Week #8: I Stepped on the Scale and….

Week In Review Time again…..already another Monday and just in time if I do say so myself….

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



Now let’s see what that headline is all about shall we…..

Yes I stepped on the scale today for the end of the challenge at the gym I attend, Herz Fitness here in town, best in town if you ask me…I digress.

I stepped on the scale and….nothing changed, I have stayed about the same weight as when I began the challenge eight weeks ago, but something DID change, I lost an INCH in my waist, yep that’s right a whole big ole’ inch and I’m proud of that. This challenge had me working harder than I have in quite awhile at the gym, I think it was the whole WOW workout thing on Wednesday that made it maybe seem like copious amounts more than it actually was. But overall it was so much of a learning experience for my brain, I was injured for the past few weeks on my left leg, I believe I strained the muscle on the back of the thigh that ties into the knee. My injury is still not healed all the way but it has taught me that to overcome physical injury you have to start in your mind and just how important resting and taking care of yourself is as well as going hard in the gym.

With eight weeks passing so quickly it really has made me aware of time and how it flies by as well…thus I thought it seemed more than appropriate, and Megan said she would be sharing hers, that I share some of my new years resolutions…which by the way resolution actually means: A firm decision to do or not to do something. Thus I have decided firmly that there are things I want to do this year…

First and foremost, love more. We as human beings are created and called to love, and love abundantly. That means loving myself, accepting who I am as a woman of God and loving that human being. That means Loving others, looking outwards towards those I am surrounded by on a daily basis and allowing myself to say compliments I think out loud to those around me, to listen and I mean really ‘listen’ when others talk, to be gracious in my thought life towards others, these are ideas I have thought of. That means loving my enemies, any person that maybe perhaps I don’t quite ‘jive’ with I need to look and love them like God loves me, it’s unfair to say that a person hurt me so I don’t ‘have’ to be nice or even entertain being nice to them. I think it’s more than acceptable to yell at myself in this scenario and say get over it, love them Jayne, just love them.

Pay attention and seek out my Husband more. He is the one person I see every day and therefore the one person that I can become laxadasical towards when it comes to serving. I want to seek out opportunities to serve him, to delight in him, and for him to delight in the world and God. It’s not going to be easy but I’m sure going to try to seek these things out, I’m excited and already have a few ideas in play… =)

The Man himself seeking God...love it.

The Man himself seeking God…love it.

Work smarter not harder, I love my ‘jobs’, I’m a Dental Hygienist by day, but I also teach PiYo at Herz Fitness here in town one day a week, and I volunteer at church leading eighth grade girls youth group on Wednesday nights and working at the coffee bar on Sunday’s doing Barista work. I want to really be patient and kind in all these areas of my life and look at them individually finding out what I can make ‘more’ of in each area. How can I help each patient increase their oral health? How can I motivate more women to take on their physical health in a new way through Pilates Yoga class? How can God use me to lead? How can I show the love of God to a stranger?

Taste and try different drinks, foods, get out of my eating rut, maybe not eat quite so many protein balls….this one is flying a little lower on my radar but hopefully I’ll make it through……

This resolution may be more vague because I'm a creature of habit, note the same ole' gas station coffee on a Saturday....

This resolution may be more vague because I’m a creature of habit, note the same ole’ gas station coffee on a Saturday….

Overall the few complete resolutions I have made listed above, are things that I want to work on day in and day out, they aren’t very tangible in the sense that I can cross them off a list, but I think that does the word resolution more justice in my books…I want my firm decision to be ever pressing continuing on for the rest of my life…hey I’m working on it.

Let’s break down the last week of the Challenge now shall we???

This Week’s Workouts:

  • Monday’s Workout: 2.5 Mile Run, Tempo interval run for 1 mile after, followed by a weight circuit.
  • Tuesdays’s Workout: NOTHING….I walked during my lunch break but I got sinus congestion horrible, went to the doctor after work and went home and was in bed by 8 o’clock sleeping shortly thereafter…
  • Wednesday’s Workout: WOW Workout at 4:45 am at the gym, but it was the LAST ONE! After the wow I did a Ripped class workout.

DECK OF CARDS (oh yeah you know it)

The suits will tell you what exercise you do and the number on the card will tell you how many, however if you draw a king or ace you will have 15 burpees! If you do this in a group just take turns drawing cards.

Spades- squats or squat jumps
Hearts- V-ups
Diamonds- push ups
Clubs- lunges or lunge jumps

Jack= 11

King/ace= 15 burpees

We did this workout for 10 minutes for the WOW of the day!

WOW Ladies, last week DONE!

WOW Ladies, last week DONE!

  • Thursday’s Workout:Insanity class plus 1 mile run for the last day of the year one mile. I completed a run/walk one mile in the month of December challenge. (ha say that ten times fast) =)
The 'Run/Walk One Mile in December' Ladies!

The ‘Run/Walk One Mile in December’ Ladies!


  • Friday’s Workout:REST DAY, boy did the hubs and I ever rest, I even took a two hour nap.
  • Saturday’s Workout:1.5 Mile Run last .5 was intervals on the treadmill, and a Ripped class….so….many….burpees….
  • Sunday’s Workout:4.5 Mile Run, man was it fun, my leg felt so good and I was only going to do two but I just kept going, it was great!

I waited until today to write this knowing that I wanted to weigh-in for the last week of the challenge and share some resolutions for the new year as well. Which so happens to fit with the challenge seeing as this week’s Challenge was to write down seven resolutions for the new year, I know I only shared three here, but those were the most important on my heart to share right now…..don’t worry I’ll keep the others in check too. 😉

The Challenge is now over, but that is far from stopping me. I’m going to continue on with healthy eating, being physically active, and loving and living more abundantly.

I really didn’t take too many photos this week so I really hope you all hang in there for all those…what are they again? Oh yeah WORDS! =) Seems I have a lot of them…whoops.

Love Love Love

So tell me…..

What are your New Years Resolutions?

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4 Responses to Week #8: I Stepped on the Scale and….

  1. I adore your resolution to love more. What a beautiful way to kick off the year and with something you can do always. It’s fantastic and I’m going to work on doing the same. I LOVE it.

    Congrats on the weight (inch) loss. If you’re happy, I’m happy; just don’t go disappearing on me and take it easy on that leg, until it’s recovered. You only get one of those bad boys (alright fine: two, but’s who’s counting) so you gotta treat it right.

    Happy Monday Sunshine and thanks for linking up.

  2. Kelsey says:

    I love it! I did a challenge at a gym here in Lincoln recently and I felt like I didn’t lose much either. My measurements, though, were a bit better. So that’s got to count for something! Keep it up with your resolutions. Mine are paying off student loans, reading way more books, organizing a mission trip, and staying healthy as I can! I can relate to this post. So great. God is doing work in you even when it’s small steps :).

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