WIR #9 A List of Monday Thoughts…

I’m ready for an authentic day and an authentic Week In Review…Welcome and I hope you are too =)

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.




So with no further Ado…My listing of my very own Week In Review, and What exactly is Marvelous in My Monday right now….

  • I had a fun time weighing in for the last time of the Challenge, it has been a fast eight weeks, but every year at the end I’m happy I did it and participated, it holds me accountable to the holidays instead of feeling overcome by them after they are over.
  • I practiced PiYo for two glorious hours, I have the new set right about down pat and I’m pretty excited about that.


  • Lunch and dinners have been really consistently including eggs for me recently, I’m enjoying them and we’ve been getting great deals on them so why not?!?!
Lunch of Spinach and Egg Omelet and Coffee.

Lunch of Spinach and Egg Omelet and Coffee.

  • Bachelor is back, and so is Monday night girl time, love that we had a basement full of women and babies, I love the conversation and faces in the room more than the show, but it is definitely a guilty pleasure.


  • I had a most glorious massage on Monday of last week, totally worth it and totally loved it, deep tissue massages are my friend, and after the past eight weeks of hard work it was overdue.
  • Got to see this view on Tuesday evening, foggy it was, but beautiful.


  • Our youth group ELEMENT at church on Wednesday nights came back from Winter Break with a BANG Wednesday night this week, a Big Big Bang and I loved it, light show, glow sticks, and my favorite eighth grade girl smiling faces.


  • Saw my husband about three times from Monday to Thursday this week so a date night was long over due, our favorite Mexican restaurant did the trick….yum!


  • Date Day on Friday consisted of us getting through the DMV, Marriage licensure office, Mail office, and Verizon all before noon. God was on our side for the one….and I’m happy he was.


  • We finished off the day with coffee date and mall walking, then STAR WARS.


  • Saturday called for cake, and a happy first birthday for a very special little guy.


  • Finished up the weekend and this book, of which I highly recommend. Bob Goff does a incredible job describing his life through stories and illustrating visually and through story elements God’s Lessons he’s learned. Its amazing.


  • The Challenge at our Gym like I said is over and this is the ending ceremony photo.


What I’d love to say and continue to challenge myself with is finding community like this, it’s so tangible and evident in the gym on those early bird Wednesday morning that these women are dedicated and excited to live and learn a healthy life. We were all there working towards a cause and I almost after the challenge wish I could have simply sat down with each and every woman and listened to her story of why the challenge for her…it made me then reflect on myself and why I did it:

From the beginning I didn’t need to lost weight, I however joined the gym back in 2012 to come into community with women doing something that I absolutely love and gives me life, and stress relief; working out. To me Herz Fitness has become a safe haven for my emotions to escape my mind for a few moments while I participate in a class or to laugh with other women as we sweat out frustrations life has handed us. It’s fun to come to a place where I know I’m accepted for who I am.

The Challenge individually has taught me that when over one hundred women get together and work towards similar goals for eight weeks there is a comradely among them that is created through that. I participated in something that ONLY one hundred or so women signed up for, it wasn’t easy for all those women but they did it and we were all in it together. Community is born through that one common goal we all shared. Working out along side women I had never met before helped me see a small glimpse into someone else’s journey someone else’s struggle that I may have never gotten a chance to see just going in and out of a gym doing my own thing all the time. I know faces and friends and have accountability as well among them, we laugh, we hug, we see each other across town in regular clothes and stare for a moment before realizing who it is, we are human and it is beautiful.

I’m not getting on this soap box to encourage everyone join a gym to find community, I simply wanted to share that community is out there and community is for everyone. Loneliness is a huge part of our world today, and there are so many out there surrounded by people all day every day that feel lonely. That doesn’t have to be you, whether finding it at the gym, in your workplace, at a church, etc. etc. I’m even sitting in a coffee shop now observing the groups of people meeting together, community, we need each other. Reach out, love others, let someone in, find someone who has similar goals, and learn to love yourself and others better. It’s so worth it.

Love Love Love.

What was your favorite part about the New Star Wars Movie? Did you go?

What is your favorite Egg Recipe?

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2 Responses to WIR #9 A List of Monday Thoughts…

  1. What you describe is one of the very reasons I enjoy group fitness classes. It’s all about the community and the support…kind of like blogging too when you think about it.

    We saw Star Wars a couple weekends ago too. I loved it. The female lead was a badass. What did you think?

    Mexican date night for the win.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

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