WIR #10 : Living and Learning…

Let’s start with this…

I just have to say I’m a lover of epic background music and I’m NOT ashamed, I first fell in love with it upon my first massage visit (although that is more meditative music) and have forever since felt wonderful every time I have it in the background. Before knocking it try it out, sit down at a coffee shop with earbuds in, relax in a bubble bath, just put your headphones on and sit on the couch blast that music…today this post is being brought to you by just that… this link in fact takes you right to the youtube video I used! The epic background music HERE is just what I needed to be inspired and happy today. (The trick here is being completely immersed in the glory….so please try it with the full experience for maximum auditory pleasure. =)

The Challenge at the Gym has come to a close and therefore I’m feeling like I’m out on a ledge when it comes to what to write about this week…I suppose I’ll take it back to the original idea, no new years resolutions, no this week’s challenge goal, just plain old Jayne making her way in the world…with epic background music of course.

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



  • We started a new work week schedule at work for the new year, I’m still adjusting and my body is as well, it seems adding one more hour in there is more taxing than I thought. However a challenge and change up are just what the doctor ordered (no literally ;)) and I’m happy about it, it’s nice to have change as much as I fight against it as a human being, it would just be downright boring to do the same thing all the time…all. the. time. Yep change is good.
  • A dimly lit basement with babies and women fills my Monday evenings and I LOVE IT, I don’t know how much of the Bachelor I actually watched last week, there was far to many beautiful faces and people I wanted to talk to in the room I was in, however we did laugh ALOT at the drama on the show.


  • Launched a new PiYo class this week and it was beyond fun! I launched the new set on Tuesday evening when I taught class and they loved the set!


  • When my husband makes the bed…I feel so loved. It’s the little things. (But I make sure to tell him every time how much it really makes my day)


  • Car Lunch Express…err day last week, I had lunch in my car on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, however I have my handy dandy lunch box….so nice.


  • I use this Water Bottle Every Single Day….every day….and I love it so much water all the time. I got it at the Blend Retreat last year and have loved it ever since. It’s so good for you and this holds about 32 ounces, I try to get at least three in a day….
Thanks Quest!

Thanks Quest!

  • Thursday we got out of work early and had a meeting, after which I stopped by the Bucks and enjoyed an afternoon coffee and calendar date with myself, I have found keeping up on this big ole calendar is actually good for my health (Mental that is) I feel much better when I know what’s coming up and how to plan for it.


  • Fun fact my husband and I buy sparkling natural enhanced water for our ‘drink’ of choice, we keep it to a minimal with soda in general…but this stuff is magic it gives you that carbonation without the sugar or sweeteners, HyVee came out with some now and it’s super cheap, four packs for $9.00 yes please.


  • Shopping trip drink stop called for this little hit of carbonation to fuel me for the last half of grocery shopping on Friday.


  • My husband and I have Friday’s off and tend to do chores, dates, and groceries this day most often.
  • PIYO LAUNCH! The gym was hopping with women and the energy was real. It was so fun to be a part of I’m forever thankful to be an instructor and especially at this gym Herz Fitness. The atmosphere radiates positivity and everyone there just has a great time. (I’m in the rockin’ Herz Girlz purple tank! I love it)
Crunch that!

Crunch that!


  • Found this guy in my car on Saturday morning before the launch, whoops too much freezing temps for him.


  • Fueling up with chicken salads are my favorite, we buy these flash frozen BBQ chicken breasts at Sams Club here and then I just pop one in the microwave when I’m ready, they are delicious, and spinach because that is by far my favorite lettuce.


  • And I will leave you with all the beautiful children I’ve been blessed to know in my life right now….enjoy!
My Beautiful Niece...

My Beautiful Niece…

Best Friends little guy, we went to his Fourth Birthday on Sunday!

Best Friends little guy, we went to his Fourth Birthday on Sunday!

Little guy that is son of our friends from church, he's always the cutest little entertainer.

Little guy that is son of our friends from church, he’s always the cutest little entertainer.

Love this little girl....I'll leave you with this.

Love this little girl….I’ll leave you with this.

Love Love Love

How did you spend your week?

What were your lunches like this week?

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10 Responses to WIR #10 : Living and Learning…

  1. So many little cuties! Also, are those BBQ chicken breasts from Sam’s BBQ flavored or just grilled?

  2. I still adore and use my Camel Back water bottle from Blend two years ago. It’s my favorite. Piyo looks like so much fun; I would love to give it a try when I’m allowed to exercise again. In the meantime, it’s take it easy city for me, and I’m not complaining. Sitting fireside with a cup of hot cocoa does have it’s perks.

    I am impressed with your Hubby’s bed making skills. It’s the unmaking ones that are truly fun though. 😉

  3. Ginger Wroot says:

    While in high school, my daughter always had Suicide Sheep background music playing while she did her homework. I worried about it affecting her ability to study, but she made all A’s, so maybe it actually helped! Now, when I’m working on posts for my blog, I listen to background music from Suicide Sheep!

  4. Yay for date Fridays! Always good to have a fun day with the hubby once a week! 🙂
    My lunches this past week were all leftovers! We had my parents staying with us for 4 weeks and they left on Thursday so I was literally eating what was left in the fridge! But those combos often end up being the best meals!

  5. Brittany says:

    I wish we all had theme songs to just follow us everywhere. Your coffee/lunch/baby/and hubby bed making photos are making me warm and fuzzy.

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