WIR #11 : I have Fallen in Love Again.

There are moments in life when you fall more in love with your husband. For all of you women whom are married you may think you know what I’m talking about here, that moment when you came home and all the dishes were done, floors vacuumed, shelves dusted, bathroom cleaned, candles lit, and a big smiling face to welcome you in. While these things are all good and grand and the world tells us the ‘perfect’ husband might do them and then some…( also be waiting to give us a long massage, pedicure, facial, and a our favorite meal cooked to perfection.) I have been reading and learning it comes quite differently in fact, sure those things have their place and when we love someone I believe we are willing to those things and even add the ‘then some’ on to them as well. But I have in my first year of marriage been challenged to falling more in love with my husband in far different places and times…

These moments aren’t just for my husband and I and they aren’t just for newlyweds either, as I have been told. I’m reading a book that quite confirms the opposite is true. Marriage isn’t about those moments where you fall deeper in love with a person, no in fact marriage is about those moments where you fall deeper in love with God and that puts the person whom is your soulmate front and center to your growing and learning more about a love already placed inside you. (too deep?) It’s true and it’s simple really let me explain.

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



This week in review and something that is way to marvelous for my Monday even is the fun and experience of learning more about this topic and I’m super excited to share what I’m learning with you guys today!

You see the beginning of my week started out with this face…I know right who couldn’t love that cutie pie, and my husband and I are forever grateful to be the proud and loving god parents to her beautiful face. Being around a baby is such a special experience, to hold something that is completely dependent just on the fact that you won’t drop her is phenomenal. Babies might I say are the most trusting people in the entire world! Fun fact is they have no idea….humbling.


So fast forward through a long and hectic week with it’s usual turns and twists brings me to my husband and I Friday night. We got to babysit this beautiful babe while we set her parents free for a date night….all I can say is I didn’t know quite how much I was in for on Friday night.

As we danced and laughed our way around this smiling face she soon became sad needed more milk, a diaper change, wanted to move around, giggled, cried, cried some more, and finally slept so so sweetly in my arms. Throughout this entire experience…I couldn’t help but to feel so united with my husband….As he held this tiny life in his arms and danced and sang his way around my sister-in-laws kitchen I couldn’t help but to see God loving me more in that scenario as well.

IMG_0689 IMG_0688

Hold up…you say but how did you ‘feel’ like someone you couldn’t physically see was there?:

There have been many times in my relationship with Christ that I have felt him speak to my soul so intimately there was no denial my creator was right there with me….for instance on the bow of a cruise ship in the evening turning my iPod on to listen to the first song knowing that would be only as much time as I would have just to listen to one song before meeting back up with my mom. I looked across the million miles of rolling ocean and prayed ‘God help me experience you right now’, first words I hear were, ” You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fail…” You may know this as “Oceans” by Hillsong United. I know this as God’s whisper to me that night, a beautiful love song to my soul. He knows me, he knows you, so intimately.


Intimacy is thought of today in a far different way than the Bible portrays it and I dare say we’ve almost but ruined the word. God whispers these moments of intimacy so often I believe as human beings we exhaust ourselves looking for ‘signs’, instead of enjoying and resonating just where we are, and in that inviting our creator to come and be with us.


Friday night the creator invited me into a scenario where I was able to see more of him in my husband. As I sat this small child onto my lap facing out towards my husband’s smiling  face I noticed how much joy she experienced. As he walked slowly in the kitchen allowing the lights above to soothe her I noticed how much solace she found. As my husband fed her a bottle I saw how much she valued his tenderness. I found God moving through this man and child and my heart was delighted with God’s gift to me in that moment of seeing him move through their intimate dance.


It made me think about my intimacy with Christ and how it helps my marriage as well, it’s phenomenal to think I am that small baby to God. When I cannot be calmed by this world he speaks to me in ways only he knows to do. Especially in my marriage. I run to God and when I’m safe in his arms, my husband is there too. When we both pursue after Him we are actually pursuing each other. As I look across the table this afternoon to my husband reading and learning more about Christ I can’t help but to fall a little more in love. He’s a beautiful creation, always growing and learning.

Just as my niece learns, grows, trusts, and gives grace. That is exactly what we’re called to do our whole life. When I’m doing that I’m able to fall more and more in love with my husband as well. Even if I come home to a dirty house and no spa treatment I still remain in love and falling more and more every day, I simply must decided to set my feet upon God and his word, for I will be ‘called upon the waters’, and with him that is possible.


Love Love Love

Have you ever felt an intimate moment like my experience on the ship? What was it?

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3 Responses to WIR #11 : I have Fallen in Love Again.

  1. You are going to make a marvelous mother one day.

    I always feel a higher power in the little joys in life: a field full of sun flowers, a breath taking sunset. It makes me realize I’m just a little cog in an otherwise vast world.

    Happy Monday.

  2. jrjones2015j says:

    amen Jayne… God’s love dance with us……as calming as soothing a baby… His patient tender care while we squirm and wiggle and fuss, till we settle safe and secure in his arms…

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