


  • Tuesday was a blur….a fast one to be sure I didn’t take any photos. But my husband and I did start memorizing scripture….here is our first one:

1 John 4-9

  • Wednesday night our church had a service to pre service the Christmas Eve services, it was great and much needed calm to the storm, and the end of my work week, yippee!


  • Want to Build a Snowman group of ladies and our falling snow woman Sally, haha we had so much fun.


  • Followed up the workout Christmas Eve morning with my husband and mine Christmas between us two, we opened our stockings to each other and our presents, I got super cozy and warm socks, much needed and he got new TOMS! So fun!


  • Three Church services Thursday night, 3pm:5pm:7pm. Had to get dressed up for those…


  • Served coffee at the last two services and staff and spouses got a free meal in-between the last two services, so yummy and fun time with friends.


  • We headed out to Kansas after the last service, at about 8:45pm…


  • Um My uncle got this awesome virtual reality head set that hooks up to his phone, it was amazing and we were on it all Christmas Morning.


  • Christmas morning was spent at my Mother’s mom’s home where we hung out till around lunch time, then we headed to the town center to my Dad’s side of the family for Christmas with that family, lunch and gift exchange extravaganza….


  • Grandma, the hubs, and I.


  • After visiting there fora while we headed about an hour south to my parents home and tucked in for the night enjoying christmas with my immediate family and of course watching some Harry Potter…


  • Hays, Kansas Taco Shop run day after Christmas and it was a packed house, all eight of us shared a booth….I repeat all eight of us shared a booth.


  • Scenes from our walk at the mall….


  • Scenes from my coffee cup at the end of every Sunday morning Panera Bible Study session, grounds grounds grounds, the company’s too good to be mad about it…


  • Just as PROMISED the ever awesome Protein Cheesecake recipe is in this photo, I made the bread which is the first recipe below and then swirled in the chocolate cheesecake recipe in the same pan with the first recipe. This girl has some great low fat low call high protein recipes and they are delicious too boot, look for her on Instagram and MAKE THIS CAKE! =)


Hope you all had a AWESOME Christmas this year, looking forward to another eventful week with New Years! This is also the last week of the Challenge at the gym, bring on the new year!

Love Love Love

What is a tradition for you at Christmas time?

Protein Cheesecake yes no?

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8 Responses to Week #7 : The End is Near!

  1. Kate Bennett says:

    What a wonderful Christmas week. You guys look great for the Christmas service!

  2. What a wonderful week filled with family, laughter and love. I adore the holidays for this very reason, so much wonderful together time. Plus Harry Potter…that’s winning right there.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  3. What a great photo of you and Parker…you both clean up nice! 🙂 Looks like you had a great holiday weekend. I bought myself my first pair of TOMS a few weeks ago and am hooked. Need to look for some deals to get another pair. Merry Christmas Jayne!

  4. Hey sweet pea. Next week I’m doing a New Year’s Resolution post for my Week in Review submission. You are welcome to join me or keep doing your traditional WIR thang. Just wanted to let you know in case you were interested.

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